How to Meet Padmanabh Singh Personally and Face to Face

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Padmanabh Singh is an Indian polo player and a descendant of the erstwhile royal dynasty of Jaipur State, which is now located in Rajasthan, India. Their union, which saw a member of the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur State in Rajasthan, India, marry the poor son of an employee, was viewed as a social mismatch at the time and caused considerable stress.


When the couple fell out of love, Bhawani Singh adopted Padmanabh Singh as his heir in 2002, after first opposing the marriage but then officiating a low-key wedding. Padmanabh was informally “crowned” as the Maharaja of Jaipur after Bhawani Singh’s death in 2011, despite the fact that such regal titles had been constitutionally abolished in India decades before.

At the time of his acceptance of the position, he was officially under the care of his maternal grandmother, but when he turned 18, he assumed entire responsibility for his family estate.

Singh attended Ajmer’s Mayo College and Millfield School in Somerset, England. Padmanabh, like his grandpa Bhawani Singh and great-grandfather Man Singh II, is a polo player. In England, he began playing competitive polo in 2015 and is a member of Guards Polo Club.


He led the Indian national team to Hurlingham Park in 2017, the first time an Indian team has visited the venue in over 70 years. His grandpa was the captain of the last successful Indian polo tour to the United Kingdom.

How to Meet Padmanabh Singh

Through Social Media

Padmanabh Singh loves his followers and communicates with them via social media. So, utilise these methods to request a personal meeting with him. Padmanabh Singh as a member of the audience through relevant contacts in the broadcast media.

Facebook: @jaipurroyalfamily

Twitter: @royalfamilyjpr

Instagram: @pachojaipur


Through Appointment


Requesting an appointment for a one-on-one visit is always preferable due to his habit of being highly busy all of the time. Please make sure you have a good cause for requesting an appointment with Padmanabh Singh since the requisition letter should be detailed. Send the mail to the following address:

Padmanabh Singh
The City Palace
Rajasthan, India
Ph: + 91-141-4088888, + 91-141-4088855

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