How to Meet Pooja Sharma Personally and Face to Face

Pooja Sharma is an Indian actress and model best known for playing Draupadi in Star Plus’ Mahabharat and Mahakali / Parvati in Colors TV’s Mahakali — Anth Hi Aarambh Hai.

How to Meet Pooja Sharma Personally and Face to Face

Sharma has worked as an anchor for Doordarshan’s sports discussion programme and Zoom TV during her undergraduate years. She made her acting debut in the Star Plus series Teri Meri Love Stories in 2012, playing Siya Behl in an episodic role. She played Draupadi in the Star Plus series Mahabharat in 2013.

The show was well-received both critically and economically. Her performance on the show was well-received, and she grew in recognition and popularity as a result. In August of 2014, the programme came to an end. She starred as Lakshmi in Big Magic’s comedy programme Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai towards the end of 2014. She had a cameo role in Star Plus’ Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan in 2015.

Pooja Sharma returned to television in 2017 after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, playing Mahakali / Parvati on Colors TV’s Mahakali — Anth Hi Aarambh Hai. The show was not as successful as Mahabharat, but it was well-liked by the crowd. She dubbed over for a programme and narrated three episodes in 2018 and 2019.

Through Social Media

Pooja Sharma loves her followers and communicates with them via social media. So, utilise these methods to request a personal meeting with her. Pooja Sharma as a member of the audience through relevant contacts in the broadcast media.

Twitter: @poojasharma_fc

Instagram: @poojabsharma

Facebook: @WeLovePoojaSharma

In Shooting Place

This method of meeting Pooja Sharma is a little difficult because it requires a lot of studies. Pooja Sharma travels a lot of locations where the scene for his serials, so all you have to do is wait outside the Tv shooting spot and try to meet her. But be wary of the throngs of people who will be eager to see her.

Through Appointment

Requesting an appointment for a one-on-one visit is always preferable due to her habit of being highly busy all of the time. Please make sure you have a good cause for requesting an appointment with Pooja Sharma since the requisition letter should be detailed. Send the mail to the following address:

Pooja Sharma
Mumbai, Maharashtra,

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