How to Meet Rahul Gandhi Personally and Face to Face

Rahul Gandhi is an Indian politician who serves in the Indian Parliament as a member of the 17th Lok Sabha, representing the Wayanad seat in Kerala. He was the President of the Indian National Congress from 16 December 2017 to 3 July 2019. Gandhi is the head of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India, as well as a trustee of the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

How to Meet Rahul Gandhi Personally and Face to Face

Before entering politics, Gandhi was concerned about establishing a professional career. After college, I worked for three years at the Monitor Group, a management consulting business in London. Gandhi returned to India in 2002 and established his own technology consultancy, Backops Services Private Ltd, in Mumbai, where he served as one of the company’s directors. Gandhi has long advocated for leveraging the scale and dexterity that technology may provide while magnifying citizens’ influence.

Gandhi announced his debut into politics in March 2004, saying that he will run for the Lok Sabha, India’s lower house of Parliament, in the May 2004 elections, representing his father’s former constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. His mother had held the seat till she moved to Rae Bareilly, a neighbouring constituency. The Congress was doing poorly in Uttar Pradesh at the time, with just 10 of the state’s 80 Lok Sabha seats held by the party.

Gandhi expressed his intention to enter active politics in 2004, and ran successfully in the general elections that year from Amethi, a seat formerly held by his father; he won the seat again in 2009 and 2014. Gandhi was chosen Congress Vice-President in 2013, after previously serving as the General Secretary, despite requests from Congress veterans for him to be more involved in party politics and national administration.

In the 2014 Indian general elections, Gandhi headed the Congress’ campaign; the party had its worst electoral result in its history, gaining only 44 seats compared to 206 seats in the previous general election in 2009.

Gandhi took over as Congress party leader from his mother in 2017 and led the party into the 2019 Indian general election. The Indian National Congress received 52 seats, falling short of the 10% threshold required to claim the office of Leader of the Opposition. Gandhi resigned as party head after the election’s dismal results, and his mother, Sonia Gandhi, took over.

How to Meet Rahul Gandhi

Through Social Media

Rahul Gandhi loves his followers and communicates with them via social media. So, utilise these methods to request a personal meeting with him. Rahul Gandhi was a member of the audience through relevant contacts in the broadcast media.

Twitter: @RahulGandhi

Instagram: @rahulgandhi

Facebook: @rahulgandhi

Through Appointment

Requesting an appointment for a one-on-one visit is always preferable due to his habit of being highly busy all of the time. Please make sure you have a good cause for requesting an appointment with Rahul Gandhi since the requisition letter should be detailed. Send the mail to the following address:

Residence Address:

Rahul Gandhi
12, Tughlak Lane,
New Delhi – 110011,
Tel : (011) 23795161
Fax : (011) 23012410

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