Interview: Mohit Bahl, founder and CEO of Behal Platforms

We know the journey definitely was not so easy.

” I had days in Chandigarh when I didn’t have money for my food, so my full day meal was half litre Milk with 6 pcs bread (
2 in breakfast, 2 in lunch & 2 in dinner). Instead of taking bus, i walked to save Rs. 10.” he says about an earlier venture that flamed out.

The 21-year-old now operates from Chandigarh & Gurdaspur (his hometown), with a young team and plastered with quotes everywhere in the office.

Bahl spent his childhood in Gurdaspur. He started an eCommerce Business in 2013, at that time he was just 15. “The idea for an eCommerce website came to my mind when I ordered a mobile online but instead got a magazine in that parcel”. He contacted many Manufacturers and Brands and started the business…

The initial days were very good and he started getting 100+ orders a day… But after the entry of big players in the market, the cash burn methodology adopted by those affected his business. His father invested almost 5 lakhs in that business but failed because of lack of funds… He took some lessons from his failure and moved on…

Mohit Bahl, Founder, Behal

He then came to Chandigarh to learn Advanced Digital Skills, when he was 18 at that time. But he noticed that the skills he is learning, he already knows that and for advanced level, he had to study on his own. He decided to do a job for survival and went for an interview but after the interview, he changed his mind back. “I was surprised by the interviewer and his questions…

The funniest part in that interview was my sitting style in front of the interviewer… He said you are sitting like you are my boss.. Hahaha”. After this interview, he decided not to do a job, rather he want to be a job creator…

Then, in 2015, he launched Behal Network, an online digital services platform. But after the launch of that he was not getting any clients… He started visiting local small businesses, Schools and contacted via Facebook. But the response, he was getting was zero… “It was very horrible, emotional, and also very tough. I was truly very disappointed but there were no way out.”

While on morning walk, his mind stucked with an amazing suggestion, he changed a strategy and started online marketing rather than going and visiting offline. That’s it, this thing changed his life completely… “I was just jogging and suddenly one thing came into my mind was that, why i am visiting the business owners offline and forcing them to go online. Why not to reach those people online as i am convincing them to go online…”

Now his venture has 100+ Clients includes Celebrities- Politicians, Musicians, Entrepreneurs; Startups; Brands and much more worldwide.

He also re-launched that ecommerce site again but in US because of the stable market there and is also showing positive response.

Mohit Bahl Digital Marketer

He also launched an education venture to train youngsters advanced level digital skills and make Digital Army… having branches in Chandigarh & Gurdaspur. “In December 2018, i had started a new venture which is very successful and we are planning to expand to other cities in India this year.” says Mohit.

Mr Bahl’s journey is also adventurous but as learning from your failures is the best way to succeed, Mr Bahl proved this…

“I followed my passion that’s why when my friends are looking for jobs, I’m giving jobs… Learning from your failure is the best part in your life and whenever you fail, i guaranteed of one thing …. that your Ache din Ane Wale Hai ( Good days are coming.. )”.

He has long term vision and carrying on his journey with his amazing young team.

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