How to Contact Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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How to Contact Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an actor who is best known for his appearances in movies such as “Mission: Impossible III,” “Velvet Goldmine,” “Bend It Like Beckham,” and “Match Point.” Jonathan Rhys Meyers is of Irish origin. Over the years, he has also been well-known for his performances in television shows such as “Elvis,” in which he portrayed the world-famous singer Elvis Presley, and “The Tudors,” in which he played the character of King Henry VIII. Both of these roles brought him a great deal of acclaim.

While ‘Elvis’ brought him the Golden Globe Award, ‘The Tudors’ earned him the Golden Nymph Award. Jonathan has also achieved great success as a model, having been chosen to represent well-known companies such as the Versace men’s line and Hugo Boss perfumes. In addition to this, he is also a singer and has performed in several musical roles. Meyers has earned his place as a well-known figure in both the United Kingdom and the United States, having started from shallow roots.

Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keeffe was the name given to Meyers when he was born in Dublin on July 27th, 1977. His mother, Mary Geraldine, brought him up in the countryside of County Cork, Ireland, with his three older brothers, Jamie, Alan, and Paul. When Meyers was three years old, his father, John O’Keeffe, a musician, abandoned the family and moved away. Meyers had a challenging upbringing, to say the least. During his early life stages, he struggled with alcoholism and found himself in and out of treatment facilities many times due to his addiction.

In addition to that, he stayed in an orphanage for a portion of his youth. As a teenager, he became friends with an Anglo-Irish farmer, Christopher Crofts. He began to live with Christopher Crofts, and he was eventually referred to by the young man as his “gay dad.”Meyers was expelled from North Monastery Christian Brothers School when he was 16 despite attending the school. After that, he got by doing odd jobs, such as sweeping floors at a pool hall and doing other menial labor, to get money and buy food.

An agent seeking an undiscovered adolescent to cast in a movie came to the pool hall where he worked, which sparked his interest in the acting industry. Meyers was not successful in landing the job, but the experience was influential enough to motivate him to focus on becoming an actor. Meyers participated in many auditions, sometimes as many as three per week, until he was ultimately chosen for a small role in the film ‘A Man of No Importance’ in 1994.

Following the little part that he had in the film “A Man of No Importance,” he acquired another small role, but this time it was a vital one in the movie “Michael Collins,” directed by Neil Jordan and released in 1996. Meyers eventually had the opportunity to play his first starring part in the film ‘The Disappearance of Finbar’ in 1996. Before that, he had been the subject of an unending stream of rejections. The following year, in 1997, he appeared as the main character in the drama about juvenile delinquency titled “The Maker.”

The year after that, he had appearances in four different productions, including “B.Monkey,” “The Governess,” and the critically acclaimed television movie “The Tribe.”But the British-American thriller ‘Velvet Goldmine’ from 1998 completely changed Meyers’ fortunes and made him the newest pin-up kid. This film also gave him a new identity as an actor who plays both male and female roles. Meyers had roles in several movies and television shows in 1999, including an adaptation of Shakespeare’s work titled “Titus,” an epic movie about the American Civil War titled “Ride with the Devil,” and an erotica movie titled “The Loss of Sexual Innocence.”

The year after that, he had a role in the miniseries ‘Gormenghast’ produced by the British Broadcasting Company, and in 2001, he had roles in two films that were not very well known. In the same year, he had a starring role in the movie “Prozac Nation,” however, the movie was never shown in cinemas. In the award-winning independent film “Bend It Like Beckham,” directed by Gurinder Chadha and released in 2002, Meyers had a minor part as the women’s soccer team coach.

How to Contact Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Phone Number

The following year, in 2005, he starred in the television series “Elvis,” shown on the CBS network. Most reviewers and viewers were not impressed with the series despite its high ratings. Meyers’ tremendous success came later in the year when he was cast in the highly anticipated picture ‘Match Point’ by Woody Allen. That same year, he also acted in Oliver Stone’s epic historical drama movie, ‘Alexander’.After that, Meyers worked on several outstanding projects, such as “Mission Impossible III,” released in 2006, and “August Rush,” an American drama film.

After that, he was chosen by a channel in the United States to portray Henry VIII, a historically significant ruler of England, in the television series “The Tudors.”Meyers began her career as a model in 2007, appearing in commercial campaigns for high-end companies such as Club Monaco and Versace. In addition, he has been a model for a few other Hugo Boss advertisements. In the television series “Dracula,” which debuted in 2013, Meyers was given the role of one of the Draculas.

On September 23, 2017, his suspense picture, “Damascus Cover,” which was based on a book by Howard Kaplan, had its world debut at the Boston film festival. A film on Patrick Pearse, a prominent political figure during the Easter Rising in Ireland in 1916, is one of the next projects for Meyers. Meyers’s debut film as a main character was The Disappearance of Finbar, in which he portrayed the role of Finbar, a character who vanishes after jumping off a bridge but strangely reappears after several years have passed.

In the beginning, Meyers was nervous about performing the character since, at the time, he still regarded himself to be a beginner. However, his performance received much positive feedback once the movie was released in theatres on August 12, 1996. After that, Michael Collins –Meyers was seen in this biopic, which was set around the Irish Civil War. Michael, an assassin, was Meyers’s character in the play. After having its world debut at the Venice Film Festival on August 28, 1996, the movie was finally shown in theatres for the first time on October 11, 1996.

Velvet Goldmine was the movie that marked the beginning of the next phase in Meyers’ acting career. The biopic was only tangentially inspired by the life of David, a famous singer in the 1970s. Meyers gave his character in the movie the name Brian Slade, and he portrayed the role in the film. When it was first shown in theatres on November 6, 1998, critics praised the picture for its breathtaking beauty.
In the romantic comedy Bend It Like Beckham, Jonathan Rhys Meyers collaborated for the first time with an Indian director, Gurinder Chadha, and several Indian performers, including Anupam Kher.

The reviewers were taken aback when the movie was released in cinemas on April 12, 2002. Before the film’s debut, they had the lowest possible expectations for the movie. Meyers was thrilled to be appearing in this crime thriller directed by Woody Allen and called it “Match Point.” The film is centered on the life of the central character, Chris Wilton, who Meyers portrays. The action takes place in London. After being married to his true love, Nola Rice, shown by Scarlett Johansson, Chris is caught up in a terrible cycle of love, desire, money, and murder after the wedding.

On May 12, 2005, the picture premiered at the Cannes Picture Festival, and it was immediately hailed as Woody Allen’s finest work to that point. On January 6, 2006, the movie was made available in theatres throughout the UK. Steerpike, the protagonist of this BBC drama starring Gormenghast – Meyers, was played by Gormenghast – Meyers. The television show was adapted from Mervyn Peake’s book of the same name, which Peake also wrote.

The viewer was provided with a visual feast during the series aired in the UK on February 7, 2000. Elvis starred Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who portrayed the title character in the biographical miniseries based on the life of rock and roll icon Elvis Presley. The program was deemed successful once it aired on May 8, 2005. This historical television series was based on the life of King Henry VIII, portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It was called “The Tudors” set in the time of the Tudor dynasty. The program’s first episode aired on April 1, 2007, and it has four seasons.

At the 2002 Venice Film Festival, Meyers was recognized as the Most Promising Young Actor for his work in the film ‘The Magnificent Ambersons,’ which earned him the Canal Grande Award. Meyers was awarded the Outstanding Newcomer prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 for his work on Match Point. Meyers was presented with this prestigious prize in 2006 for his work in the miniseries “Elvis,” which was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries.

Between 2004 and 2012, Meyers was romantically involved with Reena Hammer. Before this connection, there were speculations that he dated several actresses, including Toni Collette, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Estella Warren. This relationship is the only one that has been confirmed. In 2016, he tied the knot with Mara Lane, and in that same year, the pair became parents to a boy whom they called Wolf Rhys Meyers. Screen Rant is excited to provide our readers with an exclusive first look at the trailer for the upcoming action thriller Mercy, which Paramount Global Content Distribution will distribute.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Fan Mail address:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Wolf Mountain Pictures, Inc.
3400 Cottage Way
Suite G2
Sacramento, CA 95825

Mercy Road produced the film in collaboration with Front Street Pictures, and it will debut on May 19 in select theatres and digitally. Tony Dean Smith (Disappearance in Yellowstone) is the director, while Alex Wright (Hope at Christmas) is the writer and screenwriter for the film. In the drama “Mercy,” an ex-military doctor is represented by Leah Gibson and Jessica Jones. She is trapped within her hospital with members of the Iris mafia, portrayed by Jon Voight of “Heat” and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers of “The Tudors.” During this time, the Iris mafia gains power and converts the doctor’s world into mayhem.

As she is desperate to free her son, who has been held hostage, she is forced to rely on her training and lethal talents to take things into her own hands and rescue her son. In addition to Sebastien Roberts and Anthony Konechny, Patrick Roccas, and Anthony Bolognese, the cast of Mercy also includes Anthony Bolognese. The beginning of the Mercy trailer, seen above, sets an eerie tone.

During a round of golf that Rhys-Meyers’ father, Patrick (Voight), is playing, Rhys-Meyers stops his father to tell him that his brother Ryan (Konechny) has been shot. As soon as Patrick hears that his kid could be in the hospital, he rushes there to look for him, but Michelle, played by Gibson, is suspicious that something is wrong and attempts to keep her son hidden. As soon as it is discovered that the federal government has abducted Ryan, the Irish mafia go into action. Michelle also makes an effort to protect her son and her hospital.

(1) Full Name: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

(2) Nickname: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

(3) Born: 27 July 1977 (age 45 years), Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland

(4) Father: John O’Keeffe

(5) Mother: Mary Geraldine Myers

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother:  Jamie, Alan and Paul

(8) Marital Status: Married

(9) Profession: Actor

(10) Birth Sign: Leo

(11) Nationality: Irish

(12) Religion: Catholic

(13) Height: 1.78 m

(14) School: North Monastery Christian Brothers School

(15) Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16) Hobbies: Not Available

(17) Address: Drimnagh, Dublin, Ireland

(18) Contact Number: +1-310-477-4442

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook:

(21) Twitter:

(22) Instagram:

(23) Youtube Channel: Not Available

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