Josh Hawley Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Website

How to contact Josh Hawley ? Josh Hawley Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

Josh Hawley Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Website

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U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, raised in rural Missouri, previously served as General Attorney of Missouri. It gained a reputation for taking on the great and powerful to safeguard the workers and families of Missouri. He has fought against large governments and big corporations, against special interests, organised crime and against anyone who threatens the welfare of Missourians.

Senator Hawley, a native of Lexington, a small hamlet in Missouri County rural Lafayette, graduated in Kansas City from Rockhurst High School. He came home with his wife Erin back to Missouri after graduating from Stanford University in 2002 and Yale Law School in 2006, where they founded a family. They are the proud parents of Elijah, Blaise and Abigail, three little children.

Senator Hawley is a renowned constitutional lawyer in the country. He has litigated in the United States Supreme Court, the federal courts and the state court for people’s freedoms. He previously challenged Obamacare at the Supreme Court — and won — as a leading lawyer in the Hobby Lobby affair. In the Hosanna-Tabor case at the Supreme Court, he was also a lead attorney, safeguarding the rights of churches.

Senator Hawley has been the foremost congressional champion for working families ever since he took office. He has worked online to protect children across the aisle, fought for direct payment of workers during the pandemic of COVID-19 and took steps to combat unscrupulous landlords. Senator Hawley has also put forward plans to safeguard American international trade workers, especially against Chinese foreign trade, and has advocated eliminating job outsourcing and expanding US production.

Senator Hawley has taken on special corporate interests in equal terms for the American worker. He stood courageously up against the abusses of Big Tech and Wall Street and worked for these mega-companies, advocating innovation, entrepreneurship and small businesses. In addition, Senator Hawley worked to safeguard our communities by combating illegal immigration and challenging huge opium producers and human traffickers — both as a Missouri former Attorney General and in the US Senate. Senator Hawley, as a strong supporter of the constitution, is committed to safeguarding Missourians’ rights in the first and second amendments.

Senator Hawley serves on the Judicial, Armed Services, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Small Business and Entrepreneurship Senate Committees.

JOSHUA DAVID, HAWLEY. Missouri Senator, B.A., history, Stanford University, 2002; J.D., Yale Law School, 2006; Judge Michael W. McConnell law clerk, United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit; Chief Justice John Roberts law clerk, United States Chief Justice law officer; law professor, University of Missouri, Law Scc.; John Roberts law clerk, University of Missouri law clerk, Historical Office;

Few people outside Missouri probably heard about Josh Hawley, the 41-year-old Republican junior Senator, less than a week ago.

But now, due of Wednesday’s mob attack against the US captain and the failure of those revolters to prevent Congress from recognising the election of Joe Biden—a dreadful day for which Hawley is, many think, one of Washington’s most reviled men. Hawley is, together with Donald Trump, the political figure that may ultimately be the most affected by the coup attempt.

Not only was Hawley, together with Senator Ted Cruz, the primary role in opposing basically Electoral College votes obtained by President-elect Joe Biden in numerous crucial states, but also by his apparent incitement of Trump supporters, before they illegally conquered US Capitol. As a photograph now shows, Hawley waved towards protesters who began to gather while entering the Capitol. Then he lifted his arm in a unity show with his finger clenched. More disquieting in many’s eyes is that just before the siege of the Capitol took place, with Congressmen and their frightened employees having to barricade and huddle in their offices, Hawley was reported to have sent his supporters an e-mail collecting funds claiming the credit to stop the election certification. “Many career politicians in the D.C. establishment want me to remain quiet,” wrote Hawley in an e-mail after Congress began its joint meeting in order to count the results of Electoral College. “But it doesn’t concern me! They are the people I serve, and they are about ensuring faith in our elections.”

In the past two days a lot of Congressmen, including his fellow Senators Chris Coons and Patty Murray, have been calling for Hawley’s resignation; columnists on both sides have condemned him, from Paul Krugman to Peggy Noonan; and Simon & Schuster have announced that the publication of his book “The Tyranny of Big Tech” will be cancelled on June. After seeing the “disturbing, fatal rebellion” of Wednesday, the publisher said it decided to cancel the book. The business added in their statement: “We did not make this decision lightly. As an editor, our aim will always be to elevate various voices and perspectives: we also take our greater civic obligation as citizens seriously and cannot support Senator Hawley in what is a frightening threat.” (Hawley’s retort on Twitter, saying he had been silenced for his First Amendment rights, concluded with: “We will see you in court.”)

Perhaps the consequences closer to home were even more striking. The editorial boards of Missouri’s two major journals (with one suggesting that Hawley had ‘blood’) as well as students at the Missouri law school where Hawley taught once issued appeals for the resignation of Hawley. In an interview released on Thursday, his political mentor, retired Senator John Danforth, sharply criticised his former protegé.  “The physical climax yesterday was the protracted attempt… to foster public loss of confidence in our democratic system. It is really risky for America to continue spreading this image of government failure and vote fraudulent.”

And perhaps most worryingly for Hawley’s future political goals, he was also publicly criticised by one of his largest donors.

Humphreys, President and Chief Executive of Tamko Building Products, stated in a statement to the Missouri Independent: “He has now shown himself to be a political opportunist, who wants to overthrow the Constitution and the nation ideals he pledged to maintain.

Senator Hawley is a renowned constitutional lawyer in the country. He has litigated in the United States Supreme Court, the federal courts and the state court for people’s freedoms. He previously challenged Obamacare at the Supreme Court — and won — as a leading lawyer in the Hobby Lobby affair. In the Hosanna-Tabor case at the Supreme Court, he was also a lead attorney, safeguarding the rights of churches.

The momentum of defeating him in 2024, or at least of defeating his presidential dreams in 2024, has began to develop steam, with The Lincoln Project targeting the Senator already with a Twitter video with the hashtag #sedition:

Josh Hawley is so near to Missouri as the U.S. Senate approaches the generation of Facebook. At 39 he was young enough to use Hotmail as a young adult and Friendster as an adolescent. However, his views on the IT business are that of a curmudgeon. He was tagged for close left-wing monitoring in which he was dubbed “fascinating and terrifying” and “the man who most probably turns America into a theocracy.” To date, Democratic leaders appear largely confused.As the Attorney General of Missouri, he began a Google antitrust probe in 2017. He has added his name in his six months in the Senate to at least five bills to regulate and reduce the dominance of big technology. He is constantly raising the threat of breaking Facebook, slapping in May a six-page letter to Mark Zuckerberg challenging his thirty-something fellow dad into an era-determining duel. “You have the burden to show that Facebook will contribute positively to American life,” Hawley stated. “I am under the task of protecting the Americans from influences that parasitically affect our national life.”

The theater’s evident rationale to say to Mark Zuckerberg “I’m coming for you” is plain to the nakedly ambitious up-and-coming power corridors in D.C. Public opinion has begun to shift against the tech-giants, and Hawley, author of the acclaimed biography of Teddy Roosevelt, understands better than most the populist art of the monstrous monopoly.

Taken to face value, this approach to Big Tech goes beyond standard-project conservative tantrums over the purported censorship of Diamond & Silk and James O’Keefe. He has the right to raise basic questions about attention economics and the Democrats have also urged to take a sledgehammer on Facebook. However, Hawley’s concern over expanding inequality and privacy does not explain his crusade’s unique intensity.

This close investigation shows Hawley, a devoted Evangelical Presbyterian, to be something other than a republican or opportunistic trust builder with a new face of family values. Hawley referenced a “epidemic of loneliness and desperation… a culture increasingly defined not by true and personal love of the family and church but by the cold and judgemental world of the social media.” He was the first to speak at the Senate in May. These sentences shed light on the boundaries of a worldview that was larger than the sum of its policies. Here is an emerging conservative trend called “post-liberalism,” a stirring mixture of long-marginalized right-wing beliefs that have been found in fresh life, similar to the old spores of an earthquake, following the 2016 elections. While the leading theorists of this movement might better be termed ‘pre-liberals,’ they claim Hawley as one of them, and Hawley’s technology crusade is best understood via the prism of their crabbed, conservative political ideology.

The post-liberals—represented mostly by right-wing Israeli scholar Yoram Hazony, but also by more leading writers such as Sohrab Ahmari, the New York Post—reject universal reasons as the basis for legislation and government. They grieve the institutions, values and hierarchies which secular rationality in the name of progress has laid waste. They view the global growth of left-wing populism as evidence that the Enlightenment legacy of pluralism, the importance of individual rights and the rigid separation of church and state is profound and pervasive if they are incoated. Lockean conceptions of “freedom” have led to “Epicurean freedom” that enshrines “the ability to select your own meaning, to establish your own values, to emancipate from God via the development of your own selves,” Hawley added. The post-liberals promote an old-fashioned liberty, anchored in the Bible, which is based on tradition and social relations and duties.

Big Tech is essentially Armageddon for the post-liberals. Patrick Deneen, in his post-liberal manifesto Why Liberalism Failed, refers to technology as “an anti-culture, a dynamic that undermines the history of replacing cultures, memory, and beliefs and seems to bring us now inevitably to bondage.” Meanwhile, the Silicon Valley universities, a future imperial town of liberalism, are monuments to the collapse of ‘fusionism,’ the Cold War convenience coalition between traditionalists, libertarians, neoconservatives, and Republican Chamber of Commerce. The post-Liberals have a terrible record for decades of junior participation in a movement built on incorrect ideas about human nature: A culture hollowed out. The neighbourhood library’s trans-story hour. A few good judges, but not sufficient. Grover Norquist’s postcard in a Speedo, and dust-goggles posted in the Burning Man pagan bacchanal.

The post-liberal lens shows Hawley’s entire complexity of Internet politics. Each of his proposals – a ban on the sale of digital indulgences to youngsters who play Candy Crush, government social media certification regimes – is aimed by asserting control over the revolutionary technology that is the apotheosis of the modern placeslessness, anomia, secularism and vulgarity. They are also, apparently, tentative moves in order to answer R. Reno, the publisher of flagship post-liberal First Things’ not-so-rhetoric query “Did the great moral purpose of liberalism and its valiant defence of freedom truly end in unrestrained access to pornography?”

The editors of The Wall Street Jornal and conservatives like National Review’s David French, who defined Hawley’s landmark Internet law as “coercion” and “constitutionally suspected” have blasted Hawley as the political face of that intellectual struggle. He was tagged for close left-wing monitoring in which he was dubbed “fascinating and terrifying” and “the man who most probably turns America into a theocracy.” To date, Democratic leaders appear largely confused. Lauren Gepford, Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party, stated, “His attacks on higher education, social media and technology are completely beyond the left and not voters’ priorities. “It’s almost like the modernity is attacking itself.”

This is one way to put it. This is another way: The post-liberal enterprise aims to cage Donald Trump’s furies and place them at the service of an intellectually consistent movement sans baggage from a leader accused of rape by several women. In Washington last week, this effort celebrated a milestone with the inaugural conference by a post-liberal think tank in January, the Edmund Burke Foundation. The only elected person on the itinerary was the Missouri junior senator who yesterday night gave the dinner keynote. Hawley branded on the face of Janus as a menacing ‘cosmopolitan elite’ whose ‘traditional political platforms have become stalled.’ He called on the conservatives of the same spirit to fight for the definition of freedom, a struggle “derived from love for our homeland.”

Hawley’s speech, blasted by Jewish leaders as tradeing in anti-Semitic tropes, and the liberal condemnation for sending coded messages on the perils of ethnic diversity, did very little to offset the notion of the Trumpian pig’s post-liberalist lipstick. Nor has anything else on the agenda of the conference, which its conferences have declared as the “kick-off to a prolonged effort to recover and restore the rich tradition of conservatist thinking as a serious intellectual alternative to the excesses of purist liberalism and the strong opposition of racial political theories.”

Hawley conveys the sense in his campaign advertising and remarks that he grew up hard on a failing family farm. But he is the small town son of a banker who prepared Rockhurst, a Jesuit exclusive boys’ school on the state line of Kansas City. Hawley authored a piece in High School for his local journal, The Lexington News, which showed an early interest in the Cultural War. “It will require enormous insight, intelligence and guts to lead this nation successfully over the harsh waters ahead,” Hawley, 14, wrote in 1994. “Perhaps we should listen carefully to the leader, who says something VERY controversial, because he believes in it and lives it, a man who takes the ludicrous but does not turn away. Maybe this individual is… Dan Quayle.”

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