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How to contact JustKass? JustKass Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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In addition to being an internet sensation, KassaDee Parker is also a well-known YouTube star. As a result of a cameo appearance on the family television show Not Enough Nelsons, she and her 15 brothers and sisters, as well as her parents, became renowned. As of this writing, the channel has more than one million subscribers.

Additionally, KassaDee Parker runs the JUSTKASS YouTube channel. For her 261,000 subscribers, she posts videos of her daily life as well as pranks, cosmetic lessons, and challenges. Her Instagram handle is justkass, and she has close to a million followers on the platform. According to her justkass account, which has over 438 thousand followers and 9.2 million likes, KassaDee Parker is a well-known TikTok icon.

YouTube channel JUSTKASS was started in 2012, and the following year KassaDee Parker published “PERFECT FALL MAKEUP HAIR AND OUTFIT! || JUSTKASS” in 2013. KassaDee Parker was unable to gain a large following despite her channel’s excellent material. Not Enough Nelsons was created in 2018 as a channel dedicated to families. There is no better way to win over a new audience than to show them what it’s like to live the life of a 15-year-old girl and her 15 siblings. One of the most popular family channels on YouTube, Not Enough Nelsons, is only likely to grow in popularity.

KassaDee Parker continues to post amusing content on her personal YouTube channel, JUSTKASS, which includes funny vlogs, makeup tutorials, pranks, and challenge videos. Kass and Josh is the name of a new YouTube channel she and her husband Josh Parker plan to start in 2020. In addition to vlogs, pranks, and challenges, the duo has more than 91,000 subscribers.

TikTok users love KassaDee’s dancing and lip-sync videos, and she already has a sizable fan base. In many of her videos, she includes her younger brothers and sisters. KassaDee Parker, a well-known fashion designer, is also the founder of JustKass Shop, which carries her designs.

He or she was born on March 20, 1999 in St. George, Utah to an American mother and a British father and was raised in Utah. As the oldest of a total of 15 children, she is referred to as Ledger, Bridger, PresLee Grace (also known as ElleCie), Beckham, DeLayNee June (also known as Luke Nelson), PaisNay (also known as Trey), and JourNee. There are six members of her family: Ledger; Bridger; Presley; ElleCee; Beckham; and Luke Nelson. Beckham KassaDee Parker is a Pisces by astrological sign.

Her husband Josh Parker is the father of the couple’s child. You’ll see a lot of pictures of her and her hubby on her Instagram account. For two years, Josh has been on the road spreading the gospel around the world as a missionary, he revealed in a video including questions and answers. Both Josh and KassaDee have a strong sense of self-awareness when it comes to dancing. The two of them also have a YouTube channel together. Rather than being an adopted member of the Nelson family, she is one of the biological offspring of the Nelsons.

She was adopted by a large percentage of her followers. When it comes down to it, she is the younger sibling in the family. She made her first YouTube video when she was in sixth grade. Her biological mother’s name is Tiffany Nelson. Despite the fact that her parents are prominently featured on the YouTube channel, his father’s identity remains a mystery at this moment.

Lilee Nelson has fifteen brothers and sisters named Luke, Beckham Ryder, Lilee and SaiDee, DelayNae, ElleCase, Bridger and Journa. PaisLee, PaisLea and Ledger are her other siblings.

In addition, she is a citizen of the United States, although she has not provided any information on her ethnicity. A high school diploma and a college degree are conceivable outcomes of her scholastic journey. Despite this, she hasn’t revealed the name of her school or the specific subject matter she is studying.

When discussing KassaDee Nelson’s professional career, it’s important to note that she began her YouTube career while she was still in middle school. On March 15th, 2012, she began uploading videos to her YouTube account, JUSTKASS. “PERFECT FALL MAKEUP HAIR AND OUTFIT! || JUSTKASS” was the title of her first-ever video, which she posted on October 6, 2013. More than 20,000 people have watched the video as of the time of this writing. Like her siblings, she also posts videos of the three of them in action.

Despite this, she released her second video, titled “AUGUST FAVORITES 2016!! || BEAUTYS4YOU,” after three years of waiting. She finally releases her videos after a long period of time. But for the time being, she’s focusing a lot of her Instagram posts on make-up, pranks, and unboxings. I Finally See My Boyfriend After Two Years!!” has had over 815 thousand views on her YouTube channel, making it one of the most popular and widely viewed videos on her channel.

A family-oriented YouTube channel called Not Enough Nelsons was also started on December 12th, 2018. A total of nineteen people are featured on the channel, which includes her six biological siblings and her nine adopted siblings. This family-friendly channel’s production was a lot of fun, with only a few tears shed here and there, and it contains hilarious escapades for the whole family. They post fresh vlogs on Saturdays, which include wacky lives, dancing, skits, and challenges.

As the manager of her family’s YouTube channel, she expresses her thankfulness for the opportunity to live with such a huge extended family. KassaDee Nelson is a well-known fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTuber and blogger who has amassed a sizable fortune. She has also gained a significant following on her YouTube channel. It’s easy to understand why she’s so popular on YouTube because she’s posted 43 videos with over 8 million views. Her films have a combined estimated value of $90,000 as of March 2020 and she produces five new ones on average every month.

The family’s channel, Not Enough Nelsons, is expected to be valued $994k as of March 2020, based on viewership data. Furthermore, she and her family enjoy a luxury lifestyle thanks to their substantial wealth. The fact that KassaDee Nelson is married should be taken into consideration while discussing her romantic connections. As of 2019, she has two children with her high school boyfriend Josh Parker. While in high school, they initially became romantically linked when they were paired up to go to the same prom. On top of that, she made a point of showcasing him on her channel on YouTube. The two of them have a special connection and intend to spend the rest of their lives together because of it. They view their ability to exchange vows and become legally married as a tremendous blessing.

Since she has not been involved in any problematic behaviour, she has put more emphasis on her career rather than being entangled in scandals. Throughout the media, she has maintained a positive image.

KassaDee Nelson, a 21-year-old beauty with an appealing demeanour, is the star of the show. She has a slender shape to go along with her impressive height. As a result, she hasn’t shared any details about her physical characteristics, such as height, weight, or any other measurements. The same can be said for her hair colour, which is brown and her eyes, which are blue.

Because of her fame on social media, she keeps a very active social media presence on a wide range of sites, including Instagram and YouTube. She doesn’t appear to have a Facebook account, and she doesn’t appear to be very active on Twitter either. She has gained a significant following of admirers.

As of this writing, she has over 57,000 followers on Instagram under the username @justkass. She also has 244 Twitter followers, which is about par for the course. With over 158 thousand subscribers, she also has a YouTube channel called JUSTKASS, which she started in 2012. In addition, her family’s YouTube channel has over 474,000 subscribers.

JustKass Fan Mail address:

United States

(1)Full Name: JustKass

(2)Nickname: JustKass

(3)Born: March 20, 1999

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: YouTube Personality

(10)Birth Sign: Not Available

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: Not Available

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: United States

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Justtkass@gmail.com

(20)Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustKassShop/

(21)Twitter:  https://twitter.com/kassk_?

(22)Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justkass/?hl=en

(23)Youtube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/c/JUSTKASS/

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