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Keemokazi aka Kareem Hesri is a millionaire American actor, rapper, and social media personality. He rose to fame after posting his comic videos on TikTok. He’s also a skilled actor and musician who’s written and produced numerous catchy songs that can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. He also has accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, where he posts his trendy clothing, modelling sessions, everyday life images, and videos to engage with his admirers, and he has amassed a sizable fan base on each of these platforms.

He also has a Snapchat account called wazgoodkareem.Keemokazi, who was born on November 29, 2002, will be 19 years old in 2022. He was born and reared in California, United States, in a well-established, caring, and loving family. He is known to be an American national who practises Islam. He went to a local private school for his early education and also attended a local high school.

There is no information on his post-secondary studies. He has always loved music and aspired to be in the entertainment sector since he was a youngster. His parents’ love and support aided him in realising his ambition.Mr. Hesri, Keemokazi’s father, is a businessman, and Mrs. Nina Hazem, Keemokazi’s mother, is a social media influencer with the handle ninahazem on Instagram.

Sophie Hesri, Serene Hesri, Saby Hesri, Sara Hesri, and Sima Hesri are his five sisters. Keemokazi is a charming and dashing young lad with a clever and gorgeous appearance. He has a robust and appealing physique, with excellent body dimensions and a muscular body type similar to that of an athlete. He stands around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs roughly 65 kg. He has brown hair that is short and fashionable, as well as attractive and intriguing blue eyes.Keemokazi began his professional life as a musician and actor.

In 2017, he began working as a musician after appearing as a Syrian refugee in a few episodes of the American action drama series “The Last Ship.” “Foreign,” “Feel,” “Philosophy,” and “New Kid” are among his most popular tracks. He launched his album “Arab Money” in March 2021, which was well received and has had over 2 million views. His other popular albums include “Wake them Up,” “Lion,” and “King of My City.”

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It appears that Social Media and scandals have a mutually beneficial connection. Since Social Media has reached its pinnacle, it has been at the centre of some of the strange incidents that occur on a regular basis nowadays. However, it would be unfair to blame these platforms because they are designed for our convenience, but some of the smart people make it a hassle for others.

Tik Tok, among all other platforms, is regarded as one of the most contentious social networking programmes. In reality, producing experimental films has led to many young people getting into serious fights. This morning, one of the Tik Toker Keemokazi was detained.According to the latest rumours, Keemokazi is a Los Angeles-based Tik Toker and rapper. His main Instagram account verified the information.

A video depicts Tik Toker being apprehended by authorities and forced to sit in a police car with his hands cuffed. ‘Keemokazi was detained this morning in Los Angeles,’ runs a long description beside the video. It goes on to say that we don’t have any knowledge on the subject. They will keep us informed during the arrest. The message was prepared by the company’s management.

More on Keemokazi, he lives a lavish lifestyle and is also a rapper in addition to being a tik toker. On his Tik Tok account, he has over 20.8 million followers. He is currently one of the most prominent Tik Tokers. He typically uploads videos of himself singing, dancing, and lip-syncing. In addition, he uses his official account to post spoof films. His most recent song, ‘Sing of My City,’ received a positive reception from the public. He also has a YouTube account with 609K subscribers.

In addition to Tik Tok.The video of his arrest has gone viral like wildfire on the internet, and everyone is interested in learning more about the situation. There isn’t much information on his arrest accessible, and his Instagram account hasn’t been updated with the latest news. Furthermore, Keemokazi is an 18-year-old. Kareem Hesri is his true name. He has five sisters and was born in the year 2002. Nina Hazem is her mother’s name, and there isn’t much information about her career.

From his family’s magnificent southern California house, Kareem Hesri told Arab News, “It all started when I just wanted to prank my mum.” “I uploaded it on TikTok.” She didn’t seem to mind. Overnight, ten million people. It went off the rails.”Hesri is a Syrian American adolescent who is the eldest of five siblings. He is also a well-known internet personality known as Keemokazi, who is most known for his TikTok videos.

Millions of people watch Keemokazi and his family in skits and prank videos every day, including the one that began Hesri’s career as an influencer, one of the newest entertainment careers.Entertainment has always been my passion.” He stated, “It was either music or acting.”His family encouraged him to pursue his dreams in the entertainment world, but they were well aware of the difficulties he would face.

Hesri’s father gave him tough but achievable goals: by the end of high school, he needed to have established himself as an entertainer, or he’d have to go into more traditional occupations. Hesri began focusing on his passion after deciding that an office job was not for him.I began my career as an actor. In TNT, I appeared on a show called ‘The Last Ship.’ I took on the role of a Syrian refugee.

As a result, I began by acting. At an acting camp, I met a producer and rapped for him. Hesri said, “He brought me to the studio.”Serene, his sister, was his manager when he began his music career in 2017. However, following a period of rapid development, his viewership began to plateau. “For years, I was stuck at 10,000 followers. I never got much bigger. As a result, Serene was always emailing people in an attempt to have my songs heard.

TikTok, a short-form video content app, became a social media hit around the same period. TikTok, which was formed by the merging of the apps and Douyin, had become the home of a generation of online content producers, notably those who had first earned fame on the now-defunct Vine app. Hesri observed as performers his age evolved from being unknowns to being watched by millions of people on a regular basis. I never wanted to be a rapper or a musician that made cheesy videos.”

He expressed his initial trepidation about joining TikTok by saying, “I wanted to be treated seriously.”Hesri built his Keemokazi profile after seeing the type of success that other young people were having on the platform, and premiered the prank video that catapulted him and his family into the spotlight. It is now his full-time occupation.Work for Hesri starts with research. He spends hours each night, before going to bed, on TikTok’s For You page, browsing popular videos for ideas for the next day’s filming.”You have to observe the trends if you want to be on TikTok and become popular on this app,” he continued.

keemokazi Fan Mail address:



United States

(1)Full Name: keemokazi

(2)Nickname: keemokazi

(3)Born: 29 November 2002

(4)Father: Mr Hesri

(5)Mother: Mrs Nina Hazem

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession:  Tik Tok Star

(10)Birth Sign: Sagittarius

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Muslim

(13)Height: -5’8”

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Local Private School, California, United States

(16)Hobbies: Traveling, reading, photoshoot

(17)Address: California, United States

(18)Contact Number: +880 1711-50XXXX

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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