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How to contact KidBehindACamera?KidBehindACameraContact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

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Michael Green is an American YouTuber, best known as the star, videographer, and producer of the ‘The Angry Grandpa Show’ mega hit web series. He is also remembered as one of the protagonists of the ‘KidBehindACamera’ and ‘GrandpasCorner’ YouTube channels. Michael, also referred to as Pickleboy, ran the ‘The Angry Grandpa Show’ series with his father Charles Green aka grandpa, who died in 2017. Despite being the primary cause of the onscreen outbursts of his father, Michael shared a near off-camera friendship with him. He’s been running all his YouTube channels by himself since Grandpa’s death.

In 2007, Michael Green first posted the Angry Grandpa videos on an account that was later removed by YouTube because it was found to violate the “Terms of Service” of the social network.
In 2010, along with his father Charles Green, he eventually launched the channel ‘The AngryGrandpaShow’ As the main actor, this channel mostly featured Charles Green. The channel has several videos in which Charles aka Grandpa can be seen in an angry mood, launched with the intention of uploading fun and fun content. The fierce and wild side of Grandpa, as represented in the videos, is extremely entertaining!

The channel also has several vlogs, pranks, comedic videos, etc., in addition to these. Today, one of the most watched YouTube channels is ‘TheAngryGrandpaShow’. With over 3.9 million subscribers and billions of views, even after Grandpa’s passing, it continues to achieve stardom.

He also ran ‘GrandpasCorner’ at one point in his life, thinking about Michael Green’s other outlets. He currently runs a side channel named ‘KidBehindACamera.’ Launched in 2011, this channel features vlogs with his girlfriend and pet dogs about Michael’s daily life. Speaking of this channel’s success, as of May 2018, it had over 2 million subscribers.

Michael Green was born in Colorado, USA, to Tina and Charles Green Jr. on June 2, 1987. Jennifer, Charles, and Kim have three older brothers. He didn’t complete secondary school. Currently, he is engaged to Bridgette West, a fellow YouTube personality he met in 2008.
Excessive weight, not brushing his teeth, bad diet, and burping, to name a few, are his health and hygiene concerns. The YouTuber, who since childhood has been an enthusiastic fan of wrestling, enjoys playing with wrestling action figures.
One of his most popular videos is called “Angry Grandpa Hates Justin Bieber.” “Fun with Silly string” is his most hated video.

An American Internet personality was Charles Marvin Green Jr. (October 16, 1950 – December 10, 2017), best known as Angry Grandpa or simply AGP. On HLN’s Dr. Drew, TruTV’s Most Disturbing, Rude Tube, and Pranked by MTV, his videos were included. “TheAngryGrandpaShow”, his YouTube channel, has over 4.2 million subscribers and over 1.1 billion views. His second channel, “GrandpasCorner” was his personal channel where, along with a special weekly segment called “Mailbag Monday,” he told stories about his personal life, where he opened packages and read letters sent by viewers. His fanbase is known as the “Grandpa’s Army” and he referred to them affectionately as “youngins”.

The videos featured Green responding, generally angrily, to many items, such as pranks pulled by his youngest son, Michael Green (who runs the KidBehindACamera channel), to current events, such as the Casey Anthony trial; Michael was coined in 2009 with the nickname “Pickleboy” after an alleged prank backfired when Michael jumped out of the bathtub and ambushed Green by tossing a bag of flour at him.

However, Green would occasionally ruin something and immediately become remorseful about it, such as when Michael explained in a 2013 vlog about how Green ruined a Nintendo 64 that on Christmas afternoon he got Michael for Christmas, 1998 (after Michael refused to stop playing the video game that Green got him along with the machine, WCW/nWo Revenge, when Green unreasonably ordered him to) and re Michael had a prank tradition on Easter mornings from 2014 to 2016, where he pranked Green by offering him raw eggs coated with chocolate.

The long-time girlfriend of Michael, Bridgette Nicole West, also known as “Princess” or “Picklegirl” was usually in Michael’s pranks, but she would sometimes deliberately foil upcoming pranks by tipping Green off beforehand, allowing him to turn Michael’s tables. An example of this is in the 2014 video “Grandpa’s Bodyguard – The Prank” in which Michael tried to prank Green into thinking that while he was sleeping and taking his valuables, he was robbed by breaking into his house. This backfired after Bridgette purposely called Green and told him. As a result, when Michael and Bridgette got there, Green was wide awake.

He told Michael that his pranking days were over and announced that a personal bodyguard had been hired. Green will only randomly prank Michael for laughs (often with the help of Bridgette).

By letting him try to play The Scary Maze in 2011, Michael pranked Green, only for him to get scared of the girl in the game. A year later, a similar video of the then highly successful game Slender was released in which Green tried his hand at the game, only to frighten the Slender Man. The video ended with Green and his machine tossing Michael and Bridgette out of his home.

In a 2013 Charleston City Paper story, Green reported that in his fits of rage, he destroyed various furniture articles, along with electronics, including laptop computers, televisions and cellphones. He also made several more significant videos, such as when Green posted a video to his main channel in April 2012, aimed at publicizing the planned sale of his trailer park where he lived at the time, Trailwood Trailer Park, in North Charleston, South Carolina, to a developer who aimed to rezone it to light industrial to build a road to a new Boeing plant in North Charleston.

In 2014, Green uploaded a video titled “Justice for Eric Garner (Grandpa Goes Crazy)” in which he smashed his microwave, ranting that the police “murdered” an innocent man who “wasn’t even fighting back.” He uploaded another video titled “No Justice For Eric Garner” on December 3 of that year, depicting his angry reaction to the grand jury, “made up of morons, idiots and fools”

Green claimed in a 2013 Charleston City Paper article that he destroyed numerous furniture pieces, along with electronics, including laptop computers, televisions and cellphones, in his fits of rage. He also made some more relevant videos, such as when, in April 2012, Green posted a video on his main channel to publicize the proposed sale of his trailer park where he lived at the time, Trailwood Trailer Park, in North Charleston, South Carolina, to a developer who aimed to rezone it to light industrial to build a road to a new Boeing plant in North Charleston.

(1)Full Name: KidBehindACamera

(2)Nickname: KidBehindACamera

(3)Born:  June 2, 1987

(4)Father: Charles Green Jr

(5)Mother: Tina, Tina Green

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Charles And Kim, Jennifer

(8)Marital Status: Married

(9)Profession: YouTuber

(10)Birth Sign: Gemini

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Sikhism

(13)Height: 5″9′

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Colorado

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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