Meet Gaargi Prehar, Famous Pet Baker From Mumbai

The best gifts come from the heart and your dog knows it. If you’d love to feed your pet some home-style, healthy goodies in mumbai, then Puplords Barkery is the best place to visit.

Gaargi Prehar is the owner of Puplords Barkery. She is an animal lover and grew up in the company of dogs since her childhood. Gaargi’s impressive pastries fill the case in the shop that also has a good selection of pet food including baked cakes for dogs, cats and even hamsters. She is an MBA graduate from Paris and worked as a brand manager for various luxury brands.

After working for many years in customer service and luxury industry she found soul satisfaction in baking for pets. With the absence of chemicals and preservatives in dog food, Gaargi aims to keep your pets healthier, happier and free from diseases.

She is an avid traveller and has visited more than 100 countries so far. She has lived in Mumbai, Qatar, Florida, NewYork and Paris.


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Never underestimate the therapeutic power of talking to your dog! ❤️🐶

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With a passion and love for dogs, Puplords Barkery was founded by Gaargi Prehar with one mission: to fresh-bake, from scratch, the world’s best dog treats. According to her, Puplords Barkery is a place for dog lovers who appreciate the artistry of a good pastry kitchen.


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