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Priyanka Malik began her blog during her pregnancy stage to share with the fellow mother and mother to-be’s her journey of being a mother. Actually, She started her blog to help parents make informed decisions and today it is India’s most trusted source of information among parents.

She is a mom of one kid, who continuously on the go make life simple for guardians and shares her reviews about new products, recipes, spots to visit, activities and most significant mess around with your children on both her instagram profile and blog.



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Motherhood is tough. Period. All the flashy picture-perfect insta posts didn’t prepare me for the exhaustion and sleep-deprivation. Even though I had the best support system in the form of my husband and my sister who tried their best and are still trying to get me to catch up on my sleep but it’s never enough. With breastfeeding and putting my child to sleep, I have time for nothing else and that often makes me a cranky bitch. Also I hated how it suddenly changed and everyone started asking about just the child, overnight. If you know a new mommy, please just ask her how she is doung, NOW! Now that it’s been 5 months, I am slowly getting a hang of it, getting into a pattern with my child. Understanding his hunger and sleep cues. I love my child, but this overwhelming task of caring for a tiny human being 24*7, is a mammoth task and I salute all mothers! The day a child is born, a mother is born too. And yes it gets easier, much easier. To all the new moms, hang in there! It gets easier. Hold your child when they sleep, they will sleep on the bed eventually. Burping them gets easier. Making them smile gets easier. Getting them to sleep gets easier. They stop crying all the time. It just gets better and easier. Do what your heart tells you and do not hear what others say. And yeah, I learnt it the hard way that feeding them every time they cry, isn’t the solution. Cheers to all new mummas! Cheers to us! #newmom #motherhood #mother #mothersday #motherandson #newmother #postpartum #ppd #postpartumdepression #baby #cutebabies #happymother #happychild #motherhoodishard #thisismotherhood #depressionhelp #lifeafterbaby #babyblue

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Priyanka started from_vodka_to_nappies (fifatra) as an idea to have a go-to place for Indian parents and parents to be , who are away from their families, either in India or abroad. She writes about smart dieting, breastfeeding, infant wearing, material diapering, infant drove weaning and adopting the normal and developmental strategy to bringing up children.

Priyanka began blogging on fifatra where she shares data from getting pregnant to dealing with adolescents. She put every one of her endeavors to rearrange the voyage of parenthood by characterizing various phases of adolescence into five noteworthy classes – Baby, Toddler, Kid, Preteen and Early Teen.

She has a very active Instagram page with more than 11k moms and she has over 50K site visits from readers.She shares her experiences with you, her hits and misses, snapshots of happiness and hopelessness and her life after the infant.She is doing a great job.

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