Niki Enhypen Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Niki Enhypen? Niki Enhypen Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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ENHYPEN NI-KI is a member of the South Korean rock band ENHYPEN. On the 9th of December, 2005, he was born in the Japanese city of Okayama. He was awarded the No. 1 Dancer in I-LAND. Ni-Ki received 1,140,718 votes in the final episode, placing her in fourth place overall. Suncheon’s birthday is the day following Ki’s birthday. Ni-Ki is a left-handed character. Niki’s favorite color is black, and she wears it often. The spring season is Niki’s favorite season. Niki’s ideal type, according to his zodiac sign, is someone who is honest, has a good sense of adventure, and is filled with a strong desire to learn new things. In his sign of Sagittarius, Ni-compatibility Ki’s would be greatest with another Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, or Leo. Ni-ideal Ki’s type, based on his MBTI personality type of ENFJ, would be someone who has the MBTI personality types of INFP and ISFP. These personality types are able to recognize and comprehend the emotional language of the ENFJ and are able to give stability.

ENFJs, such as Ni-Ki, are very generous in their relationships and will put the needs of their significant other above their own. Ni-ki was 14 years old at the time of his appearance on the programmed I-LAND (14 years old according to international standards). Ni-ki is 6’0″ tall and stands at 183 cm (6’0″) in height. He is one of the tallest members of ENHYPEN, standing at 6 feet 3 inches. Okayama, Japan is where I grew up. If you ever find yourself in Japan, he suggests that you pay a visit to his hometown of Okayama. From Enhypen, he is the only member who is Japanese.

BTS is now one of the most successful Korean boy bands in the world, with over 100 million followers on Instagram. It consists of seven members: Jinn (Kim Seok-jinn), Sugar (Min Yoon-gig), J-Hope (Jung Ho-Seok), RM (Kim Nam-Joon), Jimin (Park Ji-min), V (Kim Tae-Hyung), and Jungkook (Kim Tae-Hyung) (Jeon Jung-kook). The band has been shattering record after record, breaking their own records, and making new ones, much to the delight of the BTS ARMY fan base. A large number of other Korean musicians have paid respect to the BTS band and its members, and this is exactly what has occurred recently. A cover version of BTS Jimin’s song Lie has been released by the group’s Ni-Ki aka Nishimura Riki, who is also the group’s primary dancer, singer, and Makena. Also, check out – WHAT! Meet BTS Jimin’s lookalike in the Philippines, who has left netizens perplexed with his striking likeness to the BTS member.

When Ni-Ki released the dance cover version on January 24, 2021, he stunned his fans, as well as the BTS ARMY, with his surprise release. A music single by BTS’ Wings, “Lie” was released in 2016 as a single from the album of the same name. Ni-Ki is shown with a spotless white shirt, black pants, and black shoes, all of which are black. Enhypen’s lead dancer, Ni-Ki, showcased his dancing abilities in the video, which was released on YouTube. Check out Ni-dance Ki’s rendition of BTS Jimin’s Lie here: Check out BTS’s pampered pets, from Taehyung aka V’s Yeon tan to Jungkook’s Guerue, in this article. Ni-ki is the newest member (and manager) of the Enhypen organization. When he first appeared on the Enhypen stage, he was just 14 years old, having been born on December 9, 2005. Ni-ki used to work as a backup dancer for Shine in the past. Ni-ki learned to dance at his mother and father’s dance studio. He began dancing when he was five years old.

Ni-ki is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Ni-ki has a remarkable ability to pick up choreographies quickly. He was able to learn the choreography for the last episode of I-LAND in less than a minute and a half. He claims that he just requires 10 minutes to learn something that would take other people an hour to understand. Niki’s final I-LAND rating was #4, which was a personal best. Ni-most Ki’s desired characteristic is wide shoulders. Others who have wide shoulders are admired by him. At the time of I-LAND, Ni-ki was shorter than several of the ENHYPEN members, but by the time of their debut, she had outgrown them. His MBTI personality type is ENFJ. He has extraverted, perceptive, feeling, and judgement personality qualities, among other characteristics. If he could only perform on stage once in his life,

he would choose to do it at the Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles. When you dance, what is it that you are thinking about? I’m not thinking about anything; I’m simply having a good time dancing. Aside from dancing, what is the one thing you like doing most? The practice studio is where you’ll be putting your skills to the test. What type of artist do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a hero who can move people’s hearts with his or her words. For TC Chandler’s 100 Most Handsome Faces in 2020, Ni-ki was nominated for an award. These are three adjectives that characterize you: absorptive, dancer, and concentrated. The most valuable possession I have is my family. The most important thing I’ve learnt since joining ENHYPEN is to strive to be a better version of myself. As you make your debut, here’s what I want for the group: I hope to exceed our fans’ expectations with our debut and build a stronger relationship with them. He has a black belt in the martial art of hapkido.

The Goat is the animal represented by his Chinese zodiac sign. He finished eighth in the final show with 935,771 votes, however, he was chosen to make his television debut by the producers. Sunshine’s is the fandom moniker given to Sunoco by her followers. Chilcot Middle School, Chilcot High School, and Halim Arts High School are among the educational options. Beginning at an early age, he began taking piano instruction. In middle school, he served as class president and as a member of the student council. William, Hunter, and James are some of the speculated English names for him. He enjoys the usage of emojis. Mint, purple, pink, and blue are some of Sunoco’s preferred hues to use. Ni-ki claims that he and Jung were the ones that snored the loudest. If he were to choose an animal to compare himself to, he would choose a desert fox (Applicant Profile). Aegis is the particular ability of the Sun (Behind the Profile Shoot). Sun has a unique appeal in that he seems to be chilly, yet he is really quite adorable (Behind the Profile Shoot). Tteokbokki is a Korean dish that he enjoys (Behind the Profile Shoot). He doesn’t keep track of how many selfies he takes, but he takes at least 50 every day (TMI video 20.09.28).

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Sun designated the 24th of every month as Sunk day (Sunoco + Ni-ki), which is celebrated on the 24th of every month (Twitter 2020.09.24). Sun is a fan of hot and spicy cuisine (Forbes Interview). Additionally, Sunoco enjoys Disney movies, soothing music, scented candles, mood lighting, and other similar activities (Forbes Interview). According to him, his given name is spelled ‘Secondo,’ although his stage name is spelt ‘Sunoco,’ according to a V LIVE. Selfies, the face, emotions, and skills are some of my specialties (Self-Revised Profile). Self-taking, listening to music, playing games, and watching movies are some of my favorite pastimes (Self-Revised Profile). Eye grin, face/expression, skin tone, and eye shape are all attractive features (Self-Revised Profile). Deon and Desert Fox are two of his nicknames (Self-Revised Profile). Food, gaming, selfies, and getting affection are some of her favorite things (Self-Revised Profile). Dislikes: Things that are inconvenient (Self-Revised Profile). Motto:

“To be filled with enthusiasm throughout the year” (Self-Revised Profile). – He is originally from the Japanese city of Okayama. Both the fans and the members of the group think he is the finest dancer in the group, and they are right. Ni-ki has two sisters, one of which is a year older than him and the other who is younger. Training will last for eight months. Niceties is the fandom moniker given to Ni-ki by her followers. Fans believe he resembles the actress Hyeon Jung, who is well known for her role as 067 in the Squid Game. The Rooster is his Chinese zodiac sign, according to the Chinese calendar. Ni-ki received 1,140,718 votes in the final show, placing her in fourth place. Ni-ki was a member of a group known as Shine Kids, where he served as Key from 2016 to 2017. He has performed with Shine on a number of occasions. Ni-ki is a left-handed character. Ni-ki has the ability to play the piano. Suncheon’s birthday is the day following his own. Niki’s favorite color is black, and she wears it often. He is ambidextrous in his movements.

Despite the fact that he has a Twitter account, it is dormant and hasn’t been utilized in years. Soccer and dancing are two of his favorite activities (Behind the Profile Shoot). Dumplings are his comfort meal (Behind the Profile Shoot). Nishimura Chelsea is his Korean given name. The whole dance can be memorized in less than ten minutes (I-LAND ep. 12) The most recent edition of TC Candler’s Most Handsome Faces ranks him 24th, and he has been nominated for the most recent edition of TC Candler’s Most Handsome Faces. He was voted I-No. LAND’s 1 Dancer and I-Best LAND’s Dancer, respectively (I-LAND ep. 6) Ni-ki started her dancing training with genres such as jazz and ballet, among others. (Source: Teen Vogue.) Dance [x3] is a specialization (Self-Revised Profile). Dancing [four times], sports, and watching movies are some of my interests (Self-Revised Profile). Points of Interest:

Possessing opposing charms and behaving in the manner of the manager (Self-Revised Profile). One of his nicknames is Super Dancer, and another is Little Michael Jackson (Self-Revised Profile). Heeseung [x4], ENHYPEN, Sleep, Golden Fish Bread, and Sushi are some of his favorite things (Self-Revised Profile). Bugs and waking up [x3] are two things I dislike (Self-Revised Profile). Ni-ki has been nominated for the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2020 award by GQ magazine. “Dance is life,” as the saying goes (Self-Revised Profile). After five members of the South Korean boyband ENHYPEN, including Jung won, Heeseung, Jay Jake, and Suncheon, tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 virus, it has now been confirmed that their bandmate Ni-Ki has also caught the virus only three days after the first test results were released.

The band’s management agency, BELIFT LAB, announced in an official statement that Sunoco is the only member of the band who has tested negative for the coronavirus at this time. Ni-health Ki’s update was confirmed by the agency, according to Suomi. “Hello. BE LEFT LAB is the name of the facility. In the course of undertaking self-quarantine, ENHYPEN member Ni-ki was identified as positive for COVID-19.” “Ni-ki had gone into self-quarantine in separate quarters and had his status thoroughly checked with daily self-testing as well as PCR testing; he started displaying signs of coughing on Friday, September 3, and was identified as positive for COVID-19 the following day. He is ready to be sent to a treatment center as a result of health officials’ orders, and he is exhibiting very minor symptoms,” the statement stated.

‘It is with the greatest of sadness that we extend our sincere apologies to our fans for the news of a further diagnosis of a member that has occurred after our last announcement.’ Our firm will do all in its power to guarantee that the artists’ health returns to normal. As a result, we will continue to comply with the demands and directions of government health authorities and organizations. “Thank you very much,” the message said. As for work, after the health update of ENHYPEN members who had previously tested positive for COVID-19, the group has decided to cancel its planned performance at the KCON: TACT HI 5 convention. In the meanwhile, In addition, the trio has been prepping for their upcoming reunion in September. However, it seems to be a challenging task at the moment. Ni-Ki, a member of the K-pop group ENHYPEN, has tested positive for COVID-19, making him the sixth member of the group to have tested positive for the virus.

The announcement was made on Sunday, September 5 by ENHYPEN’s advertising agency, BELIFT LAB. Suomi translated the announcement as follows: “Ni-Ki has been identified as positive with COVID-19 while conducting self-quarantine,” the statement reads. BE LEFT LAB also said that Ni-Ki started exhibiting symptoms on Friday, September 3, according to the company. The member, who is 15 years old, is now ready to be sent to a treatment center. The announcement comes only three days after it was revealed that five members of ENHYPEN, Jung won, Jake, Jay, Heeseung, and Suncheon, had tested positive for COVID-19, a virus that causes diarrheic. Sun is the only one in the group who has not been infected with the virus. The corporation issued an apology to fans, stating that “this news of a further diagnosis of a member after our prior announcement” had been received. Also stated was their commitment to ensuring that all of its artists return to full health as soon as possible. ENHYPEN’s BELIFT LAB revealed in August that the band is preparing to release a new album, which will be available for purchase in September.

Niki Enhypen Fan Mail address:

Nishimura Riki

Okayama, Japan

(1)Full Name: Nishimura Riki

(2)Nickname: Niki Enhypen

(3)Born: December 9, 2005

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Rapper and Dancer

(10)Birth Sign: Sagittarius

(11)Nationality: Japanese

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: 1.8 m

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Okayama, Japan

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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