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Patricia Lynn Murray (née Johns; born October 11, 1950) is an American politician and former educator who has served as the senior United States Senator from Washington since 1993. Murray is Washington’s first female U.S. Senator and a member of the Democratic Party. She previously served in the Washington State Senate.

Murray, who was born and reared in Bothell, Washington, earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Washington State University. She worked at Shoreline Community College as a preschool teacher and then as a parenting instructor. Murray ran for the Washington State Senate in 1988 and defeated two-term incumbent Bill Kiskaddon, a long-time supporter for environmental and educational causes. She was elected to the state senate for one term before running for the United States Senate in 1992. She has been re-elected four times and is currently seeking re-election in 2022 for a sixth term.

Murray has been a member of the Democratic Party’s leadership since 2001, serving as chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Conference Secretary, Assistant Democratic Leader, and chair of various committees. Murray gained global notoriety in 2013 when she and Republican Representative Paul Ryan revealed that they had reached an agreement on a bipartisan budget for the next two years, dubbed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. Murray is the Senate’s sixth-highest-ranking member, the third-highest-ranking Democrat, and the dean of Washington’s congressional delegation.

Murray was the youngest of seven children born to David L. Johns and Beverly A. McLaughlin in Bothell, Washington. Her mother was a bookkeeper. Her father was a Purple Heart recipient during World War II. Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and French-Canadian ancestors are among her relatives. Her family was obliged to ask for social help when her father became handicapped due to multiple sclerosis while she was a teenager. He had previously worked as the manager of a five-and-dime business. Murray was a student at Saint Brendan Catholic School when he was younger.

Murray was one of 38 senators who signed a letter to US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in March 2019 warning that dairy farmers face extinction “urging his department to “strongly encourage these farmers to consider the Dairy Margin Coverage programme” as they “continue to face market instability and are struggling to survive the fourth year of sustained low prices.”

Fong a letter in June 2019 requesting that the IG investigate USDA cases of retaliation and political decision-making, claiming that failing to do so would mean that these cases would go uninvestigated “This administration’s actions could be seen as part of a larger pattern of not only undervaluing federal employees, but also suppressing, undermining, discounting, and ignoring scientific data produced by their own qualified scientists.

Murray signed a letter to US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta in July 2019 urging the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to conduct a full investigation into a complaint filed on May 20 by a group of McDonald’s employees in the Chicago area that detailed workplace violence incidents, including interactions with customers such as customers throwing hot coffee atop employees. McDonald’s might and must, according to the senators “Employers will not take seriously their responsibility to ensure a safe workplace unless OSHA enforces workers’ rights to a hazard-free environment.


Murray was one of 21 senators who signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in March 2017 that noted that 12 percent of adult Medicaid beneficiaries had some form of substance abuse disorder, that one-third of treatment for opioid and other substance-use disorders in the United States was financed through Medicaid, and that the American Health Care Act should be repealed.

Murray made a number of remarks about Osama bin Laden to students at Columbia River High School in Vancouver in December 2002, as she attempted to explain why the US was having such a difficult time winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world, and how bin Laden had gained support among some in the Middle East. She said, among other things, that bin Laden has “For decades, we’ve been working in these nations, constructing schools, roads, infrastructure, daycare centres, and health-care facilities, and the people are incredibly appreciative. He’s made a difference in their lives. That is something we have not done.” This drew the ire of political opponents, who claimed it was misleading and represented sympathy for bin Laden.

Murray was one of 34 senators who signed a letter to President Trump in April 2019, urging him to “listen to members of your own Administration and reverse a decision that will harm our national security and aggravate conditions inside Central America,” claiming that Trump had “consistently expressed a flawed understanding of US foreign assistance” since taking office and that he was “unwilling to listen to members of your own Administration.” Senators contended that providing foreign aid to Central American countries reduced migration to the United States by helping to improve conditions in those countries.

Murray voted in December 2010 to ratify New START, a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation that requires both countries to deploy no more than 1,550 strategic warheads and 700 launchers over the next seven years, as well as continuing on-site inspections that had ceased when START I expired the previous year.

After US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in December 2018 that the Trump administration would suspend its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 60 days if Russia continued to violate the treaty, Murray was one of 26 senators to sign a letter expressing concern about the administration “now abandoning generations of bipartisan US leadership…”

Murray was one of 42 senators who signed a letter to Trump administration officials Alex Azar, Seema Verma, and Steve Mnuchin in December 2018, claiming that the administration was abusing Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act by allowing states to “increase health care costs for millions of consumers while weakening protections for individuals with preexisting conditions.” The senators demanded that the administration rescind the programme “Stakeholders, states, and Congress should all be reengaged.

Murray was one of 69 members of Congress who signed a letter to then-FDA Commissioner Sylvia Burwell in September 2014, urging that the FDA alter its policy prohibiting males from donating corneas and other tissues if they had sex with another man in the previous five years.

Murray was one of 23 Democratic senators who signed a letter to the Defense Department in August 2013, warning that some payday lenders are “offering predatory loan products to service members at exorbitant triple digit effective interest rates and loan products that do not include the additional protections envisioned by the law,” and that service members and their families “deserve the st”

Murray was one of 21 senators who signed a letter to US Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie in December 2018, calling it “appalling that the VA is not conducting oversight of its own outreach efforts” despite suicide prevention being the VA’s top clinical priority, and urging Wilkie to “consult with experts with proven track records of successful public and mental health outreach.”


Murray was one of 19 senators who signed a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in October 2017, questioning Pruitt’s decision to repeal the Clean Power PlanMurray was one of 20 senators who signed a letter to Acting EPA Administrator Andrew R. Wheeler in February 2019 in response to reports that the EPA planned to opt out of setting drinking water limits for perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) as part of an upcoming national strategy to manage the aforementioned class of chemicals (PFAS).

Murray and Republican Representative Paul Ryan announced on December 10, 2013, that they had struck a consensus on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, a two-year bipartisan budget package.The agreement was to be voted on in the House first, and subsequently in the Senate. Some expected House Democrats to pass the deal as a way to avoid the sequester cuts, but on December 12, 2013, Chris Van Hollen, whether a majority of House Democrats will support for the budget package. Many conservatives were also against the agreement.

Murray presented The Emergency Contraception Access and Education Act, a bill in the Senate, in 2014. The law would compel federally funded hospitals to give emergency contraception to rape victims. She presented an amendment to a measure in the Senate in July 2014 that would force health insurance companies to provide contraception coverage to patients regardless of the religious or other convictions of their employers. All but three Republicans voted against her amendment, which needed 60 votes to pass.

Murray voted for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 in May 2006, along with 38 of the 44 Senate Democrats (S. 2611). The bill improves border security, boosts fines and other penalties for firms who hire illegal immigrants, and establishes a guest worker programme (including nearly doubling the number of H-1B visas) and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the country. The law passed 62-36 with the help of certain Republicans in the leadership.

“In 1994, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was accused of improper touching of his then-freshman colleague Patty Murray of Washington,” The New York Times reported on August 2, 2006. Murray requested and was given an apology, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Murray declined to comment through a spokesperson.
Murray voted no on the establishment of an independent commission to investigate the January 6, 2021 insurgency on May 28, 2021. Her reason for not voting was a “personal family problem.” Murray had stated her support for the commission and discussed her experiences on the day of the insurgency.

Murray backed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 on January 30, 2008. A month later, the Democratic caucus in Washington gave Barack Obama two-thirds of the delegates and Hillary Clinton one-third. Murray endorsed Obama after Clinton conceded on June 7.

After The Seattle Times published a series of articles suggesting that incumbent Democratic Senator Brock Adams had sexually abused a number of women, Murray declared her candidacy for the United States Senate in 1992. Adams rejected the charges, but his popularity had plummeted to the point that he decided to retire rather than risk losing his party’s seat. In the Democratic primary, Murray defeated Representative Don Bonker. Despite being outspent by a large amount in the general election, she defeated Republican Representative Rod Chandler 54 percent to 46 percent. Chandler appeared to have the upper hand in one of the disputes until he referenced Roger Miller’s song “Dang Me” for no apparent reason. President George H. W. Bush’s unpopularity in the Pacific Northwest harmed him even more.

Murray challenged Representative Linda Smith in 1998, a hard conservative and maverick who opposed gay rights and saw homosexuality as a “morally unfit disposition.” Murray received 58 percent of the vote to 42 percent for re-election.Murray ran against George Nethercutt, a Republican, in the 2004 election. Term limits became a campaign topic after Democrats used Nethercutt’s breached term-limits promise when he defeated Speaker Tom Foley in 1994. Nethercutt’s lack of name recognition in the more densely populated western region of the state, which is home to two-thirds of the state’s population, was also a hindrance. Since Miles Poindexter’s election in 1916, Washington has not had a senator from east of the Cascades. National security and the conflict in Iraq were two other key topics. Murray opposed the Iraq War in 2003, whereas Nethercutt supported it. From the start, Nethercutt was a huge underdog, and his campaign never really took off. Murray was re-elected by a margin of 55% to 43%.

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