QVC CEO Email Address

QVC CEO Email Address

QVC CEO Email Address (UK)

To contact the CEO, please send an email to It is solely for QVC UK that this email address is used.

Who is the CEO of QVC UK?

A. Muller, Rob, At QVC UK, Rob Muller serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Who is the president of QVC?

Michael George is the Chief Executive Officer and President of QVC. Jeff Charney is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at QVC.

How do I contact QVC corporate?

  • A customer service number of 888-345-5788.
  • Customer Service & FAQs.
  • Returns and exchanges are available.

Where is QVC headquarters?

Within the United States of America, West Chester, Pennsylvania, QVC’s headquarters

Who is the CFO of QVC?

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of QVC, Inc.

How much do QVC hosts get paid?

It is 43% more than the national average for all Store Hosts, which is $22,000 yearly, yet it is 64% lower than the national pay average for all working Americans. QVC Store Hosts make $34,000 annually, equivalent to $16 per hour.

How can you email QVC?

If you want to send an email, you may do so by emailing, which will include your complaint and any pertinent information.

How do I file a complaint against QVC?

For additional information about Customer Service, please visit this page or call 1-888-345-5788 to contact Customer Service. Envelopes should be sent to QVC Headquarters at 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380. This will allow you to message the CEO, Mike George. The phone number 484-701-1000 is the one for the corporate headquarters.

What was QVC called before QVC?

Reach beyond the world. As a result of Diller’s efforts, QVC Network is now known as QVC, Inc.

How do I make a complaint to QVC UK?

You may reach a member of our Customer Care team by dialing the freephone line number 0800 51 41 31 and speaking with them.

Does QVC cancel orders?

If you decide to stop or cancel your Auto-Delivery plan, QVC maintains the right to do so. Cancellation may occur for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following: the absence of inventory, the failure to make payment for two consecutive planned shipments, the closure of the customer account, and so on.

How can I talk to a person at QVC?

  • A customer service number of 888-345-5788.
  • Customer Service & FAQs.
  • Returns and exchanges are available.

Does QVC have 24-hour Customer Service?

It is possible to place an order for the item that is now being shown on television, the Today’s Special Value®, or a known item number via automated ordering, which is available around the clock, seven days a week. You are also able to verify the cost and availability of the items. Dial 800.345 now.

How do I ask a question on QVC?

In addition, you may contact Customer Service by dialing 888-345-5788.

Guidelines for the QVC Community
Send in your inquiries and responses in the English language.
Check to see whether the questions and answers are relevant to the product.
The item number should be included in the questions and answers whenever practicable.
Ensure that you respond to the question that was posed.

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