How to Contact Raja Zia ul Haq: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Raja Zia ul Haq? Raja Zia ul Haq’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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How to Contact Raja Zia ul Haq: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

Famous for his work as a public speaker, trainer, life coach, and motivational speaker, Raja Zia ul Haq is also the head of the Youth Club. He is part of a family that lives in a military post. Initially, he was a resident of Rawalpindi; however, in 2005, he relocated his family to Islamabad. He was the kind of guy who believed that everyone should be allowed to live their own lives. He had a firm conviction in the reality of Allah, yet he made no effort to become a devout Muslim throughout his life. Later on, gradually, he began believing in Allah, and eventually, he became a devout Muslim. Now, he has become a genuine hero for every young guy.

Raja Zia ul Haq belongs to a Punjabi family. He was born in Rawalpindi on June 5th, 1985; today, in 2023, he is 38. The fact that he was born after three sisters and received excessive affection from his parents is the primary factor contributing to his defiance. On November 14, 2007, he created his YouTube account, and as of now, he has more than 552 thousand followers, many videos, and more than 42 million views on his channel. Raja Zia ul Haq is the name of his channel on YouTube. He often posts on Instagram.

Instagram is where he most frequently shares his pictures, reels, and stories. He has more than 305 thousand followers on Instagram, posting more than 1736 times and having more than 0 followers. His username on the photo-sharing platform is rajaziaulhaq. His primary and secondary studies were both completed in Pakistan. Beacon home was where he met his O levels of education. Afterward, he expressed interest in joining the armed services, but his parents did not provide their consent for him to do so. After that, he completed his undergraduate degree in England and got his master’s degree in Information Technology and Management in Australia.

How to Contact Raja Zia ul Haq: Phone Number

A progressive man who makes significant life improvements with Allah’s grace. He revealed during his live session that he was the kind of person who lived only to have fun at parties with his friends. Still, he also admitted that he had messed up his life by participating in various types of games, such as skydiving, scuba diving, and jumping from a couple of feet and that he was the biggest fan of movies. After that, he began his playing career in various plays, and within a relatively short period, he rose to fame. While working in the theatre, he tied the knot with the woman he loved, Ayesha. His wife is not a fan of activities such as parties.

A one-day spiritual conference with the title “Wrong Number” will be held by the Youth Club for Muslim youth and educated families. The purpose of the meeting is to help Muslim youth and educated families revitalize their knowledge and understanding of Islam in the face of an onslaught of misconceptions perpetrated among Muslims in the guise of modernism and liberalism. The Raja Zia ul Haq Youth Club is a non-profit organization that works on ethical and moral values for youth. It provides a platform for educated youth and families to practice their energies and potential in the Islamic way for the betterment of themselves and their communities. Raja Zia ul Haq founded the organization.

Raja Zia ul Haq Fan Mail address:

Raja Zia ul Haq,

The idea of avoiding the adverse effects of obtaining religious information from unreliable sources served as the impetus for the “Wrong Number” event’s subject, which was designed to be analogous to the process of not accidentally calling the incorrect number. In addition to this, it was intended to connect the general populace to genuine sources, such as the “right number of Islamic knowledge” and the rich content that the speakers provided on topics that are relevant to the present (such as preserving the family system, liberalism, avoiding “bidah” [inauthentic innovation in religion], feminism, and other related issues).

The occasion was met with overwhelming support from the general public, as shown by the presence of more than one thousand attendees and 67 organizers, in addition to 80 volunteers, who were involved in the event’s planning. During the occasion, a fund-raising activity gathered contributions to assist the Islamic cause in disseminating genuine religious knowledge and bringing about constructive change. Following the norms of Shariah, the Youth Club also organizes outings and getaways for young people and their families. Despite this, the Club’s annual mega-conference was called Wrong Number, and it took place in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

Chief Executive Officer Raja Zia ul Haq, Country Manager for Youth Club Taha Bin Jalil, Regional Director for Sindh Wajih ud Din, Regional Director for Punjab Mughera Luqman, and Muhammad Ali were among the prominent speakers at the event. Despite this, the club also organized special events for children during the conference. The Youth Club now encourages participation from students at prestigious educational institutions such as NUST, LUMS, PIEAS, and others. The massive event was held as a part of the organization’s program called “Winds of Change,” an annual tour around the country that includes similar conferences.

The program was extended to include more than 20 megacities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, which includes southern and central Punjab. The most effective labor may sometimes be done in relative obscurity. The Youth Club was established in 2011, and since then, it has encouraged positive change among young people. The knowledge that if Allah leads a man via us, it is better for us than a herd of costly red camels is shared among young men and women enthusiastically working for the cause. My fundamental belief is that the influence of one person’s behavior on one thousand men is far greater than the effect of one thousand men’s words on one person.

The youth club encourages positive social change, which inspires and nurtures the minds, spirits, and bodies of the young people who participate. We aim to promote well-rounded people aware of their obligations to the larger community. We are fostering the development of future leaders who, in addition to having expertise in their respective fields of interest, are also accountable for meeting their religious commitments toward society. You should never lose hope in Allah’s kindness because we are here for you.

Remember that all Allah requires of you is to take one step, and if you are serious, He will lead you and bless you with the light of guidance if you do so. If you feel that no doors are open to you at any moment, remember that Allah only requires this of you. Do not be afraid, and remember that even though you may be physically far from Allah, He is physically near to you! If you focus your attention on Him, you will locate Him. You don’t become sluggish and arrive late to the office or work because you feel urgent. You know you will get fired if you do that, so we think we have no choice but to be there on time every day. As a result, we feel that maintaining consistency has become automatically more accessible for us, and it has become something that comes naturally to us.

But in terms of deen, we don’t feel a feeling of urgency. If we felt that we would be doomed to failure if we failed to fulfill specific requirements stipulated by Allah, then we would fulfill those standards regardless of the circumstances. Then it came time. There is no question that man is suffering loss. On the other hand, those individuals who had faith and performed good actions encouraged one another to acknowledge the truth and advised one another to remain faithful. (Al-Qur’an) As this surah may be seen as a summation of the message conveyed throughout the Quran, scholars place great weight on it.

We, together with the youngsters we serve, work to cultivate an Islamic worldview via participation in Youth Club activities. Our primary objective is to perform the best possible use of time and advise one another to be consistent on the deen. In our team, we have professionals from many different areas of expertise, such as medicine, engineering, law, the arts, design, journalism, and architecture, to name just a few. As a result, those who engage with the content of Youth Club or the atmosphere that we cultivate and give for them find it very engaging and personally relevant.

The marketing department is the public face of every company. Bearing in mind the importance and influence of the media in this day and age, we make it our mission to provide a genuine and approachable representation of the one-of-a-kind events hosted by Youth Club to our audience all over the globe. We strive to give the ummah of Prophet Muhammad advice wholly based on genuine sources, without sacrificing any Islamic principles, to the best of our abilities. We are armed with the necessary tools and manpower and aspire to do so to the best of our abilities.

In a society where everything is only a tap away, we are continuously at risk of the subtle infiltration of disinformation and fitnah into our brains and, eventually, our lives. This danger exists in a world where everything is just a tap away. Even our kids aren’t protected anymore. They are exposed to stuff beginning at a very young age designed to attack the intellect and the soul. Change-makers have a mission here at Youth Club to provide you and the people you care about with accurate information based on the Quran and Sunnah.

Knowing that whatever you spend your time in this world will determine your destiny in the hereafter, we make it our mission to guide you toward becoming a more devout Muslim in a way that is both reflective and fruitful. These eloquent words by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reverberate an actual truth. Often, we allow ourselves to get so preoccupied with the here and now that we lose sight of the fact that the proper focus of our attention ought to be on an everlasting future. Ask yourself: what steps will you take to solve this problem tomorrow, today, or even now? Let yourself sometime now to think about things.

Let yourself choose in this present moment. Permit yourself to use this time as a springboard for rebuilding your life, reevaluating your priorities, and refocusing your ambitions. Put an end to the ruminations brought on by your temporary environment and start working on constructing the framework for your permanent home. A small group of young people manages the Youth Club Trust, less than one hundred in all, who are motivated by the desire to serve Allah and are working to bring about a good change via the efforts they are putting forth. In a nation like Pakistan, where more than sixty percent of the population is young, our potential is enormous, and the heights we can reach can alter the course of history.

(1) Full Name: Raja Zia ul Haq

(2) Nickname: Raja Zia ul Haq

(3) Born: Jun 05, 1985

(4) Father: Muhammad Akbar Ali

(5) Mother: Not Available

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Not Available

(8) Marital Status: Married

(9) Profession: Youtuber

(10) Birth Sign: Aries

(11) Nationality: Pakistani

(12) Religion: Not Available

(13) Height: NA

(14) School:  University of Canberra

(15) Highest Qualifications: Graduated

(16) Hobbies: Motivational speaker, trainer

(17) Address: Karachi, Pakistan.

(18) Contact Number: +92 333 3427607

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook:

(21) Twitter:

(22) Instagram:

(23) Youtube Channel:

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