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Ree Kid is a well-known Youtube personality and a social media superstar. He operates the Reekid YouTube channel, which has over 1.07 million followers and where he publishes VR gaming material. He frequently collaborates with The Boys, and the YouTube group has produced a lot of entertaining stuff. He also has a large following on Instagram, with about 265k followers on his reekidofficial account.

Ree Kid also has a Twitch account, Ree_ Kid, where he has over 271k followers.Ree Kid was born in the Australian city of Melbourne on June 15, 2006. He has not published any information about his family or paternal ancestry on social media. He is born under the sign of Gemini. He is considered an Australian because he was born in Australia. Ree Kid is his moniker, and he can be spotted all over the place. Ree’s actual identity is unknown to the rest of the world.

His entire family does not use social media. Although ReeKid acknowledged that his given name begins with the letter ‘A,’ he has kept his family and personal life private.On the internet, he used the nickname Antornth, thus it’s probable that his true name is Antornth or Ant. The Boys produced a video titled in August 2020 in which they discussed how they all met.


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JoshDub and Mully recounted how they met Ree Kid and how the three of them began creating stuff together in the video. Ree Kid, according to Mully, was a fan of Josh’s and frequented their gaming server. Mully and Josh used to tease him, but he kept coming back. Mully and JoshDub later encouraged him to collaborate with them. Despite the fact that Ree Kid is not an official member of The Boys.

He is nonetheless regarded as an integral member of the group.He stands at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. According to reports, he weighs between 45 and 50 kg. His natural hair colour is honey blonde, and his eyes are a vivid green colour. Furthermore, his shoe size is assessed to be around 5 US, and he appears to be tattoo-free, which is fantastic news.


On her Instagram account, Ree has a few selfies. On the other hand, the remainder of his personal information has yet to be made public. He now uses his social armbands to show off his gaming skills and engage with his fans on social media channels. Ree Kid has never disclosed his true name, however he has indicated that his given name begins with the letter A in the past.

He went by the online moniker Antornth, which is an intriguing side detail.Many people are unsure which gender Ree Kid belongs to when it comes to his sexuality. However, please inform us that he is a man and that he is completely straight. Ree Kid is dating a woman in her early twenties. He hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life. As a result, he is single right now.

There are no past links to Ree Kid that we are aware of. You can help us compile Ree Kid’s dating history by filling out the form below. Ree Kid is far too young to marry and raise her own family. He’s only getting started in a long and profitable career, and he’s attracting hundreds of new fans every day.The film depicts how Josh Dub and Mully met Ree Kid and how the three of them came together to create entertainment for each other.

According to Josh Dub and Mully. According to Mully, Ree Kid was a regular visitor to Josh’s gaming server. Mully and Josh used to make fun of him for it, but he continued returning for more. Later, Mully and Josh Dub called him to work on a project with him. Ree Kid’s status as a band member isn’t diminished by the fact that he isn’t a full-fledged member of The Boys.


He has over 1.07 million subscribers to his self-titled Youtube channel Reekid, where he broadcasts virtual reality gaming material. He often collaborates with The Boys and has created a deluge of original material for the YouTube channel. Aside from that, he is a well-known character on Instagram, where his reekidofficial account has over 265k followers. Ree Kid also has over 271k followers on the Twitch streaming network, where he goes by the moniker Ree_ Kid.

In 2020, Ree Kid made his YouTube debut with “Channel Trailer,” a video that served as his introduction to the platform. His VR video game content, as well as his hilarious gaming commentary videos, have gotten him a lot of attention on the site. Ree Kid has worked with Youtube celebrity Josh dub on several times, and she was also requested to feature on The Boys’ official channel.

When his YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers in 2020, he received the Silver Creator Award from YouTube. To commemorate his achievement, he shared a selfie of himself on Instagram. Ree Kid made his social media debut in 2019 with a post on Instagram.He is well-known on the platform for his entertaining films and unusual images, which have helped him attract a large number of fans.

Ree Kid is a Twitch livestreamer with hundreds of thousands of followers in addition to being a gamer.Reekid, an Australian youngster, earns thousands of dollars a week creating movies for his almost 900,000 YouTube subscribers.He’s even purchased his own home, a two-bedroom house he constructed on his parents’ land on NSW’s south coast.Reekid, who prefers to remain anonymous, is part of a new crop of social media celebrities who have amassed a fortune through his gaming videos.

“If I wanted to, I could go into retail or get a job flipping burgers at Macca’s,” the 14-year-old added.The fact that I am where I am astounds me. It was the last thing I expected to happen.It just came to me over time.” It started with me playing virtual reality online and talking to people, then I met a few lesser VR YouTubers, and then we all blew up because of each other’s shenanigans.

Reekid’s parents recently assisted him in finding a manager, and in February he dropped out of conventional school to study remotely, with great plans for the future.Now he spends his days in front of the $10,000 computer he installed in the spare bedroom of his little house because “else I would have driven my parents mad.”The blonde teen continues to live on the same block as his parents.

who now reside in a granny apartment they enlarged after their home was destroyed in the New Year’s Day 2020 bushfires that ravaged* much of NSW and Victoria.Reekid revealed that he recorded himself playing virtual reality games and then posted them with his fans on social media.I make videos for those who want to see them on the internet.” “I work in virtual reality,” he explained. “It’s just a mask that you wear over your eyes that immerses you in a virtual environment.”

Reekid, who has six-year-old twin brothers, admitted that he had “lost track” of how many hours he spent on his computer each day.He explained, “I get up, have breakfast, shower, and sit down to see what I can capture for the day and play video games.” “I just like video games in general.” It’s always been a pleasurable experience for me.”Reekid also has a sizable following on Instagram (274,000 followers) and TikTok (55,000 followers), and he’s on target to reach one million YouTube subscribers in the coming months.

Reekid’s gaming profile has gotten him noticed on the street, which he is becoming accustomed to. He had an impromptu* meet and greet with fans who joined him at the Pitt Street Mall retail strip for pictures during a recent trip to Sydney to meet with his management.He’ll be releasing a set of non-fungible digital token* trading cards shortly, which will allow him to interact* with fans even more by trading and collecting the cards.

After being tormented, harassed, and involved in fights at school because of his love of computer games, Reekid stated he was now being homeschooled.Reekid gets his moniker from his screams in YouTube videos.ReeScream child is the direct translation of Reekid. “That’s how the name came to be,” he explained.Reekid’s ultimate ambition is neither fame or money. He hopes to continue his education and one day work as a full-time game developer, making the types of games he enjoys now.

Ree Kid Fan Mail address:

Ree Kid


(1)Full Name: Ree Kid

(2)Nickname: Ree Kid

(3)Born: June 15, 2006

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Australian gaming YouTuber

(10)Birth Sign: Gemini

(11)Nationality: Australian

(12)Religion: Christian

(13)Height: 5 feet and 2 inches

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Australian

(18)Contact Number: +61 410303030.

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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