Removing Brake Caliper Paint – How to Get the Paint Off

Removing Brake Caliper Paint – How to Get the Paint Off

These days, many individuals find it enjoyable to color their brake calipers. It draws attention to the wheels and adds some color to the braking system, both of which desperately require it. When you want to sell your car, you risk having potential buyers dismiss it because they think the paint is tacky. How exactly does one go about removing brake paint off the calipers of the brakes?

Removing the calipers from beneath the vehicle is a potentially hazardous undertaking that calls for a lift and the participation of at least two individuals. Please take all necessary steps to protect yourself, as a collapsed jack might result in severe damage or even death. Continue reading to get all the information you want about securely removing the paint from your brake calipers.

A Guide on Stripping the Paint Off of Your Brake Calipers

Almost anybody with the necessary tools and supplementary equipment may complete a task of this kind. Because you will be working with certain substances that need specialist safety equipment, having an additional set of hands at your disposal might save your life. Seek the assistance of a professional painter if none of these circumstances apply to you.

Removing the paint from the caliper will need significant additional effort, mainly if the calipers are still in use. On the other hand, the methods of removal are simple, and if you have a high-quality video to assist you, there should be no difficulty in achieving the results you are looking for.

Take Away the Steering Wheel

If the wheel and the tire are in the way of the calipers, you won’t be able to access them. By taking them off, you can look closer at the brakes and calipers, giving you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into. Remember that there will be a lot of road dust and filth and that loosening the bolts can require much effort.

The procedures necessary to remove the wheel are outlined in the following paragraphs.

Rip the Lugnuts to Shreds

To prevent lugnuts from unscrewing themselves while the vehicle is in motion, they must be tightened to a certain amount of force. To remove them will need quite a deal of effort on your part. Your primary focus should be on breaking the lugs; wait to remove them until the jack supports the vehicle.

Make use of the Jack.

Using a jack to raise the car is the aspect of the work that presents the most risk. If you position the Jack appropriately, it shouldn’t be a problem. Pick a place with a lot of people. The most excellent option would be a fragment of the frame. Once the position has been determined, you should only raise the vehicle to the necessary height to remove the wheel.

Take off the Calibrator.

The challenging portion of this process has begun now that you can see the caliper. Preventing brake fluid from leaking into ‘s paint your vehicle’s paint is essential. Instead, you should disconnect the brake line and loosen the caliper.

Removing the caliper will make a mess and need some unscrewing to complete. Causing severe damage to exposed flesh due to its corrosive nature, brake fluid should be handled cautiously. Before continuing, ensure a drip pan is beneath, and check that the brakes are completely clogged.

Using a paint stripper, remove the paint from the surface.

To put it bluntly, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so let’s not beat about the bush here. The same principle applies when removing paint. Some methods involve using force to remove it, such as an angle grinder. These methods may be quicker, but they may cause harm to the sensitive parts of the system. Using a stripper will be the ideal choice since the procedure does not need immersion, and it is completed in a short amount of time.

The steps that need to be taken using a paint stripper to remove the paint are indicated below.

The paint that was removed with the paint stripper

Liberally apply your selected stripper to the metal of the caliper using a brush. You may use whatever stripper you choose. The optimum outcome may be achieved by keeping the container close at hand and spreading a greater quantity across the apparatus.

Give the Paint Stripping Agent Time to Cure.

After you have applied the coating to the caliper, you will need to wait around for the stripper to perform its magic for a period of half an hour. You will discover that the coating has bubbles and will flow away from the metal.

Obtain a Dry Surface

After allowing it to rest for the appropriate amount of time so that it may heal, you should wipe away all of the muck with a cloth. This combination of paint remover and paint is very hazardous. Wearing protective gear like gloves and eye protection may help avoid getting any substance on your skin.

The work that seemed to be of mammoth proportions is now finished. You may replace the wheel as soon as the metal satisfies your criteria and then evaluate how it appears afterward. Take the time to tighten all the bolts, paying particular attention to the lugnuts, before driving the vehicle back onto the road.


It shouldn’t be that difficult to get the paint off of the brake caliper on your vehicle. However, there shouldn’t be an issue if you are a handy person. There is no shame in having a professional do it for you, but if you are handy, there shouldn’t be a problem. You must take every safety measure to prevent mishaps and chemical leaks.

Pick a paint remover that is designed specifically for use on metal. You can get them at any hardware shop, and you should get a few more than you need, just in case. When the paint remover has finished its magic, your car will appear differently but continue functioning normally.

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