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Rey Mysterio Fan Mail Address

How to contact Rey Mysterio? Rey Mysterio Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address


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Rey Mysterio (formerly Rey Mysterio Jr.) is a well-known American professional wrestler who goes by the ring name Rey Gutiérrez. Mysterio’s time with WWE began in 2002 and ended in February 2015. He is most known for his renowned high-flying Lucha Libre style, which is his trademark. He made his professional wrestling debut at the age of fourteen, under the tutelage of his uncle Rey Misterio Sr., one of the greatest wrestlers of the 1970s.

Even though he was only five feet and six inches tall, he didn’t let his height stop him from following his aspirations. He has won multiple championships over his long career, including the ‘World Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship,’ the ‘World Wrestling Association Lightweight Championship,’ and the ‘World Wrestling Entertainment Championship.’

In 2007, Mysterio sparked a debate. when the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’ published a piece on numerous wrestlers, including him, who were accused of obtaining nandrolone and stanozolol. When it was later announced that WWE will punish him for thirty days, he defended himself, claiming that the medicines were provided to him for his knee and arm.

Rey, his wife Angelica, and their two children currently reside in San Diego, California. Rey Mysterio and his wife Angie have two children: Dominick, a son, and Aalyah, a girl. He has tattoos of all of their names all over his body.
He is a devoted Roman Catholic who crosses himself frequently before games.He then joined ‘Extreme Championship Wrestling’ in 1995. ‘

World Championship Wrestling’ signed him the following year. At the Great American Bash, he met Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko in his debut match, which Malenko won. Mysterio usually battled high-flyers like Ultimate Dragon, Juventud Guerrera, Billy Kidman, and his old foe Psicosis, whom he defeated in ‘Bash at the Beach’ in July 1996.

Rey Mysterio faced Malenko again in July 1996, beating him to earn his first cruiserweight championship. For three months, he was the champion. He had to defend his championship against numerous opponents during this period, including Ultimate Dragon, Super Caló, and ultimately Malenko himself. After defeating Malenko at the Halloween Havoc, Mysterio finally lost the belt.

In November 1996, he challenged Ultimate Dragon for the J-Crown Championship. He was, however, unsuccessful.
Rey won the Cruiserweight Championship for the second time in 1997, after defeating his opponent Guerrero in about. In November, however, he was beaten by Guerrero, who recaptured the championship.Rey Mysterio won his third Cruiserweight Championship in January 1998 after defeating Juventud in a contest.

After nine days, he was defeated by Chris Jericho. He joined a tag team with Billy Kidman later that year to battle at the Latino World Order. Mysterio later faced Kidman for the Cruiserweight Championship, but he was unable to reclaim it. In 1999, Mysterio and his tag team Konnan were forced to remove their masks after losing in a ‘Hair vs. Mask’ match against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. He voiced his dissatisfaction at being unmasked, claiming that he just took it off because he didn’t have any other option.

In 2002, he made his WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) debut with a new and improved mask. He eventually rebuilt his tag team with BillyKidman after battling numerous opponents including as Chavo Guerrero, Kurt Angle, and Big Show.

In 2005, he joined up with Eddie Guerrero and won tag team belts as a duo. Guerrero, on the other hand, was secretly envious of Rey since he had never been able to defeat him. As a result, he turned on him during the episode and, after leaving him, beat up Rey as well. At WrestleMania, the “jealousy and feuding” were part of a narrative designed to pique the audience’s attention.

As a result of his frustration, Guerrero also divulged a secret they had shared about Rey’s son Dominick around this time. This, too, was part of a scenario. Dominick’s biological father was Guerrero, who had abandoned him while Dominick was a child with Mysterio. They competed in a ladder match for his custody, with Rey emerging triumphant.

Rey was eventually beaten by Guerrero, and their rivalry concluded.Rey Mysterio won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2006 after defeating Randy Orton. This was followed by a conflict between Mysterio and John “Bradshaw” Layfield, who thought he deserved to be the World Heavyweight Champion.As a result, Rey was forced to play three opponents selected by Bradshaw. He was beaten, but he regained his championship in a rematch with Bradshaw.

Rey Mysterio has won several championships throughout his career. The ‘Mexican National Welterweight Championship’ (which he won once), the WCW Cruiserweight Championship (which he won five times), the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (which he won twice), the WWE Tag Team Championship (which he won four times), and the WWE Championship (which he won once) are just a few of them (won once).

His mask, his name, the sun, his children’s names, his wife’s name, and many more are all tattooed on him.
Master P and his No Limit Soldiers joined up with Rey and Konnan to take on the West Texas Rednecks, who preferred country music over rap.Bill Goldberg and I starred in a commercial for Surge soft drinks.His uncle is Rey Misterio Sr. Dominik Gutiérrez is her only child (born in 1997).

Was a founding member of the Filthy Animals as well as the No Limit Soldiers’ WCW group. He was nicknamed as the Giant Killer because he pinned Kevin Nash, Scott Norton, and Bam Bam Bigelow, all of whom weighed more than 315 pounds at the time. Wrestled under the names Colibri and Rey Misterio Jr. (with an “I” instead of a “Y”).
The WCW World Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship is held by just four people.

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The following WCW and WWE titles have been held by him: WCW Cruiserweight World Championship (5 Times) World Tag Team Championship (WCW) (3 Times with Konnan, Kidman, and Juventud Guerrera) The WCW World Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship is contested by a team of two cruiserweights (with Kidman) (w/Edge alias Adam Copeland) WWE Tag Team Championship Cruiserweight Championship of WWE

Aaliyah is her six-year-old daughter (who was born in 2001).He was one of five wrestlers to hold the WCW Cruiserweight title as well as the following WWF/WWE version as of November 2004.In 2002, he made his return to WWE SmackDown! donning his signature mask.Has Mexican ancestors. His favourite actor is Al Pacino, and his favourite films are ‘Scarface’ (1983) and ‘Heat’ (1995).

The WWE Royal Rumble was won by him (2006).Sonny Sandoval and Noah Bernardo Jr., both members of P.O.D., graduated from high school with him.Dominik Gutiérrez’s father.WCW Tag Team Champion in the past.Mysterio Sr. and Jr. won the WWA World Tag Team Championships in 1995 by defeating Villano IV and V.At WrestleMania 22 (2006), he defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a triple-threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Lost Eddie Guerrero to MNM (Johnny Nitro & Joey “Mercury” Matthews) in the WWE Tag Team Championships [April 2005]The Basham Brothers won the tag team title. [The month of January 2005]After winning the #1 contender tournament on Smackdown on August 31, 2007, he will fight ‘The Great Khali’ for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at the Unforgiven. [In August of 2007]

Wrestling In WWE, (current WWE Cruiserweight Champion after defeating Matt Hardy) defeated The Basham Brothers to win the WWE Tag Team Titles at WWE No Way Out 2005 with Eddie Guerrero. In February of 2005, his first WrestleMania match was a success. Eddie Guerrero was his opponent. (3 April 2005) [In April of 2005]
won the 2006 Royal Rumble and will compete for one of the world belts at Wrestlemania.

At WrestleMania XXV, he’ll battle John Layfield for the Intercontinental Championship. [February 2009]
When he and Rob Van Dam defeated Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, they won the WWE Tag Team Championships. [In December of 2004,]

Spike Dudley won the Cruiserweight Championship. [In June of 2004]At Summerslam 2005, he defeated Eddie Guerrero in a ladder match for custody of Dominik, Rey’s “adopted” son (Storyline only). [Back in September 2005]
For the World Heavyweight Championship, he will face _Rand Orton_ and World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle in a triple threat match. [In March of 2006]

All of the Smackdown belts are up for grabs. At No Way Out 2004, he lost the cruiserweight title to Chavo Guerrero (Jr.). [In April of 2004]MNM was beaten by MNM and Batista for the WWE Tag Team Titles. [2005, December] At No Way Out, he’ll defend his Wrestlemania championship against Randy Orton. [Updated February 26, 2006]
After losing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship to Tajiri, he is now the top contender for the rematch between the two.

After a sabbatical, he returned to Smackdown and began a feud with Vince McMahon and Umaga. [In February of 2007,]Eddie Guerrero was defeated for the third (televised) time this year after returning from “injury.” After the contest, he was assaulted once more. At Wrestlemania 22, he defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a triple threat match to win the new World Heavyweight Champion. [In April of 2006]

Rey Mysterio Fan Mail address: 

Rey Mysterio, WWE Performance Center,

5055 Forsyth Commerce Road,

Suite 100,

Orlando FL 32807 USA.

(1)Full Name: Rey Mysterio

(2)Nickname: Rey Mysterio

(3)Born:  December 11, 1974

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Aalyah

(7)Brother: Lalo Gutiérrez and Luis Gutiérrez

(8)Marital Status: Angie Gutierrez (m. 1996)

(9)Profession: Professional Wrestler

(10)Birth Sign:  Sagittarius

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Christianity

(13)Height:  5’6″

(14)School:  Montgomery High School (1993)

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Watching American Football, singing, listening to music

(17)Address:  Chula Vista, California, United States

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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