How to Contact Rishab Shetty: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Rishab Shetty? Rishab Shetty’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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How to Contact Rishab Shetty: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

Rishab Shetty is a well-known Indian actor and director who works mainly in Kannada films. He is noted for his efforts in these fields. He attended the Government Film and TV Institute in Bangalore and earned a certificate in film directing there. He made his start in the Kannada film industry by working as A. During the filming of Cyanide, M. R. Ramesh’s assistant was there. Later on, Rishab Shetty collaborated with Arvind Kaushik on a television program. This was before Rishab Shetty’s acting debut with Rakshit Shetty in the film Thuglak. Rishabh had a supporting part as a law enforcement official in Pawan Kumar’s film Lucia.

Rishab had a significant role in the movie Ulidavaru Kandante, directed by his close friend Rakshit Shetty. His background includes extensive work in theatre and he has also taken part in Yakshagana. His directorial debut, Rickky, was met with a generally positive reception from audiences and critics alike. Kirik Party, his most recent picture, was released in 2016, and following a great run in theatres, it soon gained popularity among audiences. Cancer is Rishab Shetty’s astrological sign. Hence he is a Cancer.

Rishab Shetty came into the world on July 7th, 1983. Rishab Shetty’s Birthplace is Keradi Village, Kundapura, Karnataka. The name of Rishab Shetty’s father, Y Bhaskar Shetty, comes from his father. Rishabh Shetty’s mother, Lakshmi Shetty, is a homemaker, while Rishabh Shetty’s father is an astrologer by trade. Rishabh Shetty was named after his mother. Pratibha Hegde is the name of Rishab’s sister, an employee at Wipro.

Rishab Shetty completed his secondary education at Vijaya College, Bengaluru, and Bhandarkar Arts and Science College. Shetty, who holds a diploma in film directing from the Government Film and TV Institute in Bangalore, worked on the film Cyanide with A. Rishab Shetty completed his secondary education at Board High School in Kundapur, Karnataka. Mr. Ramesh. R. Ramesh.

The members of Rishab Shetty’s family are as follows: their father, their mother, their sister, their wife, and their children. Y Bhaskar Shetty and Lakshmi Shetty are Rishabh Shetty’s parents. Rishabh is the younger of the two. The name of Rishab Shetty’s father, Y Bhaskar Shetty, comes from his father. The mother of Rishab Shetty is known by her given name, Lakshmi Shetty. Pratibha Hegde is one of Rishab Shetty’s other siblings. Pratibha Hegde is the brother of Rishab Shetty’s sister. Pragati Shetty is Rishab Shetty’s wife. Pragati is also a Shetty. Ranvir Shetty and Raadya Shetty are their father Rishab Shetty’s children.

How to Contact Rishab Shetty: Phone Number

Rishab Shetty does not have a brother. Hence there is no such thing as Rishab Shetty’s brother. It is always enjoyable to be told tales of love and romance. It is hard to imagine anything more enticing to a spectator than the prospect of experiencing and being immersed in the world of passion. The love story of Rishab Shetty, an Indian actor and filmmaker, and Pragati Shetty, his wife, is remarkable in its way.

Rishab’s assertion that he planned their wedding on his own, while in reality, he collaborated on the preparations with his closest buddy, is one of the most intriguing aspects of their union. Pragati Shetty, a huge Rakshit Shetty fan, recently watched the fresh new Ricky, which Rishab directed. In addition to Pragati, the other film cast members were in the same theatre. The actors of Ricky then chatted with Pragati Shetty, but Rishab was bewildered by this contact since Pragati reminded him of someone he already knew. This interaction was then concluded.

When a year has passed, they start talking about getting married. They ultimately gave in to their mutual love, which led to the couple’s wedding in 2020, even though Rishab has a background in the film industry and Pragati’s family initially opposed the union. Ranvir Shetty and Raadya Shetty are the names given to the daughter and son born to Rohit Shetty and Pragathi Shetty, respectively. As of 2022, Rishab Shetty will have become 39 years old. The age of Pragathi Rishab Shetty has not yet been made known to the public.

Before making his debut in the film Thuglak, Shetty was a co-worker on a television program starring Arvind Kaushik. Before he had a prominent part in Rakshit Shetty’s Ulidavaru Kandante, he had a brief appearance in Pawan Kumar’s Lucia, playing the character of a police officer in a short scene. The following year, in 2016, he directed his first feature picture, Ricky, which he co-wrote with Rakshit Shetty and had an average reception at the box office. The following year saw the creation of the Kirik Party, which quickly established itself as an industry standard bearer.

Shetty’s third directorial attempt, Sarkari Hiriya Praathamika Shaale Kaasaragodu, won the National Award for Best Children’s Film at the 66th National Film Awards. Pavan Kumar wrote, co-edited, and directed the 2013 Kannada-language psychological thriller drama film, Lucia. The lead roles are played by Sathish Ninasam and Sruthi Hariharan, respectively. Rishab appeared in this film in the capacity of a law enforcement official.

Nikki, a theatre usher who suffers from sleeplessness, is the protagonist of the film’s plot. After taking a specific medicine, he begins to experience a particular kind of dreaming. When Adi Rishab Shetty used crowdsourcing to finance the production of Lucia’s first Kannada film, he created a trend still going strong today. Poornachandra Tejaswi made the film score, while Siddhartha Nuni was in charge of the photography for the project. During the London Indian Film Festival on July 20, 2013, Lucia made its international debut for the first time. The festival attendees voted it the best film there was. Thus it won.

Dayanand T. K. is the author of an upcoming Indian criminal comedy named Bell Bottom. & Jayatheertha helmed the production. Santhosh Kumar K. C. is the producer of this work. The film, released by Golden Horse Cinema, is set in the 1980s and takes place throughout that decade. Rishab Shetty and Hariprriya play the roles of the film’s primary protagonists. The supporting cast comprises Pramod Shetty, Yogaraj Bhat, and Achyuth Kumar. B. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Ajaneesh Loknath, while Aravind Kashyap served as the film’s director of photography. K. M. Prakash is in charge of editing, while Raghu Niduvalli is responsible for writing the dialogue.

The Sagara taluk of Shivamogga was used for the filming of the movie. Udupi served as the location for several of the sequences at the police station. The film ended up being one of 2019’s most profitable endeavors. The 100 days of performances across more than 25 venues featuring Housefull gigs have ended. Kantara is a 2022 Indian action thriller movie that will be filmed in the Kannada language. The film was written and directed by Rishab Shetty, and Vijay Kiragandur produced it under Hombale Productions. The film had its premiere in Japan at the Indian Film Week.

In the film, Shetty stars as a Kambala champion who squares off against Murali, who plays the role of an upstanding DRFO officer (Kishore). Kantara was made available to the public on September 30th, 2022. Both reviewers praised the performances of the actors in the cast, particularly those of Shetty and Kishore, as well as the story, the director, the production design, the cinematography, the correct presentation of the Bhoota Kola, the action sequences, the editing, the soundtrack, and the musical score. As a result of the enormous success that the film had at the box office, it climbed to the position of the second-highest-earning Kannada movie of 2022 and the third-highest-earning Kannada movie of all time.

Rishab Shetty is responsible for the film’s writing, directing, and producing, while Sudeep is responsible for its distribution. Sarkari Hiriya Praathamika Shaale, Kaasaragodu, and Koduge: Raamanna Rai is an Indian Kannada-language social comedy film released in 2018. The film has performances from several well-known actors, including Anant Nag, Ranjan, Sampath, Pramod Shetty, Saptha Pavoor, Mahendra, Sohan Shetty, Prakash Thuminad, and Manish Heroor, among others.

It was a huge success at the box office and earned the nickname “Blockbuster.” Hero is a 2021 Indian Kannada action comedy film that M. Hero directed is a film that won the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film at the 66th National Film Awards in 2019. M. Writing and directing duties were taken on for the first time by Bharath Raj. Rishab Shetty is the film’s producer, and his production company is known as Rishab Shetty Films. Ganavi Laxman and Rishab Shetty, both making their acting debuts, play pivotal roles.

The supporting cast includes Ugram Manju and Pramod Shetty, among others. B. was the composer responsible for the score. Arvind S. Kashyap was in charge of the filming, while Ajaneesh Loknath was in the order of the editing. The film was acclaimed as a success after garnering positive reviews from critics and spectators. Actor Rishab Shetty wrote, acted in, and directed the film and found that Kantara was involved in controversy while working on the project. Because of his comment, the online community was immediately divided down the middle, marking the beginning of everything.

The Bhoota Kola ceremony is an essential aspect of Hindu culture and is attended by the leading actor and the director. In response to a query on Panjurli, the actor from Kantara said, in an interview with the Tamil television channel Cinema Vikatan, “Those gods, they are all a part of our culture.” Indeed, it plays an essential role in the rituals and customs of the Hindu religion. Being a Hindu allows me to believe in and appreciate the teachings of my faith. But I’m not going to argue that other people are wrong. Everything we have discussed was accomplished with the help of a facet of the Hindu religious tradition.

When Rishab Shetty’s accusation was debunked by others on the internet, his fans began to attack him, and things quickly became complicated. Chetan Kumar Ahimsa, an actor and activist, expressed his happiness that the Kannada film Kantara is causing a stir on a national level. According to Rishabh Shetty, the director of Bhootha Kola, Hindu culture is Bhootha Kola. Fake Vedic-Brahminical Hinduism emerged long before the Bahujan traditions practiced in our Pambada/Nalike/Parawa communities. We want both on-screen and off-screen portrayals of Moolnivasi culture to be accurate to the communities. Internet people swiftly disagreed with his position when his Tweet was made public.

In the Kannada film business, Rishab is a well-known and respected filmmaker. As a direct consequence of Kantara’s achievements on a global scale, he is now in high demand. To get funding for his forthcoming project, every production company will be looking for him, and many filmmakers are interested in using him in their films and television shows. He is the proud owner of an Audi Q7 estimated to be worth 85 lakh rupees. Rishab Shetty Films is the name of the production company that he runs.

While the precise amount of Rishab Shetty Films’ net worth is unclear, the website Net Worth Spot has calculated that it is around $437,62,000. On the other hand, there is the possibility that Rishab Shetty Films has a net worth that is far more than that. On September 10, 2022, Kannada actor and director Rishab Shetty were in Mumbai, joining OTTplay at the first-ever OTTplay Awards and celebrating talents from across the country who had done sensational work in the OTT segment. Rishab Shetty Films’ net worth might reach 612,660,000 if all of his accounts are considered. On September 10, 2022, Rishab Shetty joined OTTplay at the first-ever OTTplay Awards in Mumbai.

Rishab Shetty Fan Mail address:

Rishab Shetty,

In addition, Rishab was honored for his contribution to Innovations in New-Age Film. This was the very first award that Rishab had ever received in Bombay. The event took place not long after the trailer for his following picture, Kantara, had been made available, which had piqued the attention of the crowd. Kantara had to be dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam within two weeks and went on to amass a staggering Rs 400 crore at the box office. The film was initially released as a Kannada-only film nationwide; however, it did so well that it had to be released in only one language. The film was released 20 days later.

Rishab was presented with an award by OTTplay for the first time during the first edition of the OTTplay Changemakers 2023 awards to recognize the monumental accomplishment that he has just accomplished. Rishab was given the honor of being named Gamechanger of the Year, and when he was questioned about the title, he responded by stating that the audience is the one who changes the game. “The audience has been the driving force behind such a significant shift in how the material is consumed.

(1) Full Name: Rishab Shetty

(2) Nickname: Rishab Shetty

(3) Born: 7 July 1983 (age 39 years), Kundapura

(4) Father: Y Bhaskar Shetty

(5) Mother: Lakshmi Shetty Rishab Shetty

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Not Available

(8) Marital Status: Married

(9) Profession: Actor

(10) Birth Sign: Cancer

(11) Nationality: Indian

(12) Religion: Not Available

(13) Height: Not Available

(14) School: Board High School in Kundapur, Karnataka

(15) Highest Qualifications: Vijaya College in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka • Bhandarkars’ Arts & Science College in Kundapura, Karnataka • Government Film & Television Institute in Bengaluru, Karnataka

(16) Hobbies: Reading and writing

(17) Address: Kundapura

(18) Contact Number: Not Available

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook:

(21) Twitter:

(22) Instagram:

(23) Youtube Channel:

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