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How to contact Robin D. Bullock? Robin D. Bullock Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

Robin D. Bullock

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The Eleventh Hour is a show hosted by the master of over $42 million in net worth that can be seen on his Youtube channel. Bullock is a born-again Christian who considers himself a prophet. He performs celestial deeds in the world of the Prophets. He also makes use of other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, to spread the word about Prophecy. According to Forbes magazine, Robin has a net worth of more than $42 million dollars.

He is one of the world’s wealthiest pastors, ranking in the top 20 richest in the world. Additionally, he makes a substantial sum of money from his job as a minister of the gospel. Similarly, he has around 40,000 followers on his official Robin D. Bullock YouTube channel, which also contributes to his ability to generate money in some capacity.

There is no information known on the Bullock family. It seems that he is reluctant to discuss his personal life with others. He claims to be able to talk because the Lord let him meet his wife in the temple, which is known as “The Eleventh Hour.” This event occurred in the year 2018. Robin began hosting a weekly live show called The Eleventh House, in which she used prophetic music, words, and a training curriculum to help people make last-minute choices.

Robin and Robin, his wife, also perform with him in the singing duet “Twice Robin,” which is named after his father. It’s incredible how much the Lord has spoken through Robin in terms of prophecy! Additionally, he claims that the River runs through Robin and that God has put him in a highly strategic position to teach his tremendous message to the whole globe, which is something that is unique to him.

“Good Is Absolutely Good!” and “Apostolic Shift!” are two of his most recent novels. He describes himself as a self-proclaimed prophet and spiritual soldier who professes to be on the front lines of the spiritual battleground at all times. Robin Bullock’s age has been estimated to be between 40 and 50 years old based on his pictures, according to all reports. We just recently learned about his upcoming birthday, which is on August 30th. The complete value of Robin D. Bullock’s assets has never been disclosed by him or his representatives.

He may, nevertheless, have amassed a substantial wealth as a result of his YouTube channel, which has 81.9 thousand endorsers and a big number of viewpoints. Robin Bullock’s better half works as a minister, providing administration and direction to the assemblage or community in which they are involved.

Furthermore, he gives his significant other a first name that is characteristic of their generation. According to his website, his significant other’s name is Robin R. Bullock, and they are married. It has been a long time since the Prophet has been married to his collaborator, and the couple even has an adult daughter called Christa Jordan Bullock. He is also the father of two children, Amber and John Bullock.

Mrs. Bullock may be spotted accompanying her significant other to almost every occasion she attends. In addition to being available on Facebook under the handle @robindbullock, Prophet Robin Bullock’s quality there isn’t excessively poor. The bio on Robin’s Facebook page indicates that he is an Apostle of God, chosen not by the desire of man, but rather by the will and call of God.

In accordance with his website, Bullock co-presides over a church with his wife also called Robin Bullock, and “operates significantly in the prophetic sphere,” saying that God may communicate via him. The Reverend Robin Bullock began his response to prayer requests at the conclusion of his church service on Tuesday (30 March) by proclaiming that he could easily cure diabetes by yelling: “We demand every pancreas to release the right quantity of insulin!”

But he moved on quickly, abruptly shutting his eyes and saying: “As far as homosexuality is concerned, this is what I’ve heard… ” “This is what the Lord has spoken to me about.” Homosexuality is a ruse to conceal the identity of an evangelist. People who live in that manner are really called [to be] evangelists by the Lord, and this is a spirit that assaults them in order to prevent them from doing so.

Christians must “take off their burial garments” when the captive preachers emerge from the homosexuals, according to Robin Bullock. Robin Bullock is a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, who has stated that Joe Biden “does not exist,” that God has told him that Trump is still the president of the United States and that if he were to “walk right back” into the White House now, “God will supernaturally move things out of the way.” Bullock has also stated that if he were to “walk right back” into the White House now, “God will supernaturally move things out of the way

What I’m moved to do, rather than simply praying a bunch of things right now, is bring forth the gift of evangelism that God has put on their life, and this will drive the other person away. With no disguise on his face, Robin Bullock proceeded to demonstrate how every homosexual person genuinely had an evangelical Christian within them while the crowd swayed and nodded around him.” I ask for the gift of evangelism, that call from God that people who are wrapped up in homosexuality, that the evangelist anointing will come upon their life because that is what they are,” he said.

Pastor Robin Bullock, who claims to have a “prophetic anointing” from God, said during a sermon on Tuesday that a “power entered into the Earth” on the Ides of March—or March 15—in order to remove President Joe Biden from office. Many Christian leaders, notably those from the white evangelical community, have embraced former President Donald Trump’s bogus accusations of massive voter fraud that resulted in Biden’s win. This is especially true among white evangelical leaders. The reelection of President Donald Trump in 2020 was foretold by a number of self-described evangelical “prophets,” including Bullock.

Some people expressed regret when their forecasts turned out to be incorrect. Bullock, who co-founded the Youth Force Ministries Church International, and others, on the other hand, have indicated that Biden is not the rightful president. As part of his Tuesday sermon, Bullock brought attention to the fact that Biden stumbled many times while running up the steps onto Air Force One last Friday. Bullock presents the weekly “prophetic” YouTube show The Eleventh Hour. He speculated that this was a hint that “a power” was working to remove Biden from his position.

Bullock’s views were initially reported by Right Wing Watch.”If you’ll note, Joe Biden began up those stairs on the 15th, which was five days after the Ides of March, which means he was five days after the Ides of March.” “I think that was the case,” Bullock said. (It was really four days later, on March 19, when the incident occurred.) “It came right after that since that period had filled a time slot. “It completely filled one of those squares,” he said.

During his sermon on Tuesday, Robin Bullock said that on the Ides of March, a “force entered into the Earth” that sought to remove President Joe Biden from his position. Screenshot/YouTube A brief history of the Ides of March in ancient Rome was provided by the Christian pastor, who said that it was considered “the day for debt settlement” and that “finalities occurred on the Ides of March.”

According to Bullock, “I think that on the 15th of March, a force entered into the Earth with the intent of removing dictators from their positions of control.” “And then a few days later, you saw Biden collapse while attempting to get up to Air Force One, and he was unable to get up there.” At some point, he simply had to take either side and flee. The first time around, there was a little stumble. The second one was much more of a stumbling block. And on the third one, he went all the way down to the ground. He’s done with it. “He’s finished.”

In a statement, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated, “I’m aware that many have observed President Biden trip on his way up the steps to AF1, but I’m glad to say that he is OK and did not even need any treatment from the medical staff that travels with him.” “It was little more than a stumbling block on the stairwell.” Bullock has previously said that Christians might restore Trump to power via prayer, something he believed was possible.

It’s going to be necessary for you to pray for the legitimate president [Trump], whether or not he chooses to go back into this.” You must pray that he will desire to do it, since God will not compel anybody to do something they do not want to do. Is it his intention? Yes. Is he the president of the United States? Yes. “It’s for this reason that he may just step back in and God will supernaturally move things out of the way,” he said in a sermon delivered earlier this month.

Since Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, white evangelical Christians have been a crucial source of support for him. According to exit surveys conducted that year, about 8 in 10 white evangelical Christians said that they supported the previous president. A similar pattern was seen in the 2020 election, with between 76 percent and 81 percent of the religious group supporting Trump, according to exit polls. For years, many evangelicals have associated themselves with Republicans, mostly because Republican legislators have typically opposed women’s reproductive rights and have opposed stronger legal protections for the LGBTQ community.

As reported by the New York Times, a “PROPHET” claims that Joe Biden is a “jackal” who should not be president because he has “serpent eyes” and emitted a “demonic growl” during a debate with Donald Trump last year. In a video broadcast to his YouTube channel, Robin Bullock accused Vice President Joe Biden of being associated with Satan, claiming that he is not God’s choice for president and that Donald Trump was elected president.

According to Newsweek, religious leaders who predicted that Trump will win the 2020 election have been obliged to repudiate their past forecasts. Others who have apologized have been joined by those who believe Biden was not lawfully elected and who are backing Trump in his unsubstantiated charges of election fraud. Bullock is one of the latter.

During a video uploaded on Tuesday, Bullock alleged that Vice President Biden’s inauguration was a “sham.”The president-elect continued by saying that God talked to him at the inauguration and told him that there is a “jackal” sitting in the president’s seat in the Oval Office. Biden’s “slotted snake eyes” were first seen by the self-proclaimed prophet while watching him debate Donald Trump in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

In Bullock’s words, “he makes an appearance more than once with his slotted serpent’s eye.”This is because we’ve returned to the point where Satan is attempting to convince the public that their eyes may be open, but it’s not the King James Bible anymore; it’s the word ‘awake.'” While there is no proof to support Trump’s charges of election fraud, Bullock said that Biden had “obviously lost” the election to Barack Obama. “He’d suffered enough that he could tell him, ‘No one likes you, Joe.'” I mean, he’s suffered enough to be aware of it. “It was so horrible that if they showed him the true statistics, he would be mortified,” he added. “It was that bad.”

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In another segment of the video, the artist took another shot at singer Macy Gray, who had asked for a redesign of the American flag in response to her request. He said that altering the flag would “lead a whole country to crumble” and would “drag it into tyranny and bondage,” among other things. Bullock has around 100,000 YouTube followers, as well as a big social media following, according to her website.

He identifies himself as a born-again Christian who “operates substantially in the Prophetic domain,” according to his own description. Some of the prophecy that The Lord has spoken through Robin is “astounding,” according to his official website. “God has utilized this unusual gifting to put Robin in very crucial situations to preach His great Word!” says the author. God has always utilized Robin and the Prophetic anointing that has been placed on him in the context of music.”

Biden won the presidency by a margin of 306 electoral college votes to 232 for Hillary Clinton. He received around seven million votes in total throughout the country. Robin Bullock, a self-described “prophet,” does not acknowledge President Joe Biden as having been lawfully elected and has accused him of being in cahoots with Satan, according to the New York Times.

Religious leaders who predicted that former President Donald Trump would win the election have been under intense pressure to repudiate their forecasts after the election. Some have expressed regret for making incorrect predictions, while others, like as Bullock, claim that Trump won the election and that Biden is not God’s choice for president.

Bullock said that the Lord talked to him during Vice President Joe Biden’s “false inauguration” in a video broadcast on YouTube on Tuesday. He informed viewers that God had declared the president’s office “vacant,” and that a “jackal” was sitting in the president’s seat in the Oval Office. Bullock went on to say that Biden had “obviously lost” the presidential election campaign.

“He’d suffered enough that he could tell him, ‘No one likes you, Joe.'” I mean, he’s suffered enough to be aware of it. They did such a poor job that if they had shown him the genuine statistics, he would have been embarrassed,” Bullock added.In the end, Biden won the president with 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, a margin of about seven million votes over Trump according to the official statistics. With a record number of voters casting ballots in the presidential election, Trump routinely brags about his unprecedented 74 million votes, which he has used to support his unsubstantiated assertions that he was the legitimate victor.

Robin Bullock, a self-described prophet, stated that President Joe Biden had demonic “serpent eyes” and endorsed former President Donald Trump as the election’s winner, according to Fox News. On June 23, Vice President Joe Biden was in the audience as Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke on gun violence prevention measures at the White House in Washington, D.C. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images Kevin Dietsch

In a recent interview, the former president disputed that he ever surrendered the race, and he predicted that facts about corruption in the past election will come to light. At this point, his efforts to demonstrate widespread fraud that may have altered the result of the election have been fruitless so far.

Bullock also accused Biden of assigning “serpent’s pupils” to certain positions. According to him, the first time he saw it was during a debate between Biden and Trump when the Democratic candidate let out a “demonic” growl during the discussion. In Bullock’s words, “he makes an appearance more than once with his slotted serpent’s eye.” This is because we’ve returned to the point where Satan is attempting to convince the public that their eyes may be open, but it’s not the King James Bible anymore; it’s the word ‘awake.'”

Bullock took particular issue with recent demands to remodel the American flag, which he considered inappropriate. A recent op-ed by singer Macy Gray argued that the existing design is “tattered, out of date, controversial, and inaccurate,” and that a new one should be implemented. In particular, she took issue with the absence of stars for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and with the white stripes representing purity and innocence, which she considered inappropriate.

“It no longer serves as a symbol of democracy and freedom.” It is no longer representative of the whole population. It’s not fair that you’re being compelled to comply. According to Gray, who wrote in MarketWatch, “it’s time for a new flag.” When Bullock addressed Gray by her given name, “the lady,” he described her campaign to alter the flag as an effort to “cause a whole country to collapse” and “drag it into tyranny and bondage.”

Former President Donald Trump will be summoned back to the White House “for three terms,” according to Pastor Robin Bullock, who defines himself as “heavily” involved in the prophetic arena. Bullock made the remark at a church service on Tuesday. Since Trump’s victory in 2016, a large number of Christian leaders and Christians have shown strong support for him. There have been a number of self-described “prophets” in recent years, like Bullock, who prophesied that Trump will easily win reelection in 2020. This prediction proved to be incorrect. Despite the fact that several have recognized they were incorrect and apologized, Bullock continues to feel that he was right and that Trump is the genuine president, according to his speech on Tuesday.

Bullock said in his sermon, which was originally published by Right Wing Watch, that “the stage has been set.” You’ll have to pray for the legitimate president, whether or not he chooses to step back into the fray again.” You must pray that he will desire to do it, since God will not compel anybody to do something they do not want to do. Is it his intention? Yes. Is he the president of the United States? Yes. Therefore, he could just step back into the room, and God would supernaturally move everything out of the way.”

Founder of Alabama’s Youth Force Ministries Church International and host of the weekly “prophetic” YouTube program The Eleventh Hour, Bullock said it was obvious Trump was still president when “all you have to do is listen to him.” Bullock is also the founder of Alabama’s Youth Force Ministries Church International. “He’s the president of the United States.”

During a “Evangelicals for Trump” campaign event held at the King Jesus International Ministry in Miami on January 3, 2020, faith leaders joined President Donald Trump in praying for the president. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“We’re going to have to start talking about the fact that he’s the president in public.” I’m sure they’ll reply something like, ‘Really?’ ‘Why would you say anything like that in public?’ “It is because he is!” Bullock went on to say more. “Don’t mess with us, Satan,” says the leader. Corrupt political regimes should avoid interfering with our affairs. Make no attempt to mistreat God’s people in this manner, because I’m going to tell you something: if you mistreat us, we’ll summon him back to court for three terms. “Don’t mess with us,” they say.

The prophet Jeremiah Johnson, who formerly served as the leader of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries, also predicted that Trump will be reelected president in 2020. Johnson, on the other hand, stated last week that he would be terminating his ministry after recognizing that he had made a mistake and apologized to his followers. “I Was Wrong,” a series of YouTube videos named “I Was Wrong,” garnered “90 percent unfavorable” comments, according to the author.

According to Johnson, who aired a video on YouTube in early February, “this election season has exposed how severely we need a reformation in the prophetic movement.” The charismatic-prophetic world, I am concerned, will face harsher judgment if we do not wake up and humble ourselves. “I have major fears about the charismatic-prophetic world,” says the author.

Since Trump’s victory in 2016, white evangelical Christians have been a significant source of support for him. According to exit surveys conducted that year, about eight out of ten white evangelical Christians stated they voted for the previous president. Exit surveys conducted during the 2020 election showed a similar pattern, with between 76 percent and 81 percent of white evangelicals favoring Donald Trump. Women’s reproductive rights and LGBTQ equality were two issues that many in the religious community perceived Trump as advocating, and Trump was successful in his appointment of conservative justices to the United States Supreme Court, as reported by the Washington Post.

Recent research has shown that white evangelicals are more prone than other religious groups to believe in unsubstantiated conspiracies such as QAnon, according to the results of the survey. According to a survey conducted by the American Enterprise Institute and published in February, more than a quarter (27 percent) of respondents believe that the baseless QAnon claim that Trump “has been secretly fighting a group of child sex traffickers that includes prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites” is “mostly” or “completely” correct.

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