How to Contact Sanjay Gupta: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Sanjay Gupta? Sanjay Gupta’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Sanjay Gupta has won many Emmy® awards for his work in this role. As a practicing neurosurgeon, Dr. Gupta plays an essential role in CNN’s reporting on medical and health news for all of CNN’s programs, both locally and globally. In addition, Dr. Gupta routinely writes to

Since 2001, Gupta has reported on some essential health-related news items globally in the United States and elsewhere. On March 9, 2020, Gupta wrote an opinion piece in which he announced that the network would refer to the outbreak of the new coronavirus as a “pandemic.” This was done in advance by the WHO and the CDC. Gupta confirmed his position as a trusted adviser to viewers all across the globe during the latter half of 2020 and into 2021, assisting them in distinguishing between truth and fiction about Covid-19 and the pandemic.

Gupta began his career at CNN only a few months before reporting from New York in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the autumn of that year, he was the first to break numerous news about the anthrax assaults. Throughout 2003, he was embedded with the medical unit known as the “Devil Doctors” of the United States Navy.

He reported from Iraq and Kuwait as the force moved towards Baghdad. He gave live footage of the first combat operation conducted throughout the conflict. He saved five patients’ lives by performing life-saving brain surgery in an operating room in the desert. The tsunami was responsible for the deaths of more than 155,000 people.

In 2005, Gupta significantly contributed to CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina, which won the Peabody Award. Specifically, he demonstrated that the official claims that Charity Hospital in New Orleans had been evacuated were incorrect. His “Charity Hospital” coverage for Anderson Cooper 360° earned him an Emmy® in 2006 for Best Feature Story in the News and Documentary Programming category. During the same year, he also covered the war in Lebanon. Gupta and Anderson Cooper co-hosted the worldwide film series “Planet in Danger” in 2007 and 2008, which investigated the effects of climate change globally.

Gupta became an embedded member of the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army in 2009 and went to Afghanistan alongside them on many operations to save lives. In 2010, Gupta reported on the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti. For his work on this story, he was awarded two Emmys®.

In 2010, his exceptional reporting featured live footage of the tremendous floods that occurred in Pakistan. Also, he contributed to the network’s award-winning coverage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, which was given the Peabody Award. In 2011, Gupta reported that Japan had been devastated by an earthquake and a tsunami. His coverage provided clarity and perspective to the worries over the effect on humans and radiation.

In 2013, when was first made available to the public, millions of people were affected by technical issues with the web platform. Gupta had an exclusive conversation with Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, on the gravity of the website launch fiasco, for which Sebelius accepted responsibility.

In 2014, he was the first Western reporter to fly to Conakry, Guinea, to examine the fatal Ebola epidemic that would soon make its way to the United States for the first time in medical history. As a devastating earthquake struck Nepal in 2015, Gupta immediately rushed to Kathmandu to report on the situation. In the documentary “Separated: Saving the Twins,” which Gupta directed and won an Emmy® award in 2016, he provided a unique account of the procedure for separating craniopagus twins Jadon and Anias McDonald.

Gupta offered in-depth coverage of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The same year, he served as a moderator for a panel discussion on the opioid problem with President Barack Obama. Gupta filed a report in 2017 from the scene of a collapse in the medical system of Puerto Rico, which Hurricane Maria had severely damaged. In addition to this, he was the first person to reveal that Senator John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer. Another Emmy award was bestowed to Gupta in 2018 for his work as a co-host on the program “Finding Hope: Fighting America’s Suicide Problem.”

For the last three years, Gupta has been increasingly emphasizing long-form reporting. He hosts the CNN Original Series “Chasing Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta,” which chronicles Gupta’s travels throughout the globe in pursuit of the answer to living longer, healthier, and happier lives. Specifically, the series focuses on Gupta’s hunt for the secret to living longer.

In addition, Gupta plays a leading role in the HBO original documentary “One Nation Under Stress,” which investigates the reasons behind the United States falling life expectancy rate. His in-depth investigation of the medicinal applications of marijuana led to the production of five documentaries, one of which, “Weed,” was recognized with the Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award.

Both of these positions are in the field of neurosurgery. He is an active member of the American Board of Neurosurgery and serves in the capacity of a diplomate. In addition, Gupta was selected for election to the National Academy of Medicine in 2019, widely regarded as one of the industry’s most prestigious accolades.

Gupta is an executive producer for the HBO Documentary Unit and a contributor to the “60 Minutes” news program broadcast on CBS. He is the author of four books that have made it to the top of the best-seller list in The New York Times, including “Chasing Life” (2007), “Cheating Death” (2009), “Monday Mornings” (2012), and “Stay Sharp: Developing a Smarter Brain” (2020). The year 2021 saw the publication of his most recent novel, titled “World War C.”

Gupta and Marc Hodosh, who was involved with TEDMED, established the LIVE ITSELF conference in 2021. Throughout the conference’s four days, leading thinkers from science, technology, government, entertainment, and business will present their ideas on how health and medicine interact.

In recognition of his work in the humanitarian sector, he was awarded various honors, including the John F. Kennedy University Laureate Award. Gupta has been awarded several honorary degrees and was invited to give a graduation speech at his alma school, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s “Big House.” Gupta attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate and medical school educations, earning a doctor of medicine degree from the University of Michigan Medical School.

CNN announced on January 6, 2009, that Gupta has been under consideration for the job of Surgeon General by the incoming administration of Barack Obama. Several medical professionals believe his strong communication abilities and high profile would allow him to bring attention to medical challenges and prioritize medical change.

Others have expressed worries over the possibility of conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical firms that have sponsored his broadcasts and his lack of skepticism when considering the costs and advantages of medical procedures. Congressman John Conyers Jr. (Democratic Party of Michigan) sent a letter expressing his opposition to Gupta’s candidature. Conyers advocated for a health care system that would be paid for by a single-payer, while Gupta has been critical of Michael Moore and his film Sicko.

Sanjay Gupta Fan Mail address:

Sanjay Gupta,
Novi, Michigan, United States

Donna Wright of Creative Health Care Management, a regular commentator on medicine and politics, defended the appointment because his media presence, combined with his medical qualifications, which she viewed as an ideal combination for the post of the surgeon general, was another reason why he should be appointed. Wright is a regular commentator on medicine and politics. The American Council on Exercise, which PR Newswire describes as “America’s leading authority on fitness and one of the largest fitness certification, education, and training organizations in the world,” gave its support to the nomination of Gupta “because of his passion for inspiring Americans to lead healthier, more active lives.”

The American Coalition for Equality (ACE) sent Senator Edward M. Kennedy a letter of support. Joycelyn Elders, who had previously held the position of the surgeon general, also favored Gupta’s candidature and said the following about him: “He has enough well-trained and well-qualified public health personnel to teach him the things he has to do to accomplish the job.” In March 2009, Gupta removed his name from consideration for the role, providing the reasons he needed to focus on his family and work.

In recognition of Gupta’s many contributions to the world of medicine, an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters was bestowed on him on April 28, 2012. During the spring commencement event, which took place at the University of Michigan Stadium, he was also the speaker who delivered the commencement speech. On June 12, 2016, Gupta delivered a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2016 at Oregon Health & Science University. Gupta delivered the graduation speech on May 23, 2019, to the class of 2019 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

One of the most prestigious distinctions in the field of medicine, Gupta was given in October 2019 the opportunity to join the National Academy of Medicine as a member of its 2019 class, comprised of one hundred individuals. In 2021, Gupta was chosen to become a full-fledged member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Franklin Pierce University bestowed upon Gupta the Fitzwater Medallion for Leadership in Public Communication on October 6, 2022. The university bestowed this distinction.

(1) Full Name: Sanjay Gupta

(2) Nickname: Sanjay Gupta

(3) Born: 23 October 1969 (age 53 years), Novi, Michigan, United States

(4) Father: Subhash Pryanka

(5) Mother: Damyanti Gupta

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Suneel Gupta, Yogesh Gupta

(8) Marital Status: Married

(9) Profession: Writer

(10) Birth Sign: Scorpio

(11) Nationality: American

(12) Religion: Hindu

(13) Height: 1.73 m

(14) School:  Vasant Valley Public School LinkedIn

(15) Highest Qualifications: University of Michigan (BS, MD)

(16) Hobbies: Biking, Travelling

(17) Address: Novi, Michigan, United States

(18) Contact Number: Not Available

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook:

(21) Twitter:

(22) Instagram:

(23) Youtube Channel:  Not Available

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