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Sembaruthi is a Tamil-language drama that airs on Zee Tamil and is available to watch on ZEE5. It first aired on October 16, 2017. Shabana Shajahan, Karthik Raj, and Priya Raman star in the film. Karthik was succeeded by VJ Agni in December 2020.

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Sembaruthi Serial Profile

  • Name of Show: Sembaruthi
  • Country of origin: India
  • Original language: Tamil
  • Directed By: Sadhasivam Perumaal (1–176), R. Ilavarasan (177–287), N.Sundhareshwaran (287–464)
  • Production companies: Home Movie Makers Pvt. Ltd
  • Editors: Manikandan Ravi, Akbar Baasha, N.Vishwa
  • Creative director: Sujatha Vijaykumar
  • Screenplay By: Sarath
  • Distributor: Sony Pictures Television (Global)
  • Running time: Approx. 20–22 minutes per episode
  • Original Network: Sun TV
  • Original Release: 2 January 2017 – 7 July 2018

Parvathi is a village girl who works as a maid in the house of ‘Aadhikadavur’ Akhilandeshwari (Akhila), a wealthy and powerful woman. However, when Parvathi falls in love with Akhila’s son Adhitya and they secretly wed, the situation changes. Finally, Akhila is aware of the union, and she despises Parvathi. Then Adhi and Parvathi moved out of the house and began a new life in a rented apartment. Now the question is whether Akhilandeshwari would approve and welcome Adhi and Parvathi.

After the death of her grandmother, “Aadhikadavur” Akhilandeshwari, a wealthy and upper-class lady, where her son Adhitya falls in love with Parvathi, she agrees to work as a maid at Akhilandeshwari’s home. Meanwhile, Akhilandeshwari is a determined, strong-willed woman who demands perfection in everything she does. Adhitya does a big U-turn when he marries Parvathi without his mother’s knowledge. Sundaram, Parvathi’s father, worked as a driver for Akhilandeshwari’s family for 21 years. He is devoted to Akhilandeshwari, but he is unaware of Parvathi’s feelings for Adhitya. On the other hand, they secretly marry, with only Adhitya’s father Purshothaman, Aadhitya’s brother Arun, and Arun’s wife Aishwariya knowing about it. Akhilandeshwari’s father (with God’s blessing) also accepts the union. Though Akhilandeshwari is kept in the dark by the three of them. Due to the wicked woman Vanaja, who is Akhilandeshwari’s niece, Adhitya and Parvathi’s marital love life is in chaos.

Vanaja is a sly and malicious woman who plots to break up the family and humiliate Akhilandeshwari on several occasions. Yet, time and time again, Parvathi saves Akhilandeshwari and her family’s name. But in the couple’s romantic love tale, Adhitya’s ex-fiancée Nandhini sticks out as the toughest foe. As Adhitya gets engaged to Nandhini, Akhilandeshwari interrupts the wedding by discovering Nandhini’s evil reality, which is that she is from Nagapuri Vamsam. As a result, Nandhini seeks vengeance on Akhilandeshwari by working with Vanaja to destroy Akhilandeshwari and her family. The rest of the plot revolves around whether Adhitya and Parvathi will stand up to these clever antagonists, fight back for their affection, and gain Akhilandeshwari’s blessings.

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Shabana Shajahan plays Parvathi Adhitya, a young and glamorous village girl who works as a home cook for Akhilandeshwari. She is Akiladeshwari and Purshothaman’s eldest daughter-in-law. Sundharam’s younger sister and Ganesh’s older sister. She is dutiful, beautiful, and innocent, but she can still be stubborn. She helped Akhilandeshwari’s family in a number of ways. She also has feelings for Adhi, whom she later marries. She now lives happily in a rented house with Adhi. (From 2017 to now)

Karthik Raj (2017–2020) in the role of Adhi (“Aadhikadavur” Adhitya Purshothaman): Akhilandeshwari and Purshothaman’s elder son. Arun’s older brother and Parvathi’s loving and adoring husband. He is a composed, knowledgeable, and serious man who falls in love with Parvathi and marries her without his mother Akhilandeshwari’s knowledge. He and Parvathi are now living alone in a rented home.

Karthik was succeeded as Adhi by VJ Agni (2020–present) (“Aadhikadavur” Adhitya Purshothaman)

Akhilandeshwari (Akhila Purshothaman)-  Priya Raman as “Aadhikadavur” Akhilandeshwari (Akhila Purshothaman): Akhilandeshwari is a wealthy, strong-willed, and obstinate woman who demands perfection in everything she does. She is the mother of Adhi and Arun, as well as the mother-in-law of Aishwarya and Parvathi. She is also the wife of Purshothaman and Vanaja’s co-sister. She is the house’s de facto leader. She takes care of Parvathi as a maid at first, but she is unaware of her son’s love for her and their eventual marriage. Despite her obstinacy, she is occasionally compassionate and has a sweet spirit. She finally finds out about Adhi’s marriage to Parvathi and despises them both.

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The show became the first Tamil non-Sun TV show to hit the top of the TRP rankings, and it stayed there until the COVID-19 split in April 2020. It also remained No. 1 in Tamil Nadu for 24 weeks (from Barc Week 46, 2018 to Barc Week 21, 2019), with the exception of Week 49, Week 3, Week 13, and Week 18 ’19.

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For the first time, it was the most-watched Tamil television show in the week ending December 28, 2018, with 10.79 million impressions.

Sembaruthi broadcast a wedding episode called Sembaruthi Kalyanam for Adhi and Parvarthi’s wedding on February 11, 2019, which aired nonstop for three hours on Sunday. On August 11, 2019, Zee Tamil hosted a grand event named Sembaruthi Oru Sathanaipayanam with all of the cast and crew to celebrate the series’ success.

The idea for the series was adapted from the Zee Telugu series Muddha Mandaram, which aired from 2014 to 2019 and was remade in Malayalam and Kannada.

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