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How to contact Shanker Mutt ? Shanker Mutt Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Sri Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Jagadguru Shankaracharya. The present Jagadguru Mahaswamiji of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham, a Sanyasin of the highest degree, is undoubtedly today the chief scholar of Vedanta and the Sastras.

He addressed Sri Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahaswamiji, then Sringeri Jagadguru, in 1966, as bachelor of 15, looking for his blessings and instruction in the sastras. The Sringeri Acharya then watched Ujjain chaturmasya. Sitarama Anjaneyulu had come with enormous vairagya growing in him, which was called Acharya in its poorvashrama.

As the great Acharya returned from bathing in the Sipra River, Sitarama Anjaneyulu fell down before him, searching for his tutelage. The following day the Acharya began to teach him. He was soon a jewel of a scholar and a loving follower.

What prompted the boy who had just completed secondary school and whose father was recommended to go to university and leave his home? Why did he go to Ujjain in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh from his residence in Narasaraopet? It must have been thus predetermined by the deity of Sringeri Mutt, Goddess Sharadamba.

When brahmachari Sitarama Anjaneyulu got the same question he replied: “I had the good fortune to have the Jagadguru darshan pretty early in my life. Once my teacher invited me to speak Sanskrit before His Holiness in Vijayawada. I got him a special award. At that time, it struck me that my teacher and my saviour was His Holiness. He gave me a message with his shining smile. I was thinking I had what I wanted.

“His Holiness has constantly been in my mind since then. I used to feel that anytime there was an issue, I was directed by His Holiness. This sensation increased in me such that I couldn’t stay in my place.”

Since then Sitarama Anjaneyulu has not left the Acharya’s lotus feet. During all his journeys, he accompanied the Acharya.

He completed Krishna Yajur Veda’s study within eight years, Purva and Uttara Mimamsa, Nyaya Sastra, and many additional tracts and commentaries. He also became a Sanskrit poet.

In the backdrop of his spiritual upbringing, Sitarama Anjaneyulu’s childhood is worth remembering. The Smartha family was born in the village of Alugumallepadu in the district of Palnadu in the Guntur region of the River Naguleru, named “Tangirala” from Apasthamba sutra, Krishna Yajur sakha, Kutsasa gotra. He was born on April 11, 1951 as a result of his father VenKateshwara Avadhani’s long prayer and Vrata (fast) mother Ananthalakshmamma. Venkateshwara Avadhani had studied the Vedas, but the contemporary mode was learning English.

The religious couple wanted a male after they had four daughters. Avadhani wakened early in the morning, washed in the river, and worshipped Rudrabhishekha to Lord Bhavani Shankara, local god. He did this for a year.

He also played Sri Rama Navaratrotsava. He made a commitment to name Sita and Rama to his child if his wish was met. Lords Shankara and Rama were kind of him. They were kind to him. With a son, he was blessed. Smt. Anantalakshmamma on her part had sought the favour of Lord Anjaneya and vowed to call her the male child ‘Anjaneyulu.’ Therefore, the child was called Sitarama Anjaneyulu.

Even at the age of three, Sitarama Anjaneyulu showed symptoms of a profound devotion to the gods. The name of Lord Shiva was continually on his lips. During his boyhood, he forgot to worship the Lord.

He consistently spent time to Sanskrit studies outside school hours. He had excellent grasp of language when he was nine. He knew his subtleties. The scholars and poets commended him for his eloquence, notably Kavi Samrat Sri Viswanatha Satyanarayana. He received several accolades and was invited to participate in Sanskrit programmes by All India Radio Vijayawada.

Another time there came for the Darshan of Sri Sannidhanam a group of Ghanapatis. His Holiness was happy to see such knowledgeable people. When He inquired about their studies, the elderly Ghanapatigal, reported with pride that they all had completed the whole study of Ghana and could recite any part that would have to be spoken from His Holiness. Sri Sannidhanam was extremely thrilled with their trust and invited them to rehearse from the Vedas a part of their choice. The scientists maintained, however, that Sri Sannidhanam should determine the portion. Sri Sannidhanam advised a certain piece with a beautiful smile. None of the Ghanapatis could recollect or repeat this particular passage to their own amazement. Finally, Sri Sannidhanam repeated with the appropriate tone the introductory lines of that chapter. Only then could the wonderful Ghanapatis recollect and recite that part.

Shanker Mutt Fan Mail address: Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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