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shatta bandles fanmail address

How to contact Shatta Bandles? Shatta Bandles Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Bandle spent his childhood in the Karaga district, which is located in the northern part of Ghana. After that, he relocated to Accra in order to pursue his goals there. During an interview, he revealed that becoming wealthy has always been his primary objective.

In order to accomplish this goal, he dropped out of school since he did not think that a traditional education would help him come closer to living the life he desired. He believed that informal education would be more helpful to him. Because Shatta did not receive an official education, his command of the English language is limited. However, he has a very good command of Hausa, which is his native language.

The exact age of Bandle is one of the most intriguing questions that have been raised about him. When he is confronted with this enquiry, he invariably concocts an answer that avoids answering the issue directly. During one of the interviews, he stated that he was only two months old, which elicited hysterical laughter from the audience.

Shatta Bandle is a man of great wealth. The amount of wealth that he possesses is something that is still up for discussion. After making such audacious claims as being richer than Aliko Dangote and even Bill Gates, it is reasonable to anticipate that he will back up his statements with evidence. He did not, and as a result, his current estimated nett worth is unclear. Bandle once boasted to a group of people at a party that his nett worth was $70 million, but it is impossible to verify any of these claims. He once claimed, during an interview, that he was unable to compute his nett worth since he was unable to monitor his various sources of income.

We are aware of some of his sources of income, despite the fact that it is not obvious if he was being serious or whether this should be interpreted as an example of his sense of humour. The oil and gas industry is a tremendously lucrative one, and he has chosen to base his company there. He is somewhat reticent about discussing the specifics of his firm, stating simply that he collaborates with oil companies in Ghana, Nigeria, and even the United Arab Emirates. [Case in point:] [Case in point:]

Another major point of contention regarding Shatta is whether or not the property that he brags about owning is indeed his. There are a number of rumours circulating that he has a backer who finances his extravagant way of living. According to recent reports, Nana Kojo Boateng is the individual responsible for cashing in on Shatta Bandle’s house and automobiles. Shatta Bandle’s vehicles are featured prominently in the majority of the photographs that he publishes to his Instagram account. Despite this, these are still only rumours, as no one has been able to confirm or deny the existence of the mysterious sponsor.

After making the claim that he was wealthy than the richest man in Africa, Shatta Bandle quickly rose to prominence. Shatta claims that he is not a comic, despite the fact that he has a fantastic sense of humour, and that he is free to do whatever he wants in his life. Because there are so many unanswered concerns concerning him, he has continued to be in the public eye. Fans, on the other hand, are suckers for a good puzzle, which means that he will remain in the public eye for a considerable amount of time.

Idris Firdaus, better known by his stage name Shatta Bandle, is a native of Karaga, which is located in the northern region of Ghana. Because he considers himself to be a billionaire, he chose the moniker Bandle, which is derived from the phrase “bundles of money.” Shatta Bandle was born with malformations and dwarfism, yet the Instagram celebrity does not hide the fact that he is physically disabled.

Shatta Bandle is a Ghanaian comedian who rose to prominence after making the claim that he is wealthier than Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, as well as the second richest man in the world. Shatta Bandle, whose real name is Idris Firdaus, is known for posting films on a regular basis in which he displays his wealth by driving luxury automobiles, living in extravagant mansions, and wearing expensive watches while saying “young, young wealthy n*gga.

Shatta Bandle is not a billionaire himself; instead, he is purportedly sponsored by his pal Nana Kojo Boateng alias Dada Joe Remix, who is involved in real estate and is worth a million dollars. According to reports, Dada Joe Remix is the owner of the money showcased in Shatta Bandle.

Shatta Bandles Fan Mail address: Not Available

(1)Full Name: Shatta Bandles

(2)Nickname: Shatta Bandles

(3)Born: Not Available

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(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession:  Youtuber

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(11)Nationality: American

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(17)Address: Kolkata, West Bengal

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