She Rejected You but Still Acts Interested? How to Read Her Mind

rejected and Confused girl but look interested

It is complicated to date, flirt, and crush them. So, what do you do when she rejects you but is still interested in acting?

We were all there. A straight answer is given to you, but then things get fuzzy. A woman buddy, a co-worker, or even a girl at the bar, you inquire, she rejected you, but she’s still interested. Does she play hard to get there? Would she want you to keep trying? Or is she just being polite and nice?

Lucky for you, I’m here to uncover the clues so that if she rejected you but still seems interested, you can see the reality behind her motives.

What to do when she rejected you but still acts interested

All right, so you were denied. Uh, sorry. Sucks that. In most situations, you’ll just move on. But if she is not involved in acting, you are confused. Will you make another attempt? Will you wait to make a move on her?

In this case, there are a couple of things you can do. I have, of course, already told you what her interest in acting can mean, as well as signs that she is actually interested. So let’s go ahead with your next move.

# 1 Do NOT suppose.

As I said earlier, but because it’s so significant, I’ll repeat it. Do not presume she ‘s interested. It is possible to misinterpret her politeness or friendliness as flirting or intrigue, particularly from a man who does not want to hear no.

# 2 Accept the rejection.
Now, I don’t want to accuse you of being this kind of person, but if you are, you might not even be conscious of it. A lot of boys * trust me, I’ve seen it *, don’t take no as no. They take it as a challenge, in reality.

A lot of guys try to change your mind or persuade you why a date should be approved. They’re going to say they’re a good person, they’re going to say it’s only one date, and what’s the worst thing that might occur? Do not do it.

Believe on her words if she says no and still seems interested. She may still be interested, but it’s not your place to drive her around. If her interest in really wanting to go out with you rises, she’ll let you know.

# 3 Just ask her.
If you really like this girl and you’re caught in a limbo, I ‘m going to get it. Uncertainty about her emotions prevents you from going on. At face value, you want to take what she said, but her actions suggests something different.

If without making yourself nuts, you can’t just embrace the rejection and continue a relationship, just ask her. Don’t be territorial or pushy. I know that just being so blunt about it may feel insecure, but it’s the only way you’re going to get your final response.

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