Shocking Age Gap Between These Bollywood Siblings Would Surprise You a lot

The Movie ‘Badhai Ho’ starring Anshuman khurana carried us eye to eye with the truth that our parents are after all humans, and its not appropriate to put them on pedestal. While its funny to watch the embarrassment that the characters experience in the movie, you’d be amazed that some of it is in reality entirely valid for certain star kids. Need to know what their identity is, read on:

Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt

In the past, Pooja Bhatt had been a praised entertainer in bollywood film industry as is her progression sister, Alia, in the present occasions. You would be astounded that the two of them have an age distinction of 21 years. Yes ! You heard it right. Its 21 years.

Arjun and Janhavi Kapoor

Arjun and Janhavi , both are the kids of bollywood director Bony Kapoor. Though brother and sister from different mothers, Arjun and Janhavi have an age gap of total 12 years.

Junaid Khan and Azad Rao Khan

Amir khan is married two times. His first wife was Reena Dutta and then he married director Kiran Rao after 15 years of his first marriage. Like Arjun and Janhavi Both of Amir Khan’s sons are from different mothers and overall have an age difference of 18 years. Amir’s first son’s name is
Junaid Khan who is 18 years older than his younger brother Azad Rao Khan.

Trishala Dutt and Iqra and Shahraan Dutt

Trishala dutt, is a daughter of bollywood star Sanju aka Sanjay Dutt’s. She is the daughter of sanju after his first marriage, is 22 years older than Sanjay’s kids Iqra and Shahraan Dutt.

Sunny and Esha Deol

Esha deol, who was born from Dharmendra’s second marriage to Hema Malini, is 24 years younger to Sunny Deol, who is born from Dharmendra’s first marriage to prakash kaur. Sunny deol is currently the Member of parliament of gurdaspur city in punjab where as esha is home maker these days.

Aryan and Abram Khan

Aryan and Abram Khan are both the kids of Bollywood King Khan – Shahrukh khan. Aryan, being the youngest son of Shah Rukh Khan, is 16 years younger to Abraham Khan.

Sarah Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur, being the apple of bollywood’s eye, is 23 years younger than Sarah ali khan, Saif’s daughter from early marriage. Taimur is the son of kareena kapoor khan whereas Sarah is the daughter of amrita singh.

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