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Dream Meaning of Folded Money

A dream in which one discovers money that has been folded symbolizes that the issue at hand is not one of feeling guilty but rather of seeking answers. Take caution, and make sure others understand your true motivations, so they do not get unfavorable opinions based on your image. If you do it without fear, […]

dream about finding money

Dream About Finding Money

As a dream interpretation, this could mean that your needs will be met in a way that you didn’t think possible. Who doesn’t want to make money? A dream about finding money could be a way to show that dream pioneer Sigmund Freud said that a dream can make a wish come true. Dreaming that […]

dream about finding hidden money

Dream About Finding Hidden Money

Dreamed that you found hidden money last night. None of those dreams is out of the ordinary, and they don’t seem to be very interesting. You should expect to see it many times in your life. As a result, dreaming about finding hidden money isn’t a surprise. There are many different ways to look at […]