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dream about unknown person

Dream About Unknown Person

People who don’t know you can dream about an unknown person. This means that your emotions and whole life can go up and down. You feel like a lot of weight has been taken off. You feel at ease and can be yourself. This dream is a sign that something will happen. You will be […]

dream about unknown friends

Dream About Unknown Friends

Love, passion, desire, femininity, unity, and romance are all shown in dreams about an unknown friend. I make people want to be around me. You reveal a part of yourself that wasn’t known to anyone else before. People should be thoughtful, remember things, and have a good heart. You are about to make a big […]

dream about unknown boy

Dream About Unknown Boy

Unknown Boy dreams signify that you have a strong sense of spirituality in your own life. There is a message that you need to tell and get across to other people. You are welcoming people. Your dream means that you will achieve your goals. You might be putting on your shadow persona and talking about […]