Top 10 Excuses to Quit a Job You Just Started

ecuses to quit job

What’s a good reason to leave a job that you just started? You must have a good reason for leaving the new job, or it could hurt your career in the long run. The business world is like a circle; you never know who you’ll meet and where, and one stupid move can ruin your reputation in the whole field. You could be put on the company’s “do not hire” list, and you could hurt your reputation with the placement agency that got you the job.

If you don’t have any other good options, quitting the new job could also put your finances at risk. So, how can I quit a job I just started yesterday? What’s a good reason? Let’s read this article to find out ten reasons you might want to quit a job that you just started. But before we start, here’s some advice: when you tell your hiring manager, be polite and thank the company or manager for giving you a chance.

Leave a job that you just started.

Don’t stay at a job you just started. The picture comes from
Work schedules and hours don’t work for me.
You can just say sorry to your manager and give this excuse. Stay calm and say that your personal, health or family problems make it hard for you to adjust to the timing and schedule.

I was offered a promotion at my old job.

My previous job gave me better opportunities. They’re giving me the job and promotion that will help my career the most in the long run. Your hiring manager may be upset, but it will also make a good impression on him or her in the long run.

The job doesn’t help me reach my long-term goals for my career.

I don’t want to waste money, and if I stay in this job for a long time, I might not be able to justify the role.

My daughter has a lot of health problems, so wet weather doesn’t work for her.
You can use this if your new job requires you to move to a place with a different or new climate.

Problems at School

You can also say that you have to quit the new job because your kids are having trouble in school, like if they are doing too well in their old school or are good at an extracurricular activity that isn’t offered in the new area.

Health Problems of Parents

A simple reason could be that my parents depend on me and can’t move because their health won’t let them. If the job is in the same city, you can blame working hours or its time to get to and from work.

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The cost of moving or the quality of life is too high.
Money is one reason why people change jobs, and if the new job doesn’t meet that need or makes your finances worse, it’s not worth taking or sticking with.

I got hired by my dream company.

Getting a job with your dream company is one good reason to make this change. So go for it, but you might be asked to do some research on the company and the job you’re about to take.

A friend needs help with starting a business.

I was going to start my own business, but I didn’t have enough money. Now, a friend wants me to start a business with him.

Better places to get medical care

My mom needs to get dialysis regularly and go to a better hospital, but neither is possible here. You could also say, “I’m moving to a certain city because the health care is better there.” You might have to take a break from your job if you say this.

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