Top 10 Ideas and Excuses To Give Your Boss For Quitting

excuses to boss for quiting

What is the best reason to stop working? If you want to quit your job, you need to have a reason to give your boss and the HR department. This is part of the process that most companies use to keep or let go of employees. When it comes to HR, you can talk about salary, your boss, or anything else straight out, but you should think twice when it comes to your boss.

How do you tell your boss that he is why you are leaving your job? Or How do you tell your boss that you’re leaving because of personal issues? The business world is small, so you never know when or how you might run into each other again or hear about each other from someone else. Your reason should be good enough and shouldn’t offend them. So, how do you tell your boss you’re leaving? Here are the Top 10 Ideas and Excuses to Give Your Boss If You Want to Quit!

I was given a better chance!

We all work to get better and grow, so if you’re leaving for a better job where you can grow, you have every reason to quit. Our bosses do this, so why shouldn’t we?

I’m not in good health!

You can use health problems as an excuse to quit a job. For example, if you have severe back problems, you won’t be able to keep working a 9-to-5 shift or another sitting-down job every day.

I’m going into business with my family!

When our parents decide to retire, we often have to quit and take over the family business, whether we want to. This can be a good reason. You can give your reasons or choices, like “I’m doing it because I’m under pressure” or “I’ve agreed to it.” That’s your wish and makes sense.

Not Comfortable with Timing or Shifts!

Find out what works best for you. Maybe your kids need you, your work commute is long, or your shift isn’t convenient.

Higher Studies!

This is one of the best reasons to leave a job. You can say you’re leaving because you want to go to school or take a professional course. You might be asked to do your research on your chosen path.

We’re moving to a new town!

You can say that your kids are making you move to a new city. You’ve decided to move because the new city has more and better things for kids. It could also be because of the weather, like how my daughter has trouble with humid weather.

Problems with the family!

You’re leaving. You’re moving back to your hometown because your parents need you and can’t come to you or can’t move here. It could be that your house is too small or too expensive to live here with your whole family, etc.

You want to do other things, too!

You’re leaving your job to go after your dream job, which has nothing to do with what you do at your current company. This is a good reason, and it might not upset your boss, but you can expect to hear some pros and cons, so listen to them.

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I am getting a Good Hike!

Money is the main thing that drives people, so if you’re quitting because you’ll have better chances to make money elsewhere, why not?

I am taking a Break

This one is easy and pretty standard. People often quit their jobs to break up the monotony. You need a good financial history to back up your choice or reason.

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