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Trey was born in the city of Oklahoma City, in the country of the United States. However, he was born and raised in Minnesota. He received an ROTC scholarship to attend St. John’s University, where he studied nutrition while also competing in track and field. His father passed away during his first year of college, and he was left to handle all of his financial obligations on his own. Consequently, he begins employment as a bartender and server at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Trey Trade’s true name is Tremayne L. Collins, and he was born in New York City. However, the majority of people are familiar with him via his YouTube channel, Trey Trades. In particular, he is well-known for generating movies that are relevant to financial themes, particularly the stock market and cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, some of his most successful videos are connected to the stock of AMC Theatres, which is a movie theatre company. This is also the subject of his very first YouTube video. Trey served in the army before to starting his YouTube channel.

Trey enlisted in the army shortly after graduating from college. However, he quit the service for an unknown cause and began a YouTube channel, Trey’s Trades, in December 2020, which is still active. On his YouTube channel, he posts videos that provide real-time alerts on stock market moves. His first video was a prediction for the stock price of Veru.

His channel functioned as a kind of community for those who were interested in investing and trading in the stock market. Furthermore, he is well-known for his booming voice and unbridled passion for AMC’s shows. Trading AMC stock and options have even resulted in a $1 million profit for him. Although the circumstances behind AMC’s demise are complicated, there is evidence that the company was the target of a grassroots movement to increase its stock price. A gang of inexperienced internet investors was responsible for this kind of stock movement.

Trey has shown his ability to identify the investment group responsible for the significant price fluctuations of equities such as Gamestop, AMC, Blackberry, and other firms. To put it another way, they are firms that are not inherently robust. However, the price continues to rise without apparent cause. Although Trey claims to be a professional financial counselor on his YouTube channel, according to the description, he cautions viewers from following his financial advice on a blind basis.

The number of subscribers to his channel has grown to more than 390,000, and he has published more than 850 videos to it to far. Trey is also highly active on Twitter, where he has a large number of followers in addition to his YouTube channel. Trey is unmarried and is presently living on his own. Furthermore, he prefers to keep his personal life a secret from the public. As a result, there is no information accessible on any previous relationships he may have had.

Trey Trades is a YouTuber, Trader, and former army officer from the United States. His primary source of income is from the trading of stocks and options. But, apart from that, he also earns a significant sum of money through YouTube Ad Revenue and sponsorships, which all add to his entire fortune. April has not been a good month for AMC Entertainment (AMC) – Get AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Class A Report stock, which has fallen by more than 20% from the beginning of April. Since the beginning of the month, the stock market has lost over half of its value. This is especially disheartening given the fact that AMC investors were rewarded with a jump in the stock price in March. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with AMC and why the company’s stock has lately plummeted in value.

However, in recent months, new issues have taken over these subreddits’ attention spans. The soap opera that is Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter (TWTR) – Get Twitter, Inc. Report; the earnings season for technology companies; and short squeezes in Aterian (ATER) – Get Aterian Inc Report), Mullen (MULN), and BitNile (NILE) have taken some of the attention away from AMC. Get Aterian Inc Report – Get Aterian Inc Report According to the most popular Reddit discussions, AMC is just the 16th most talked-about ticker at the time of writing. It was even in the top 10 only a few weeks ago.

With a few exceptions, AMC’s recent performance has been in line with that of the larger stock market. As of right now, we’re seeing the beginnings of a bear market, and the stock market is reflecting this gloomy outlook. High-volatility stocks, such as AMC, are prone to experiencing excessive price movements in comparison to the rest of the market by their nature. Take a look at the chart below to see how AMC has performed in comparison to the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – Get the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust Report:

It is believed that the company’s statement that it had purchased a holding in gold and silver miner Hycroft Mining (HYMC) was a major factor in the stock’s rise in March. However, as the excitement around the acquisition has dissipated, AMC has reverted to trading in pace with the rest of the stock market. However, it’s worth mentioning that YouTube celebrity Trey Collins of Trey’s Trades recently expressed his thoughts on AMC’s stock accumulation zones. In this case, the stock does not fall below a specific price level, but instead goes sideways for a period of time, indicating that investors have begun to acquire shares, which may result in a positive rise in the near future.

AMC continues to have a high short interest rate of 19 percent, and the proportion of shares borrowed stays at a similar level to the previous quarter. AMC stock is being shorted for around $1.67 billion, according to data from Ortex Capital Markets. This demonstrates that the stock continues to be very risky for short sellers to gamble against. AMC continues to rely on a number of favorable aspects in order to grow its company. After enduring the worst era of the company’s history — referred to as the COVID epidemic — CEO Adam Aron has a specific strategy to restart the company’s development.AMC plans to use the money it has obtained from shareholders to pay down debt, invest in the infrastructure of its core company, and acquire new firms, which may or may not be in the entertainment sector.

AMC’s major driving force, apart from that, is the meme element that it employs. This is independent of any fundamental questions about AMC’s business strategy, financial statistics, or broad market trends, among other things. It is possible that any bullish spark over any news about the company that generates FOMO will reignite the meme factor (fear of missing out). Please note that this is not financial advice.) The author may have a position in one or more of the stocks discussed in this report. Additionally, affiliate links may be included in the article. It should be noted that these collaborations have no impact on editorial content. Vielen Dank for your support of Wall Street Memes.

In an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Benzinga’s YouTube program “Power Hour,” Trey Collins, host of the Trey’s Trades YouTube channel, noted that the movements in AMC Entertainment’s stock are pretty predictable based on technical analysis. Benzinga reported that Collins believes one pattern in AMC is more obvious than any other trend he has seen in the company over the previous eight months: “It’s certainly the most obvious trend that I’ve seen.” Specifically, it’s that four-test trend.”

His hypothesis came to fruition in AMC, which broke over the $37.50 barrier and rocketed higher throughout the week. Collins told Benzinga that the $48 level is now the one to keep an eye on right now. This week, the stock made two attempts to break beyond the $48 mark. “I would guess that you would get those four tests and, as a result, that you will be charged more than $50 sometime within the next week, maybe two weeks,” Trey said.

Collins remarked that the “four-test pattern” had shown itself eight or nine times over the course of the previous eight months. Collins informed Benzinga that he is presently holding stock, rather than options contracts, at the moment. He did, however, mention that he had purchased call options on the stock five or six times in the previous eight months. According to Collins, one of those deals resulted in a profit of just under $1 million on one side and a loss on the other.

If you are mindlessly searching up and trading stocks, like 99 percent of traders do, you are losing out on potentially enormous rewards. It didn’t take long for even inexperienced traders who started using this options trading method to notice a shift in their viewpoint on how the markets moved. Even if you just make two trades each month using this method, you will notice a change in the performance of your trading tactics. No more wasting time guessing and hoping for a fortuitous break. Discover whether you qualify for Benzinga Options by visiting this page.

For the most part, inexperienced traders struggle at first to make sense of the markets and figure out how to place their portfolios in a position to succeed in the future. Many people attempt to start on their own and rapidly find themselves with a run of losses, steadily watching their accounts fall back to the level at which they began… Don’t allow anything like this to happen to you. A former hedge fund trader who handled billions of dollars will guide you through the process of becoming a successful trader via the use of a validated training platform designed specifically for rookie traders. This is precisely what the Benzinga Trading School is attempting to do by assisting traders in overcoming their early obstacles and enabling them to grow while also learning how pros achieve a steady profit in any market environment. For a limited time today only, you can test Benzinga Trading School for yourself risk-free for seven days.

In the course of a live YouTube interview, Adam Aron loses control of his webcam, and the screen quickly flashes below his light blue shirt and red tie, revealing either a very brief pair of short shorts, or a pair of skin-colored trousers, or no trousers at all. Mr Aron recovered the camera and continued his hour-long interview with Trey Collins from the popular YouTube channel Trey’s Trades on 3 June, during which he discussed the company and, among other things, naked shorts. Mr. Aron was interviewed by Trey Collins for the popular YouTube channel Trey’s Trades. Naked short selling is the unlawful activity of short-selling stocks whose existence has not been proven. It is prohibited by law.

The stock of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc plummeted from a high of $67.46 on Thursday to a low of $48 on Friday after Mr. Aron seemed to get caught with his trousers down, although it rebounded marginally to trade around $58 on Monday morning. The CEO of AMC did not react to The Independent’s request for clarification on whether or not he was wearing no clothing. The firm also did not reply to efforts by VICE News, which was the first to publish the missing trousers, to get to the bottom of the company’s investor engagement strategy after the Reddit community r/WallStreetBets made the CEO of the company a meme himself with 70,000 upvotes.

The hashtag #ApesDontWearPants” immediately became popular on social media, and was used to make fun of AMC retail investors such as Mr. Collins. Mr. Aron’s interview was dubbed the “Return of the Silverback” by Trey’s Trades, who released a video promoting it. The “AdamAronsPants” Twitter account was created to raise awareness of the missing trousers and to encourage ordinary investors to buy the shares, “pants optional.”

It is said that during the interview, the AMC CEO’s webcam was knocked out of its position, dropping and displaying his bare legs and everything, leading some to believe that he was wearing no trousers. People have also praised Trey Collins, the YouTuber, for maintaining his composure and professionalism in the face of the CEO’s fashion choice, which lacked a crucial element of femininity. Aron’s lack of trousers has kept the AMC and NakedShorts trending on social media, diverting attention away from the huge stock trading that has taken place at the corporation.

After Aron reported last week that AMC’s domestic and worldwide attendance at its renovated theatres reached a record high during the opening weekend of Fast & Furious 9, the move to approve more shares drew criticism from shareholders on social media. Additionally, in addition to restoring its theatres, AMC has managed to escape bankruptcy by raising billions of dollars in new money via seven share sales over the course of the previous nine months. A retail investor trading frenzy has also swept over the company, resulting in a gain of more than 2,350 percent in the company’s stock this year.


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To encourage shareholders to vote in favor of issuing additional shares, Aron has been circulating a social media appeal ahead of the company’s annual meeting on July 29, which will take place on that day. As part of the introduction of Investor Connect, the firm will provide shareholders with unique incentives, such as free or reduced merchandise and invites to special screenings, in addition to direct communication about the company’s progress. By the 22nd of June, approximately 200,000 stockholders had signed up to make use of the service.

“Some of you are concerned about dilution, but you may be overlooking the fact that equity raising is a tremendous instrument for strengthening a firm and benefiting shareholders,” Aron stated in his letter,” AMC said five times in January, May, and June 2021 that we were diluting shares, but as a consequence, we raised $2.5 billion in total capitalization. Because of what we accomplished, AMC has become much stronger.” People are finally making their way back to the movies. The domestic box office has enticed moviegoers with a diverse selection of movies over the course of two consecutive weekends, hitting ticket sales records for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic.

These box-office results imply that movie theatres are on the verge of regaining their footing a year after being forced to close their doors. AMC Entertainment, which has taken a series of daring initiatives in an effort to build the framework for its own rebirth, may benefit the most from the news, which is welcomed throughout the industry. The eventual success of AMC is dependent on its bet that the audience will continue to flock to theatres to view films on the big screen rather than using one of the several streaming services that have risen in popularity over the last year.

Over the previous six months, the world’s biggest movie theatre operator has raised over $2 billion in cash, the majority of which has come through stock sales. AMC’s CEO Adam Aron said that the firm intends to use the new capital to pursue a number of acquisitions, including the purchase of ArcLight and Pacific theatres that will not reopen after the outbreak of the flu. It will also explore paying down part of its $5 billion in debt, lowering its interest rates, and making rent payments to landlords who have not paid their rent on time.

As a result of the continuous volatility in its stock, which has become a favorite among retail investors who trade so-called meme stocks, Aron has been able to obtain the funds it needs to expand. AMC’s stock rose by more than 18 percent on Monday, adding to the gains seen last week in the company’s stock. As a result of AMC’s ascent, short-sellers have been forced to abandon their bearish bets, which has resulted in the stock rising about 2,600 percent since January. By the middle of the day on Monday, AMC was the most actively traded company on the market.

In the event that moviegoers continue to flock to the theatre, AMC will be able to convert additional sites into more revenue. However, if ticket sales decline as a result of the satisfaction of the pent-up need to go out of the home, these same theatres might become a significant strain on the company’s cost structure. In the words of Tom Nunan, a professor at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television and the creator of the production business Bull’s Eye Entertainment, “I believe AMC is doing the right thing.”

‘The reason I say that is because there’s no doubt in my view that Americans want to keep the choice of seeing a movie at their local theatre,’ he said. “Having the moviegoing experience managed by seasoned movie theatre operators like AMC is a positive development. Moreover, I believe AMC has staked its future on the premise that “let’s run the table, let’s be by far the largest theatre owner and potentially even the largest theatre tenant” in the near term.

Prior to the pandemic, the entertainment sector in North America was raking in $11 billion in ticket sales. With only a few weeks left in the second quarter, the domestic box office appears to be on track for a decline of approximately 75% when compared to the same quarter in 2019, according to Eric Wold, senior analyst at B. Riley Securities, in a research note published Monday. “The domestic box office appears to be on track for a decline of approximately 75% when compared to the same quarter in 2019,” Wold wrote in a research note published Monday.

According to him, the first quarter of 2019 showed a fall of almost 90 percent when compared to the previous year. Wold repeated his forecast for third-quarter sales to be down 35 percent and fourth-quarter sales to be down 20 percent when compared to the same period last year. “More significantly, after the success of a few action-oriented films at the domestic box office, we are thrilled to see comparable levels of demand and better-than-expected box office returns from both horror films and family pictures,” he said. “We have underlined that box office strength must be broad-based across all film genres in order to restore box office to pre-pandemic levels or greater,” the authors write.

According to Comscore statistics, domestic ticket sales totaled $66 million over the weekend, the second-highest Friday through Sunday total since the outbreak started. With $80.2 million in revenues, the previous weekend, which featured the release of “A Quiet Place Part II” and “Cruella,” holds the current record for the most successful weekend ever. According to Comscore, the overall number of open North American theatres increased from 70 percent to 75 percent during the course of the two weekends in question.

The films “In the Heights” and “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” will be released in cinemas the following week. Because of the ongoing relaxation of coronavirus limitations, box-office experts and movie theatre owners have high expectations that these two elements will result in a considerable increase in cinema attendance. “The theatre chains who go ‘all in’ by spending millions of dollars in improvements, acquisitions, and innovations are betting on the long-term viability of the big screen experience,” said Paul Dergarabedian, a consultant.

Comscore’s senior media analyst is a senior media analyst. “And for the time being, it looks to be a sound bet.” He believes that these one-of-a-kind in-theater experiences are crucial for theatres to survive and develop, particularly in light of the increased competition from streaming services that are providing “excellent material for customers.” The theatres are at the heart of AMC’s business plan. While some firms in AMC’s position may prioritize debt repayment as their main goal for the next year, Aron is refocusing on mergers and acquisitions, which is how the company grew to become the nation’s biggest theatre chain in the first place. Aron expanded his portfolio with Carmike, Odeon, and Nordic immediately after taking over as CEO in 2015.

To be clear, AMC has no intention of acquiring the firms that used to operate the ArcLight and Pacific theatre complexes. It is collaborating with landlords who had previously leased some of the properties to those theatres to bring up a solution. All that Decurion, which owns ArcLight and Pacific, would have to do in order for AMC to make a purchase is for the company to sell properties that it already owns wholly. Nunan believes that this is a positive start for AMC. Those franchises are well-liked, especially in California, and landlords are aggressively seeking movie theatre tenants to replace the vacant theatres in their buildings.

Due to the fact that AMC would almost certainly pay for any purchases with cash, the company would not incur further debt. In an interview with Trey Collins, host of the Trey’s Trades YouTube channel, Aron said that this was a part of the company’s overall plan on Thursday afternoon. Further comment was refused by AMC representatives, who directed CNBC to the company’s past securities filings and recent interviews.

Shawn Robbins, the chief analyst of, said that “all comes down to the substance of the offering.” A short-term surge in demand may result from the pent-up supply, but audiences and theatres need more than one tentpole every month to be successful. “It will take more and more regular releases from big studios to get the box office back to normal levels, something we’ll have a chance to watch grow this summer and hopefully build momentum well into the second part of the year.”

The relationship between movie studios and movie theatres is also changing. After getting a taste of blockbuster traffic during the Covid-19 outbreak, a number of streaming companies have begun making purchases of their own. Aside from purchasing the rights to the next two “Knives Out” movies, Netflix also just acquired MGM, which is responsible for the James Bond series. “We’ve practically taught people not to go to the movies over the course of the past year,” said Doug Stone, a box-office analyst and former theatre operator.

Nonetheless, the economics of major blockbuster films are only successful if they gross a lot of money at the box office. That is one of the reasons why so many films were postponed by studios during the pandemic. “Black Widow” and “Eternals” from Disney, “The Suicide Squad” from Warner Bros., and “F9” from Universal are just a handful of the films that have been delayed until audiences can return in droves to cinemas. The worldwide box office revenue from the films in these series has amounted to billions of dollars over the previous ten years.

Nunan believes that it is inevitable that movie companies would want to have more influence over the box office via direct control. An anti-movie-studio statute that prohibited movie companies from owning cinemas was overturned last year. In his words, “AMC is placing its bet on being the dominant theatre owner monopolist in the future.” When it comes to getting your hands on great theatres, you’re going to have to go through us.'”

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