What Do Dreams About Clowns Mean?

what do dreams about clowns mean

You might have seen a scary movie where the killer dressed up as a clown, and that’s why you’ve been having dreams about clowns. It could be that you need to figure out why you had this dream.

In general, it has a lot of different and conflicting symbols. The interpretation of a dream with clowns shows the dreamer’s cheerful disposition, optimism, and wisdom.

It’s another interpretation of the dream book that if you dream that you’re dressed up as a clown, it means that you’ll do things that will make you very sad one day.

People who dream about clowns have a psychological meaning.


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A clown dream makes fun of our claim. It is a figure that psychologists say symbolizes the early stages of the hero myth, when the hero is instinctive, unrestrained, and sometimes childish.

A scary clown may show that he is afraid of being teased and afraid of negative comments from people in real life.

In a dream, an evil clown is a sign of trouble in the real world:

As a first thing, it’s important to note that the clown is an image of a person who is not trustworthy. In the movies, some people are crazy movie clowns, and some people are killers.

It’s also clear that you’ll have to work hard soon. A scary and evil clown is a good sign of that.

However, the dream book doesn’t tell you to be afraid. Good times can be hidden under an evil mask. As soon as you take on the task, your reward and break will come.

The dream means that you can deal with any bad luck with a smile and a lot of time.

The interpretation of dreams says that a dream like this one signifies inner freedom and success.

It’s also a good sign not to be afraid of a bad clown.

You can easily deal with any problem, and you’ll be a success in no time.

In the past, you might have been very afraid. This means there are fears in your soul.

You dreamed that you were dressed as a clown and felt like a fool. Soon, you will find yourself in a bad situation that will end badly.

It is said that dreams about clowns have a mystical meaning.

The fool in the Tarot cards, which turns into the joker in normal playing cards, represents the unconscious side of the person with all of its potential for change, just like the fool in the cards.

A clown can show things that aren’t real.

Clowns can show the childish side of your personality and how you act in real life.

Perhaps the clown is a way for him to show how he feels. Are you having fun in real life?

If the clown is happy or sad, it could mean that you are joking around in your daily life, but inside you are sad.

They don’t have any rules. It could be that the clown is a sign that you want to be more carefree in your behavior and less bound by rules.

Clowns can show insincerity and lack of thought.

If the clown is scary, this can show you how afraid you are of people who seem happy but could hurt you.

It can show that people aren’t always what they seem to be.

This symbol may be about lying. Are you being true to yourself, or is someone else not?

More Clowns’ Dreams and what they mean

Having bad dreams about a bad clown

When the dreamer sees movies, reads news stories, or hears about a clown who has a disturbing, evil, and ambiguous role, it affects this dream. It also affects how the dreamer thinks about the”shadow,” which is aggression and violence hidden under a fool’s appearance.

They will have to think about whether or not they are this bad clown and if they show this side of themselves when they have bad feelings about other people.

Killer clowns are what I dreamed about

It’s both the suggestion from movies and stories and the fears that come from them that make these dreams so interesting. Perhaps the clown’s good-heartedness contrasts with the killer’s wickedness. They are opposite energies that make the dreamer feel the same way.

I was dreaming of a clown running after you.

It means being chased by a part of yourself that can be frightening or interesting and fun. The dreamer needs to deal with the clown’s characteristics and think about which parts of him and the clown belong to him and which must be integrated.

For example, if you see a clown chase you in your dreams, it could be a sign that you need to be more light-hearted or have hidden feelings of anger and hatred that have been suppressed for a long time.

Having dreams about a clown who wants to kill you

There are some similarities between this dream and the one before it, but the unconscious’s request for a big change is clearer: there is a need for a big change. The clown who kills in dreams is a part of the dreamer linked to repressed aggression. This part of the dreamer is in conflict with more “normal,” peaceful, and accommodating parts of the person.

You have to treat it like a nightmare, so it can show you more if you make it real and go back into the dream with help.

In some dreams, it can show the person’s “inner clown,” which affects how trustworthy and popular he is in his group of friends and family.

Being a clown or dressing up as a clown is something people dream about or do when they are young.

In dreams, if you identify with the clown, you show that you have a need or want more. The dreamer will have to think about whether the clown’s lightness and cheerfulness could help him play down a situation that he is going through or if he is prone to uncontrolled and embarrassing “clownish” excesses that could make him look foolish and careless.

In the same dream, people who play the clown might make a fool of themselves to achieve a goal or hide their true feelings.

I had a dream about killing a clown.

It means trying to hide (hide) a part of yourself that has the characteristics of a clown (positive or negative) or seeing and not liking these traits in someone close to you.

Dream about a woman clown.

Seeing a female clown in your dream can show that you are trying to hide your seductive power behind an ambiguous and ridiculous appearance. For a man, it can show that he is funny, tender, helpless, or ridiculous.

My dreams were about a jester.

These characters are expressions of a need for a transgression that burns in the ashes. Power and authority are not the same things.

The meaning of a dream in which a clown is awake.

A clown is a character that has always been linked to fun and laughter. A clown often has makeup on and wears bright costumes. Most of the time, they are, but not all of the time. A scary movie or reading about an evil clown can sometimes make you afraid.

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