What Size Allen Wrench Is Needed For Brake Calipers?

What Size Allen Wrench Is Needed For Brake Calipers?

If you need to conduct any mechanical repair on one or more of the brake calipers in a vehicle, you will want to know what size Allen wrench (also known as a “hex key wrench”) is required for the task. You may get this information on the Internet.

Allen Wrenches of a size 3/8 inch or 9 millimeters are enough for most automobiles manufactured by General Motors, including those manufactured by Chevy and Ford. You must get the answer from a reliable source, such as the owner’s handbook, since this information may only apply to some automobile makes and models.

Allen wrenches may be used to remove and replace brake calipers efficiently; thus, selecting the appropriate size will ensure you can avoid encountering any unneeded challenges throughout the procedure. Continue reading to find out more!

The Right Size Allen Wrench (Wrench)

To our good fortune, Allen wrenches and keys are easy to come by and may be purchased ready-made in various sizes. You may find them for sale at practically all of the big hardware and car retailers, such as the following:

  • This is the Home Depot.
  • Lowe’s (store)
  • Auto parts sold by NAPA.
  • ACE Hardware in Full
  • A great many others

The appropriate size of Allen Wrench for the brake caliper on a car made by Chevrolet or Ford is usually going to be 3/8 inches, which is equivalent to 9 millimeters. However, this size may, in reality, change depending on the model.

Size Variation Issues

However, It is essential to remember that not all brake caliper bolts are the same size; hence, the appropriate size of Allen Wrench may change depending on the specific situation. If you want to do maintenance or repairs on your car alone, you must check the owner’s handbook before beginning any work. On the other hand, an experienced car technician should be able to determine the appropriate size and continue working from that point on.

You should also be aware that there are several examples in online auto forums of individuals inquiring what the correct size Allen Wrench to use is and getting varying replies. As a result, it is best to accept these comments with a grain of salt until you can independently verify the information.

What are the Different Sized Allen Wrenches

Allen Wrenches are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest of which is 1/8 of an inch, followed by 3/32 of an inch, 7/64 of an inch, 5/32 of an inch, 3/16 of an inch, 14 of an inch, and the biggest of which is 7/64 of an inch.
Additionally, Allen Wrenches may be either Imperial or Metric in their measurements. The United States is the most probable place to locate models that utilize the inch as their unit of measure. Imperial models use inches. Meanwhile, models based on the metric system may be obtained in nations like the United Kingdom and others that adhere to the metric system of measuring.

If you have trouble determining which wrench size to use for a brake caliper or any other job, you may find it helpful to begin with the middle wrench and work your way up there. This is something that should be kept in mind.

The Torque Factor

When it comes time to replace a brake caliper, you must be aware of the torque necessary for the caliper to remain in its proper position.

You may need as much as 113 pound-feet of torque to screw the caliper bolt in, as stated by the merchant AutoZone. A wrench drill may be helpful because a human cannot manually apply this much pressure to a screw.

When Should You Replace A Brake Caliper?

This question is answered differently depending on various criteria, including the total wear and tear your car has experienced. Auto Smith suggests that the brake calipers of a vehicle be replaced either after ten years have passed or between seventy-five thousand and one hundred thousand kilometers have been driven.

Suppose you prefer to have an auto shop repair the brake calipers for you. In that case, you should anticipate paying at least $500 to $600 for the service, and it will cost considerably more if extra expenses are considered.

Which Allen Wrenches Are the Best Available?

If you are looking to buy an Allen wrench set and want to know which brands are the best, the following are a couple that come highly recommended:

  • Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set by TEKTON with Ball Ends
  • The Wera number is 05073593001 and 950 Spkl/9 Sm N. Set of L-Keys in Several Colors.
  • Wrench Set with Metric T-Handles, Allen Keys, and Hex Keys from Powerbuilt 8 Piece

These are just a tiny sample of the available sets; thus, you should research or go to a shop in your area to get the most excellent bargain.


This is optional, and you should check an owner’s manual or other reliable sources to find out precisely what size Allen Wrench you want. As can be seen, the appropriate size Allen Wrench for specific brake calipers is 9mm, which is equivalent to 3/8 of an inch. Best of luck!

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