What Size Mattress Fits In A Semi Truck?

What Size Mattress Fits In A Semi Truck?

Drivers of commercial semi-trucks in the United States are aware that paying for a hotel on the job is not always an option, and they are aware that purchasing a mattress for a semi-truck bed may save them both time and money. However, what size mattress can you put into the bed of a semi-truck? I performed some studies to determine what size of mattress is suitable for a bed in a semi-truck, and I have written down my results below.

A semi-truck can accommodate a mattress of what size? The majority of semi-truck bed mattresses have dimensions of around 80 inches in length and 40 inches in breadth; nevertheless, the answer to this issue is not straightforward since it is contingent on the model of the semi-truck as well as the size of the sleeper required for each semi-truck model.

It is important to note that several kinds of semi-trucks exist, and each vehicle has unique mattress requirements. Some individuals even construct their sleeper cabs, which we will review later, to achieve a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere inside their semi-trucks.

How Can I Be Sure That I Am Purchasing the Appropriate Mattress?

It is possible to ignore the precise requirements for a particular semi-truck when there are several locations to acquire mattresses. In most cases, the thickness of the mattress should be acceptable, provided the length and breadth of the mattress are accurate. However, some mattresses are designed expressly for semi-truck sleeper cab sleeping arrangements. Doing your homework and looking into the technical features of the car you drive on your own is highly encouraged.

To ensure that your mattress will fit properly, measure the width and length of your sleeping berth.

Suppose you are in a situation where your vehicle is not your own, and you are unable to measure the measurements of the sleeper on your semi-truck bed. In that case, you do not need to be concerned since there are a lot of remarkable charts available on the internet that will guide you in making the correct buy. Please refer to the following chart for some instances of certain types of semi-trucks and the kind of mattress suitable for each model.

Truck Models Common Bottom Berth Size (Inches) Our Recommendation
Freightliner Condo Couch Series 42×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
Freightliner – all other models 38×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
International Pro Sleeper 35×79 Mobile InnerSpace TK-3579 Mattress
International 9900i 72 Sleeper 42×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
Kenworth T2000 and T680 38×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
Kenworth – most other models 42×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
Mack Pinnacle 38×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
Peterbilt Unibilt Ultra Sleeper 51×75 Zinus Green Tea 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress
Peterbilt 397 and 587 Mid Roof 32×79 Mobile InnerSpace TM-3279 RV And Truck Maximizer
Peterbilt 397 and 587 High Roof 42×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress
Volvo VNL 430, 630, and 670 35×79 Mobile InnerSpace TK-3579 Mattress
Volvo VNL 730, 770 and 780 38×80 MOBILE INNERSPACE Truck Luxury Mattress

You may see a more comprehensive list that includes more semi-truck models on their website by visiting the page that was just mentioned. There are links to buy mattresses included in the chart on this page.

An excellent mattress is a wise purchase regardless of whether or not you own the vehicle. This is because sleep is a priceless item and a commodity.

The Trucker Tips Blog is the source.

In 2018, the commercial trucking sector reported some impressive results. Demonstrating how vital the industry is for effective commerce, the value of semi-truck carried trade with Mexico increased by 10.2% to $424 billion. Trade with Canada increased by 3.6% to $348.3 billion. It is impossible to deny the significance of the quotation above, along with the fact that 91% of businesses operate with six semi-trucks or less (Source).

A Few Well-Known Brands of Semi-Trucks and the Sleeping Capabilities They Offer

In this area, we will discuss some of the most well-known brands of semi-trucks produced in the United States market. It then explains each of them, including their general reputation and elements that pertain to the amount of space available for the mattress.

  • Ship Freightliner

Freightliner semi-trucks are the most popular brand, accounting for about one-third of all newly acquired semi-trucks yearly. One reason is Freightliner semi-trucks are recognized for their remarkable engine economy (Source) and wide range of adaptable models. (Reference) This is the typical bottom birth size (CBBS) of the Freightliner Condo Couch Series, which measures 42 inches by 80 inches. This is almost as large as any standard model.

All other versions of freight liners have a CBBS that measures 38 inches by 80 inches (Source), which is still pretty spacious. This indicates that freight liners are excellent sleepers overall.

  • The Kenworth

The T2000 and T680 models of Kenworth trucks have measures of 38 inches by 80 inches, whereas all other models have 42 inches by 80 inches. The CBBS measurements of Kenworth trucks are identical to those of Freightliner brands. (Reference) Trucks manufactured by Kenworth are a well-known brand worldwide for their fuel efficiency, low maintenance needs, and substantial dependability.

Trucks manufactured by Kenworth also use a web-based diagnostics tool that assists drivers in identifying the origin of a technical issue while behind the wheel.

  • The Peterbilt

This umbrella company is responsible for a significant amount of the operating semi-truck fleet in the United States. Kenworth Trucks are the proprietors of this umbrella company. It is common knowledge that Kenworth trucks and Peterbilt trucks share many engine characteristics. On the other hand, Peterbilt offers a broader selection of CBBS dimensions in the sleeper than other manufacturers.

In addition to having a handful of versions with conventional sizes of 42 inches by 80 inches, the Peterbilt Unibilt Ultra Sleeper has the biggest CBBS for a mattress with measures of 51 inches by 75 inches, the largest of any regular commercial semi-truck. Peterbilt trucks’ SmartAir function, which helps save fuel costs by cooling sleeper cabins, is another reason why these trucks are so well-known. Additionally, the sleeper cabs of Peterbilt trucks are noted for being spacious and comfortable. In a nutshell, Peterbilt vehicles provide an exceptional sleeping experience and can accommodate the most prominent mattress that can be contained inside a regular semi-truck. This makes them an excellent choice for an exhausted truck driver.

  • Volvo

Volvo, a more renowned business for its automobile manufacture, has made significant progress in the United States market in recent years, concentrating on producing semi-trucks optimized for usage on highways. It is also common knowledge that Volvo trucks have the most spacious total cab area and significant driver amenities.

According to the specs, the Volvo 880 model is the Volvo semi-truck model with the most excellent CBBS measurement. Its dimensions are 42 inches by 80 inches. In addition, Volvo offers a few models that provide among the smallest mattress spaces for commonly marketed semi-trucks. One example is the Volvo 610, which has a mattress CBBS of 36 inches by 76 inches.

  • Mackenzie

Mack Trucks, well-known for their heavy-duty and adaptable lorries and their sponsorship of NASCAR, have a smaller presence in the United States market than the brands shown above. They have a reputation for being the finest vehicle suitable for severe workloads and extensive miles. To compensate for the tiny sleeper cabins that Mack trucks are known for, the most popular model, the Mack Pinnacle, has a CBBS dimension of 38 inches by 80 inches, which means that it can accommodate a mattress of a respectable size.

Customized Beds for Semi-Trucks

Even though it is an additional expense, some drivers believe investing the extra money to extend the sleeper cab of a semi-truck is worthwhile. Ask them if you want to know more about Dan and Joy Kelly’s customized ARI Legacy II Sleeper. They sold their house to fund their new “money-making motor home.”

As is the case when you are creating your house, you choose everything from the flooring to the walls, the fabric, the cushions, and the wood for the cabinets. -Delight

Dan and Joy Kelly went above and beyond with their sleeper cab, adding many additional conveniences. These features include a sink, a stove top with two burners, an enormous refrigerator and freezer units, a dining table in the manner of a booth, a foldable bed, a shower, a toilet, and a television with a 32-inch flat screen.

Having the capacity to increase the number of rooms available in a sleeping cabin would completely alter the issue of what size mattress to use. Instead of asking, “What size bed wouldn’t fit in a semi-truck sleeper of that size?” it may be more appropriate to ask this question about these custom vehicles.

Mattresses for semi-trucks that come with sheet sets

Whenever you buy a mattress for your semi-truck, it is only natural that you will also need to acquire a quality pair of sheets to go along with it. The following is a list of our suggestions for sheet sets that are suitable for all of the various sizes of mattresses.

Mattress Size Our Recommendation
42×80 Way Fair Sheet Set
38×80 Unicor Pack of 4 Fitted Premium Bed Sheets
35×79 Best-Bedding RV Bunk Sheets
51×75 Microfiber RV Sheet Sets
32×79 Lavish Linens – 1800 Series Brushed Microfiber RV
35×79 Best-Bedding RV Bunk Sheets

Additional Questions

If I want a partial mattress, what should I do?

Consider purchasing a thick memory foam topper if you know that you will be sleeping in a semi-truck sleeper cabin but want to avoid the problematic nature of a mattress. These work well when driving in a group. If you wish to purchase a foam topper, you can find them at various commercial establishments. If necessary, you can quickly modify their proportions to meet your requirements. Take a look at this website to purchase a foam topper.

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