Which Brake Pad Goes on the Inside?

Which Brake Pad Goes on the Inside?

Brake pads are an essential component of every automobile. These enable contact with the rotors, which slows down the vehicle due to friction. When the brake pads have reached the end of their useful life, you must replace them. It might be challenging to locate the appropriate location on an automobile for each of these pads.

Which brake pad goes on the inside?

Regarding brake pads, both the right and left places include parts designed to be installed inside and outside the calipers. One left pad and one right pad are included inside each pair of left and right places. If you follow these designations, it should be easy to determine which item belongs on the container’s interior.

Keep reading to learn more about brake pads and where they should be on the vehicle. Changing your brake pads should be straightforward once you get the hang of the arrangement, but it may take a few tries to get it right. Knowledge is power when learning how to repair your automobile, particularly in this area.

Understanding the Brake Pads

As discussed before, the brake pads are an essential component of the vehicle’s functioning. There are several brands of brake pads, each of which has a distinctive appearance. Furthermore, some of these brands are installed in different locations on the car. There are L pads and R pads among the assortment of places.

Continue reading to learn about the brake pad’s two distinct surfaces. They may be used interchangeably for the most part, but it is beneficial to be familiar with the meanings associated with each classification.

L Pads

The left side of the vehicle is where you should install the L pads. The brake pads may be labeled as correct or left within each pair, depending on the user’s preference. It is immaterial which side you choose for your brake pads as long as they are not marked with an L and appear identical.

If there is a mark, the left side of the automobile should face the outside. If the pads you purchase instruct you to do so, you are free to install them in that location.

R Pads

You should install the R pads on the right side of the vehicle. Inside these pads, there need to be two that are labeled “L” and “R.” These indicate which side of the place each piece should be put on. If it is designated, the R pad has to be placed on the inside of the vehicle. However, the vast majority of brake pads do not have markings. In this scenario, the brake pads may be installed on either side of the vehicle.

Which Brake Pad Goes on the Inside?

Most brake pads have a label that tells which side should be facing outward when installing them. In this context, this might be represented with a bit of letter L or an R. Each one has a mark that indicates which caliper side it belongs on.

Primarily, any brake pad may be used on the vehicle’s interior. This transpires as a result of:

  • The majority of brake pads have the exact dimensions and form.
  • The substance that covers the surface of each brake pad is the same.

As a result, which brake pad goes on the vehicle’s interior is often irrelevant.

On some brake pads, a wear indicator is printed on the place. If you purchase brake pads that include these components, the one that goes on the inside will be this one. The wear indication on brake pads will always be in the same spot, but other than that, most brake pads are interchangeable in terms of their arrangement.

What Happens if You Mix Up Brake Pads?

Because it can confuse the brake pads, you may be curious about what would occur if you did manage to get them mixed up during the installation procedure. For instance, given the many components that make up an automobile, the vehicle may suffer irreparable damage if some parts are replaced while others remain unchanged.

Brake pads, however, can be replaced relatively easily and are not affected by this problem. You can usually set each one anywhere you want without worrying about messing them up.

There are a few notable deviations from this rule.

  • If the brake pads include a wear indication that tells the driver when the place needs to be replaced, the brake pads cannot be interchanged with those of another vehicle. This alerts the driver that the brake pad has been worn out and should be changed appropriately.
  • A side specification is included with the trademark. This information is included in the package or the box when pads are bought.

Before installing your new brake pads, you need to check whether they contain any of these components by checking whether they are present.

You do not need to be concerned about mixing up your brake pads as long as they do not have these characteristics. One of the benefits of brake pads is that they can often be replaced with other types. The most essential component is that they are firmly bonded on the inside and the exterior. Because of this precaution, they can do their duties and bring your vehicle’s speed down.

Are There Easier Ways to Install Brake Pads?

A less complicated method is available for determining the parameters if you would rather avoid dealing with many brands. You can purchase a kit that walks you through each stage of the procedure rather than being forced to find out on your own, for example, which pad belongs inside the case.

Investing in some of the top brake pad kits that are available on Amazon includes the following:

  • Kit for Power Stopping
  • Kit for the Detroit Axle
  • Kit, Goodyear, for the Breaks

These are all excellent options for brake pad kits to choose from.

Rather than wasting time and energy attempting to figure out the positions of the pads on your own, you might consider purchasing one of these kits to help you navigate. Thanks to your expertise, you will only waste time correctly fitting everything.


Brake pads are essential components that must be installed on your vehicle. If you have brake pads, it will be easier to generate the necessary amount of friction to bring your car to a halt. You will need to change the brake pads whenever they show signs of excessive wear. Because so many brake pads are identical, doing this task might be challenging for some people. It can be difficult to grasp what goes in which spot.

Installing new ones is straightforward after determining which brake pads belong in which locations. It should be easy for you to organize everything so it’s in the appropriate position without any fuss. Whenever you find yourself in a bind, you can purchase kits that detail everything for you. After you understand the placement of the pads, this procedure will become much simpler for you.

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