10 Bulletproof Excuses to End a Phone Call [Politely and Good Ways]

What’s a good reason to hang up i6ututunru4yryon someone? Finding a reason to end a call doesn’t make you a liar or a cocky person; sometimes, it’s just what you need to do. Sometimes you’re busy, but you still pick up the phone because you think you’ll be done soon after hearing the reason for the call. However, the conversation seems to go on forever. You don’t want to be rude, but you also have to take care of other things. How do you end the call without being rude?

Also, some people don’t care about other people’s schedules. They call when it’s convenient for them and expect the other person to be free. Sometimes you answer the phone with a good attitude, but then you realize that you are just the venting window. It’s just a one-sided conversation, and you’re just supposed to listen, even if the conversation has nothing to do with you. So, how do you end a phone call politely?

There are many ways to end a phone call, and in this article, we’ll show you some of the best, most polite ways to do so. So, let’s take a look!

  • Reasons to hang up on someone
  • Reasons to cut off a phone call, Photo Credit: picnic .com
  • Someone’s at the Door
  • Pretending that someone is at the door is a good excuse that can be used. You can make it
  • look more real by quietly ringing your doorbell, knocking on the door, or on any other similar
  • surface. You can tell someone nearby to yell out that the doorbell is ringing.

I can’t stay awake.

I took a painkiller because I have a severe headache or fever (use whatever works for you), and now I’m too sleepy to call you back. You can add a few fake yawns or blank looks, like you’re taking a nap and missed a part of the conversation, to let the caller know that you can’t talk right now.

Anytime, a phone’s battery can die.

Okay, before we start, I want to let you know that I can end this call because the battery on my phone is dying. You can also start saying, “Is there anything really important? My phone’s battery is almost dead.”

Stacy’s teacher is calling me on my other phone number.

If you are a parent, you can say things like, “I was helping Stacy with her math project because she has to turn it in by tonight,” or “I’ll talk to you later because I was helping Stacy with her math project.”

In five minutes, I have a meeting.

Office problems are also the best reasons to end a phone call quickly. Just say, “I’m sorry, I have an important online meeting with my client in five minutes, and I still need to finish the last template. I’ll talk to you later.”

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I had to go to a funeral.

The best time to end a call is when there is an emergency, like a funeral or an accident. Be careful about whose funeral or accident you talk about because the caller has nothing to do with it.

A yell or bang that is very loud

You could try banging on something that makes a loud noise, like throwing a steel utensil on the floor. If you don’t want your dog to bark, why not make it angry? The best way to end a phone call is with an emergency.

I have an appointment with the dermatologist. Any kind of doctor’s appointment, like a cosmetic one, is a good reason to hang up. You can only use this excuse during work hours, so you can’t use it late at night or early in the morning.

Stacy from Basketball Practice is the one I have to pick.
The best reasons to end a phone call quickly are picking up a child from school, camp, or tuition.

The cell phone signal is poor here, so I can’t hear you well.

Either move to that part of the house where the signal is weak or just act like you can’t hear. Like you can’t be heard, or your voice is cracking, or you just said “hello” twice or three times and then hung up.

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