10 good excuses for not going to an online meeting (Zoom Meetings, etc.)

Online Zoom meetings were a big help to professionals who worked from home because they could log in from anywhere and at any time. But now, this convenience is being taken for granted to the next level. A zoom meeting invite comes with every small problem. This is how it works: There is now a “Work from Home Culture,” and back-to-back official Zoom meetings are not welcome. Zoom meetings are now taking up so much of our work time that few of us have a reason to avoid them.

Some people say that we are only having meetings now because it doesn’t cost anything, and the person who organizes them can show off how efficient they are. Many of us want to stay away from these vague Zoom online meetings. To do so, you need to come up with a clever excuse. I can’t make it. How do you politely get out of a Zoom meeting? Let’s read this article to find out!

10 good excuses for not going to an online meeting (Zoom Meetings, etc.)

10 good excuses for not going to an online meeting

1. An excuse that will never die: a doctor’s appointment.

Because I have been trying to get an appointment with this doctor for so long for my back pain, he or she set up the appointment right at the time of Zoom. I am sorry. This or the other health excuse and a doctor’s appointment always work, especially now that a simple sneeze or cough can get everyone’s attention.

2. Another Classic Peace-Poor Network

My bandwidth is low, so I can’t log in. It’s taking a long time to do things. To make things worse, he didn’t show up and gave a weird excuse. Wow! Well, that’s a good idea because you made it clear that you don’t like excuses, and you won’t make one unless it’s a real emergency.

3. Shared Bandwidth

This is another reason why you can skip your Zoom meeting. Because everyone works from home and goes to school online, no one can question it. A lot of bandwidth is being used by my kids as they take their exams. Only two devices work properly, and if I log in, there are chances that they might not be able to finish their exam on time.

4. The power goes out

Take a break from the meeting and say there was a power outage in your society or area that was not planned for. Take a look and make sure that your coworkers don’t live in the same area as you do. If there are any problems, just keep the power outage area to your home.

5. Zoom Update, or System Update

When I opened the Zoom app, it started updating itself. It took a long time to load the updates, and even after the update, it was slow. The whole meeting time was used up during this process. My computer was restarted because I accidentally clicked on the “automatic update” option, which caused it to restart. If you get into an accident, “sometimes things work out for you.”

6. Another Classic Piece- My System is Hacked

Someone broke into my computer system, and I got a lot of weird emails and notifications. I had to keep my data safe, so I went to an IT expert for help. Everyone knows what could happen if they don’t do what they say they’re doing, so this excuse always works. Your financial data or personal information could be leaked, and you can’t risk that.

7. I didn’t get the link to the site.

When I checked my email several times, I didn’t find the link to the Zoom meeting. Take some time for the person in charge of the meeting to think about what went wrong and how to improve things next time. Show how vulnerable you were, “in fact, I was ready and spent four hours on the presentation, but see…”

8. I was waiting in the waiting room

If you work hard, you can get a lot done with this one. Either log in to the meeting, leave before you were let in, or play around with the situation.

9. The link to the video didn’t show up in time because my Inbox was a lot full.

This excuse might work for you, but it might not work for the sender. The sender gets a notification of the emails that don’t work. So think about that before you use this one. Or, you could use another excuse for why you didn’t do something. When I tried to log in, I couldn’t because I forgot the password for the meeting. As I was deleting emails from my Inbox because it was full, I accidentally deleted the email with the link to the meeting.

10. Zoom Escaper

An app called Google Play Store lets you make noises that can be very upsetting during a meeting, like a dog barking or a slow network. The app often crashes, but it can be used in split-screen mode to make it sound more real.

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