10 Signs She Is Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

One of the most specific problems in today’s world is undoubted “I think my long-distance girlfriend is cheating”

Since long-distance relations are evolving and, without a doubt, the internet has had a major effect on them. From how we meet potential mates to how we log our romantic journeys, social sites and various dating sites have changed everything.

By exposing us to the era of online cheating, one other crucial aspect that social sites have changed dating and relations. From micro-cheating to full-on unfaithfulness, it might be everything.

Nowadays, With so many dating sites, you know that there is a lot of temptation to start an affair! So remain conscious, and check for strong signs that your girlfriend is cheating.

Long-Distance Relationship Cheating Details

Now, before we get into the cheating signs for long-distance relationships, let’s take a look at the numbers. 75 percent of all couples have been in a long-distance relationship at some point. It may be that your partner has a short contract on another continent, or perhaps one of you has chosen to continue your studies in another town. The cheating signs are always very necessary to look at, whether it has been a long-term LDR or a short stint with the setup.

Why? Because about 40 percent of these relations collapse, the key culprits are fraud and lack of confidence.

If you’re curious how to say if your long-distance girlfriend is cheating, then here are a couple of signs to help you confirm that.

How to know if in a long-distance relationship your girlfriend is cheating on you

She has several social media accounts

One of the most popular long-distance cheating signs is getting multiple accounts; your partner could use social sites to cheat on you. This does not mean, however, that all persons with multiple accounts are disloyal.

When your partner leaves you completely uninformed of these secondary accounts, the red flag pops up. If that is the case, then this could be the first indication in your LDR that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

She has several friends of whom you don’t know

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, chances are you know most of their mates, if not all of them. That goes for both online and offline friends.

If your partner has a lot of friends that you don’t know about, then you need to get anxious. This is, more often than not, a sign of micro-cheating.

She laughs alone while on the phone/computer

You know that extremely irritating feeling when, without including you, your partner keeps laughing at secret jokes on their phone?

Whenever you want to find out something, you get met with “It’s nothing” or “You’re not going to get it.” It’s a warning flag you should pay attention to, in addition to being irritating.

She’s ignoring your Online Activity

She never leaves your posts with comments. She doesn’t like the pics you put up there. She’s behaving like you don’t exist. When your girlfriend wants to separate herself from you, ignorance occurs, and this is something that you should fix.

 She has regular contact with a particular person

This is most frequently an ex, or a recent fling they swear is totally harmless. She might say that the contact is strictly platonic, but between this and micro-cheating there is a fine line.

She Is Over-Protective Of Her Devices

If the phone/tablet/laptop of your partner is better secured than the CIA servers, then you might have something to concern about.

Another of those signs that point to the likelihood that your partner is hiding something is over-protectiveness.

She fails to accept you as her partner

We live in a day and age where it actually doesn’t happen if it’s not on social media. For relations, the same applies.

You don’t need to be the pair the continuously shares pictures of you as couples together. Recognizing each other, however, goes a long way toward making the relationship public.

The chances are that your girlfriend is not only cheating on you but also cheating on you if your girlfriend avoids this for any reasonable purpose.

She is using private accounts

Most social media sites allow you to hide the public view of your posts. The use of a private account is an entirely appropriate activity and is not always a clear indication of cheating, like multiple accounts.

The issue is when your partner has such an account and refuses to communicate with you either by accepting or following you back with your friend’s request. For all their social media activities, leaving you absolutely in the dark is a warning that they have something to hide.

She is Phubbing Constantly

Phubbing is what the cool kids are using these days to apply to phone addiction and eventual partner snubbing.

Then there is cause for concern if your partner is still on social media. The overuse of social media commonly contributes to micro-cheating and total physical and emotional disloyalty later on.

Any Other Unusual Change in Behavior

The symptoms are often not even linked to their social media activities. It may be subtle behavioral shifts, such as being distant, coming home at odd hours, and different plans with persons you don’t meet.

The bottom-line

One thing is for sure: in this day and age, online cheating is alive and thriving. The positive thing is that it’s pretty simple to pick out the signs.

You can not continue to disregard the red flags if your significant other displays one, more, or all of them.

Do some detective work of your own and then, when you are ready, question them.

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