Stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back

Love stories, songs, and movies have romanticized one-sided love as something that hurts us but makes us develop through the suffering. The common concept is that one person unfailingly positions the object of his interest on a pedestal and puts his or her own interests and enjoyment first above their needs.


We want to reciprocate from our objects of affection when we love someone and if our expectations are not met, it can become distressing for us. The reasons which could lead to a one-sided love scenario may be:

Lack of commitment from one person.

We may be willing to give our all to that person, but they are either confused, not ready to engage in a relation, or in a relationship with someone else.

One person desiring only friendship:

This is a very common explanation of why a colloquial word used is being friend-zoned by one person who wants just friendship. One friend transcends the connection of friendship in this case and has formed even stronger feelings for their friend, but they do not feel the same and want to limit the connection within the limits of friendship.

Nothing left in life!

Relations are an essential part of life, but they are an aspect of our lives, not our own lives. In one area of our lives, as we face difficulties, we should consciously decide to concentrate on other aspects of our being: work, family, hobbies, and interests and concentrate on transforming ourselves into better versions of ourselves, as one of the casualties can be our self-confidence with such experiences.

Hence spending quality time with ourselves and questioning things about how we see ourselves and our life-shaping, in the long run, can serve as a useful diversion.

Am I unworthy of his affection?

We should experience people in life about whom we develop strong feelings, but it is not always important for them to feel the same way about us. The thought that maybe we were unworthy of their love or attention, there may be something missing in us or we are not up to the mark for that person is what makes us stress. We may also attempt to adjust ourselves to become more appealing to them in order to make the other person appreciate us.

I don’t have anyone in my life!

If we encounter situations in which we see that the person who is the centerpiece of our attention does not acknowledge our involvement or love, then we can get into a habit to judge ourselves badly, which acts as an insult to the wound. During such moments, we must realize that there are individuals who are really there for us, love us, and embrace us, despite our faults, quirks, and individuality, in our entirety.

I will never get over her

When we draw on new memories with our loved ones or extend our social media network, meet people and learn more about our own selves through those contacts and experiences, the influence of those emotions will melt away with time and deliberate efforts.

I will not be able to fall in love ever

We can either let this one interaction influence our views about ourselves, relations and romantic couples, or we can gain from those experiences about what we are looking for in a potential relation/partner, what functions in a relationship for us, what doesn’t, and what our relation standards are.

We also have this idea that love can only happen once in our lives, but love is a magnificent feeling that takes multiple forms that can be felt at different times, stages, and with different individuals.

We also forget that there are different relations that we are part of, as an essential part of them, that have love, affection and care. When we are presented with certain situations, we appear to weaken such relations.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t make anyone build feelings for us, so there comes a point when we need to accept that going on is a vital step to resolve this process, although tough.

It’s hard, but staying on can end up harming us more than just letting go.

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