10 Ways To Say ‘No’ To A Guy Without Breaking His Heart!

Were you asked out by someone for whom you have no feelings? It’s a tough issue because it’s never easy to turn someone down and you have to be incredibly respectful when doing so. Here are 10 ways to tell someone no without harming their emotions!

1. Being Straightforward

It is much easier to have a clean break than to drag it on or lead him on. If you tell him specifically about not reciprocating his emotions, he will understand it too. A ‘Let me think about it ‘ is an unacceptable answer to give if you don’t want to consider his proposal.

2. Take Responsibility

Just like he is liable for his emotions, you are accountable for yours. If you don’t react to his emotions, face the problem head-on. Do not postpone it for another time, or put it off. There’s no ‘right time’ to do such a thing. The earlier, the better.

3. This isn’t Rude

Remember, it isn’t disrespectful to say no to a proposal. It’s your life, and you can choose who remains and who leaves. Commitment is also a big issue and you should not belong to someone for whom you don’t have emotions. So do a favor on your own and tell him the reality. Saying ‘I don’t feel exactly the same way about you’ is always better than saying anything.

4. Slip In A Compliment

Although the right approach is honesty, you don’t need to be frank or stick it in his face. When answering no, just put in a compliment instead of being rude and disrespectful. It works much better than ‘No, I don’t like you’ to say ‘you’re a great person but I just don’t have special feelings for you’.

5. Thank Him for that

Make sure that you thank him for it. Be sure to let him know that you are thankful, considering that it is a big honor, for his attention. But also, tell him at the same moment that you can’t go anywhere because you don’t feel that way.

6. Treat Them With Respect

Confessing your feelings to another needs a lot of bravery. It puts you in a place of control when someone tells you they like you. The most important thing is that power is not exploited. Treat the other person as politely and kindly as you can. Be mindful of your answer and carefully choose your terms. Anyone, including you, maybe in that situation.

7. Keep the friendship Separate

If you’re already friends with the guy, because of his suggestion, don’t let the relationship be affected. You just shouldn’t destroy your relationship by acting aloof or distant unless the other person asks for time away to deal with his feelings. Remember, before all of this occurred, he was your buddy.

8. No Excuses

Sentences such as ‘But I don’t know you well’ or ‘Right now I’m immersed with work and have no time’ set an expectation for the other person. All he hears is ‘let’s get to understand each other, and then instead of’ I’m not interested,’ I’ll accept your proposal. So it is not the easiest way out of the issue to make excuses.

9. Take the firm Stand

If he can not understand your action or gives you a tough time, the great option to do in such a situation is to cut off communication for a while. Rejection is a hit to the ego and it can be handled well by not all. Give him time for your decision to come to terms with it. If it still doesn’t work, get someone on your side to talk to him and help him realize!

10. Be transparent, About your relation

Be honest about the reality if you’re in a relationship with someone else. Let the person know you’re seeing someone else and that’s why you can’t even accept his efforts.

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