18 Things To Say To Your Ex To Make Them Feel Bad About Breaking Up With You

Have you had your heart ripped into shreds by your ex?

Do you want revenge, or at least let him know how badly he has hurt you?

Dozens of suggestions for things to tell to make them feel bad are packed in the guide below.

Things to say to your ex about breaking up with you to make them feel worse:

1. Second chances were never an issue for me. Before I know I’m a fool, I prefer to give around 7 or 8 because you don’t value it, just 1 more chance.

2. The issue now is, if that special one always loses to the one who is always there, does the one who is always there lose to the one who always tries? Or are you just playing around with me? Now, it just doesn’t matter. You know why?  Because I’m done with you.”

3. A wise man once said, “Sometimes, the only approach to all your problems is only to deal with yourself.” Then, y our issue is fixed. Then I dealt with my question. The best solution I’ve ever had is to break up with you.

4. It’s all of you; you’re going to keep giving up on a person so soon, you’re going to miss something amazing. You’ll soon know that this is the stupidest thing you’ve done.

5. I was in love with you, but I was so devastated by you. I feel good now because I am free of the sadness you have made.

6. So if I want to love you, I have to be hurt? Love makes two people know what happiness really is, but it’s not loved, it’s just a stupid thing that I always have.

7. There is a time when you will know that I have been generous with your affection. Maybe you’ll know that sometime.

8. It is pointless to follow you, pointless to wait for you unless I am the one you want. If you do not need me, it will always be pointless. It’s easier if it’s just me, myself.

9. You have not loved me, you have loved just parts of me. The longer you stayed away, the more I found that you forgot to love any of me. And that really is what love means. But with you, I have not felt loved.

10. A new guy I’ve noticed. She/he deserves the wait. She/he needs the time. The reasoning for that is she/he. And you aren’t that.

11. We built our future lives in the past. “I now understand that it’s true to” give your future to those who value your present.

12. And I’m all battling for a planet of survival where I miss you doesn’t mean I’m coming back, and I love you doesn’t mean I’m going to stay.”

13. You do not have, you know, to persuade your soulmate to stay.

14. And at the same place where you told me it would be the safest, you broke my heart. With you, it’s so painful, I know all the time you were lying to me. That led me to understand what kind of individual you really are.

15. Some people say that if giving makes you feel hollow, then the wrong person would give you too much. That is me, and you are the wrong guy.

16. How stupid of me to give my heart to someone so irresponsible, so careless, so dishonest.   And I’m here now crying on the floor. It’s the pain of breaking up. But it became a bit easy to pass on when I realized how stupid I was, and now this is my time.

17. People are evolving, which is a fact of life. We have to admit, often, that the person we once loved no longer exists. Even if their heart pounds and their lungs take a breath from it.

18. You can’t claim to be cured by the fire that burned you. Don’t go back to those people who have hurt you where you want healing to be found.

Guys here are some tips, it’s totally natural to win a break-up or to act nice with a break-up is absolutely good. But it’s much better to act like a grown-up and carry on, so don’t act immature. Get up and tackle it. If your break up is not a true break up, it’s a thing you have to do, but just a thing where two people know they’re going to come together again to be a friend.

It could break your heart, but here is the deal. You’ve got your boy back, and maybe you didn’t have to do anything if she/he was your soulmate, let destiny lead you two. And that, mates, is what you should tell your ex to make him/her know that it was a big mistake to break up with you. Can we meet now? That’s all the stuff to tell your ex about breaking up with you, to make her feel bad.

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