11 Working Excuses Not to Go Somewhere Last Minute [Reasons]

11 exuses for not doing work

Have you ever decided to skip an event or trip at the last minute? Sometimes we want to go somewhere in the morning or the next day, but we’re in a different mood when it’s time to go. You can blame the weather, a hangover from last night, watching too many movies, or a stressful day, but at that moment, we just want to stay.

What are some good reasons not to go somewhere or call out of work at the last minute? Sometimes it’s best to cancel at the last minute because it relieves pressure and makes you sound more real and legit. But you have to come up with good reasons to get away. How can I get out of going to work at the last minute? Let’s read about 11 good reasons not to go somewhere at the last minute (reasons).

You do not feel good.

This is one of the best reasons to cancel a trip at the last minute. You can choose any problem that bothers you, like feeling sick, having the flu or cold, red eyes, loose stools, or anything else.

Your kid is sick.

You could also say that your child is sick and taking him or her to the doctor. When kids get sick, it’s common for someone to need to be there to take care of the medicine, go to the doctor, etc., so this is also a good excuse.

The Daycare Crisis

You can say that the daycare is closed because of an emergency, like a power outage, a problem with maintenance, or the staff not being available. So, daycare is closed, and you have to watch the child.

Household Emergency:¬†Just like with daycare, there can be emergencies at home, such as a gas leak, an infestation, a short circuit, etc., so this can be used if you don’t have kids or if your kids don’t go to daycare.

You locked the main door by mistake, and the keys are inside.

This does sound like an emergency: your house keys, car keys, and wallet are all inside, and you can’t get out because the door is locked. Now you’ll have to get a copy of the key and call a locksmith to get the door open.

Your uncle or any other guest could show up out of the blue.

Someone from your hometown comes to visit you at home in the morning, and you can’t leave them alone.

The crown of my tooth fell off while I was eating breakfast, and it hurt.

The tooth cap is another thing you can say to get out of going out. It hurts, and if it doesn’t, who knows?


Back pain is a great excuse because it only gets worse, so you can’t drive, sit, or even walk.

Pet Problem

My dog is sick. Since this morning, he has been throwing up all the time. I will have to take him to the vet. Pets are a good reason to say you can’t go somewhere, so that’s another way to get out of going somewhere at the last minute.

Changes in Mood, Starts to Cry

Bingo, if you’re a girl, this is your excuse, even though men do get grumpy too often. Just say that you’re sad and don’t want to get up and go out.

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Battle at home

Mom and Dad fought last night, and it’s still going on. You are, of course, the go-between or messenger for each of them, so you can’t leave.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment and tell us about your experiences if any of the reasons listed above have helped you or kept you from going out. 

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