Working Excuses for not Kissing Someone: how to refuse a kiss politely

How do you say no to a kiss without being rude? So, it’s fine that you were flirting, but that doesn’t mean you’ll kiss that person. Now, you need a good reason to cover up what you did and how you felt. How do you say that you don’t want to kiss Someone? It’s not always easy to kiss or hug Someone right away, especially if you’re not sure how close you are or what your relationship is with them.

Or, sometimes you really want to feel the connection or have doubts about the connection, so how do you respond to an unwanted kiss? So, if you don’t want to kiss Someone because you think it’s too soon or for any other reason, here is a list of Working Excuses for not Kissing Someone or how to politely refuse a kiss. Let’s readout!

Working reasons why you shouldn’t kiss Someone

I’m still trying to figure out this relationship or feeling.
So it’s not a no; you’d love to be kissed or kiss Someone, but you only want to do it once to be sure. Okay, you’ve said what you think and feel.

You’re coughing.

Even though it’s silly, it won’t upset the person. Instead, it will make them laugh because they’ll know you’re unsure about it.

Jinx or Superstition?

Just say no and say you don’t want to jinx it. Every time you do this, you upset the Universe and put yourself in a situation where you have to break up with that person (who is trying to kiss). People often use silly excuses to get out of these sticky situations without making the other person angry. Now, it doesn’t matter if they believe you, so let them figure out what you meant by what you said.

I’m flattered by your offer, but it will take me a while to get to know you.

So, you’re not saying “no,” you’re just putting it off. We’ll benefit from the doubt here because some people are shy and need time to get used to physical touch or kissing. This can also buy you some time and give you a chance to say no to the kiss.

I want this to be a very special time.

Now that you’ve made this a big deal, you want to be kissed nicely. All you want for your kiss is the right time, place, or situation. This is just another reason to put it off and think about whether or not you want it. So, think about it and let that person also develop a good plan for it.

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If you don’t want to kiss the person who wants to because you feel awkward or don’t like them, be clear about your reasons. If Someone has said that you flirt too much or pay too much attention to them, you need to stop doing that because it will hurt your reputation. Thank you for reading. Stay safe and smiling.

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