Indian Mythology Quiz Questions And Answers

Indian mythology may refer to Hindu mythology, Jain mythology, Buddhist mythology, Sikh mythology, Mythology of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.

Indian mythology contains stories of bravery, adventure, kindness, love that cultivate in children good values and ethics. Religion has a vital role to play in India. Hindu mythological stories are Mahabharata, Ramayana, and the Bhagavad Gita.

Today I will tell you some Indian mythology quiz questions and answers:

(1)What is mythology?
Answer. The collection and study of myths; study of human beliefs.

(2)Who were Achilles?
Answer. Hero of Trojan war

(3)Who killed the demon Kalanemi?
Answer. Hanuman

(4)What was the original name of Mahabharata?
Answer. Jaya

(5)For how many days was the Battle of Kurukshetra fought?
Answer. Eighteen days.

(6)What is the meaning of the word ‘Shiva’?
Answer. The auspicious

(7)Who made Rama and Lakshmana expert archers?
Answer. Vishwamitra.

(8)What was the name of Sugriva’s wife?
Answer. Ruma.

(9)Who was the mother of Dhritarashtra?
Answer. Ambika

(10)Who wrote down the epic Mahabharata while Vyasa was dictating?
Answer. Ganesh

(11)Which one is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu from his Dashavatar?
Answer. Matsya

(12)How many incarnations of Vishnu appeared in Satya or Krita Yuga from his Dashavatar?
Answer. Four

(13)In which Yuga, Shree Rama was born in Ayodhya?
Answer. Treta Yuga

(14)Whom Lord Vishnu kill in the Narasimha avatar?
Answer. Hiranyakashipu

(15)In Mahabharat, Devavrata was the other name of?
Answer. Bhishma

(16)Sati(wife of Lord Shiva) was the daughter of?
Answer. Daksha Prajapati

(17)Who brought the River goddess Ganga to Earth from the heavens?
Answer. Bhagiratha

(18)Who is the consort of Lord Vishnu?
Answer. Lakshmi

(19)Who was the father of Bhishma?
Answer. King Shantanu.

(20)What was the name of Sage Pulastya’s grandson?
Answer. Ravana.

(21)Who performed the Putrakameshti Yajna for King Dasharatha?
Answer. Rishyashringa.

(22)What was the original name of Indrajit?
Answer. Meghanada.

(23)What were the names of Kama’s foster parents?
Answer. Radha and Adhiratha.

(24)Who is known as the father of Sita?
Answer. Raja Janak

(25)In which Yuga, Krishna was born?
Answer. Dwapara Yuga

(26)From which forest Sita was kidnapped by the Ravana?
Answer. Dandaka forest

(27)What was the original name of Valmiki?
Answer. Ratnakar

(28)King Kansa was the uncle of?
Answer. Krishna

(29)Who is the charioteer of Lord Surya?
Answer. Arun

(30)In Hindu mythology, who is also called ‘Mihira’?
Answer. Surya

(31)What was the name of the conch of Arjun?
Answer. Devadatta

(32)Who took Indra’s place when he was hiding?
Answer. Nahusa

(33)Who is recognized as the Creator of the Universe?
Answer. Brahma

(34)In Indian Mythology, who is referred to by various epithets like Kaanina, Vaikarttana, and Champaadhipa?
Answer. Karna

(35)What was the name of Satyabhama’s father?
Answer. Satrajit, a Yadava chieftain.

(36)What was the name of Dhruva’s father?
Answer. Uttanapada.

(37)How was Hiranyaksha related to Hiranyakashipu?
Answer. He was his brother.

(38)What was the name by which the Kama was called by his father when he was young?
Answer. Vasushena

(39)Who was Devayani?
Answer. Devayani was the daughter of Shukracharya.

(40)Who took Devayani out of the well?
Answer. King Yayati.

(41)What is the name of Indra’s elephant?
Answer. Airavata.

(42)Where was the ancient kingdom of Virata?
Answer. Ajmer.

(43)What was the capital of Indra’s kingdom?
Answer. Amaravati.

(44)What was the name of Sati’s father?
Answer. Daksha Prajapati.

(45)Who was the mother of Bhishma?
Answer. Ganga

(46)How many children did Gandhari have?
Answer. A hundred Kauravas and a daughter.

(47)Who was the only daughter of Gandhari?
Answer. Dushshala.

(48)Who was the husband of Dushshala?
Answer. Jayadratha

(49)Who was the mother of Shakuntala?
Answer. Menaka.

(50)What is the meaning of the word Pandava?
Answer. Pandava means an offspring of Pandu. Therefore Yudhishthira is a Pandava.

(51)Who was the half-brother of Dhruva?
Answer. Uttama

(52)Who were Abhimanyu’s parents?
Answer. Arjuna and Subhadra.

(53)Who was Vali’s son?
Answer. Angada.

(54)What was the name of Shakuntala’s husband?
Answer. Dushyanta.

(55)Where did Janaka find Sita?
Answer. Sita was found when a field was ploughed to prepare an area for the Yajna to be performed by Janaka.

(56)Who offered poisoned sweets to Bhima?
Answer. Duryodhana.

(57)Name the only god who is worshipped as a deva, but was actually born into the family of demons?
Answer. Vishwakarma

(58)Who is the first mortal according to the Indian Mythology?
Answer. King Manu

(59)Why did Arjun kill Jayadratha in Mahabharatha?
Answer. Jayadhratha blocked Yudhistir’s way.

(60)Who was the Kaurava supporter of the Pandavas?
Answer. Yuyutsu

(61)Who is known as the father of Sita?
Answer. Raja Janak

(62)What are Mahabharata and Ramayana collectively recognized as?
Answer. Itihasa

(63)What is Ved Vyasa’s original name?
Answer. Krishna Dwaipayana

(64)What was the ancient name of Music?
Answer. Ghandharvam

(65)Which is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu?
Answer. Matsya Avatar (Fish)

(66)In Roman Mythology, who is an Oread?
Answer. A mountain Nymph

(67)What was the former name of Bhishma?
Answer. Devarat

(68)Who was the personal physician of Buddha?
Answer. Jivika

(69)Which are the ten incarnations of Vishnu?

2. Kurma (Tortoise)
3. Varaha (Boar)
4. Narasimha (Man-Lion)
5. Vamana (Dwarf)
6. Parashurama (Rama of the Axe)
7. Rama
8. Krishna
9. Buddha
10. Kalki

(70)What was the name of Draupadi’s father?
Answer. Drupada

(71)What was the name of the Kaurava?
Answer. Yuyutsu.

(72)What was the name of Krishna’s show?
Answer. Saranga.

(73)With which weapon did Krishna kill Shishupala?
Answer. Sudarshana Chakra.

(74)Who killed Jarasandha in a wrestling duel?
Answer. Bhima.

(75)Of which kingdom was Shalya, the king?
Answer. Madra

(76)Why did Gandhari cover her eyes?
Answer. Her husband Dhritarashtra was blind. She wanted to share his fate. Hence she blindfolded herself.

(77)What was the name of Draupadi’s brother?
Answer. Dhrishtadyumna.

(78)How did Hanuman get the name Anjaneya?
Answer. Because he was the offspring of Anjana.

(79)Who succeeded Aja to the throne of Ayodhya?
Answer. Dasharatha.

(80)Who presented the bow, Gandiva to Arjuna?
Answer. Varuna at the request of Agni.

(81)Who was called Vasudeva?
Answer. Krishna

(82)What was the real name of Draupadi?
Answer. Krishnaa.

(83)How did Sita get the name, Janaki?
Answer. From Janaka, her father.

(84)What is the origin of the name, Panchavati?
Answer. Five Banyan trees. Pancha (Five) Vata (Banyan tree).

(85)Who prompts Durvasa to go to the hermitage of the Pandavas?
Answer. Duryodhana.

(86)What was the name of Rama’s bow?
Answer. Kodanda.

(87)Who was the charioteer of Krishna?
Answer. Daruka

(88)Who was Kacha’s father?
Answer. Brihaspati.

(89)For how many years did Janamejaya’s Sarpa-Satra last?
Answer. Twelve years.

(90)Who were the physicians to the devas?
Answer. Ashwini twins.

(91)Where is Upaplavya?
Answer. It was a small city in the kingdom of Virata.

(92)Why is the Kama sometimes called Radheya?
Answer. From his foster mother, Radha. Radheya means an offspring of Radha.

(93)Who captured Draupadi by the hair and dragged her to the courthouse?
Answer. Dushshasana.

(94)Who was Purochana?
Answer. A minister of Duryodhana.

(95)What was the characteristic for which the Kama was famous?
Answer. Generosity.

(96)What was the capital of Janaka’s kingdom?
Answer. Mithila.

(97)What was the name of Dronacharya’s father?
Answer. Sage Bharadwaja.

(98)Who was Lakshmana’s wife?
Answer. Urmila.

(99)Who advises Duryodhana to give half the kingdom to the Pandavas after their marriage to Draupadi?
Answer. Bhishma.

(100)After whom is our country named Bharat?
Answer. After Bharata, son of Shakuntala.

(101)What was the name of King Raghu’s wife?
Answer. Indumati

(102)Who was the mother of Maricha?
Answer. Tataka

(103)What was the vehicle of Kama?
Answer. Parrot

(104)Who are the wives of Vichitravirya?
Answer. Ambika and Ambalika.

(105)For how many days did Abhimanyu fight in the war of Kurukshetra?
Answer. Thirteen days.

(106)What was the name of King Raghu’s father?
Answer.  King Dilipa

(107)Who was the wife of King Dilipa?
Answer. Sudakshina

(108)Who was Sushena, mentioned in the Ramayana?
Answer. The Royal Physician.

(109)The ashram of Valmiki was situated on the bank of which river?
Answer. Tamasa.

(110)How was Kunti related to Krishna?
Answer. Aunt (Krishna’s father’s sister).

(111)Where did Krishna expose to Arjuna his supernatural form?
Answer. On the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

(112)What was the color of Arjuna’s horses?
Answer. White

(113)What was the name of Sage Agastya’s wife?
Answer. Lopamudra

(114)What was the name of Rukmini’s brother?
Answer. Rukmi

(115)Who was trying to send Trishanku to heaven in his bodily form?
Answer. Vishwamitra

(116)Who killed Kartaviryarjuna?
Answer. Parashurama

(117)Who was the guru of Janaka?
Answer. Satyananda.

(118)Who was the father of Subhadra?
Answer. Vasudeva

(119)What was the name of Arjuna’s conch-shell?
Answer. Devadatta

(120)To which dynasty did Kartaviryarjuna belong?
Answer. Hehaya

(121)What was the capital of Kartaviryarjuna?
Answer. Mahishmati

(122)Who was the guru of Dasharatha?
Answer. Vasishtha

(123)What was the name of Prahlada’s father?
Answer. Hiranyakashipu.

(124)How did Ganga get the name Bhagirathi?
Answer. Because Bhagiratha brought her down from heaven.

(125)What was the color of Bhishma’s flag?
Answer. White

(126)How many sons did Draupadi have?
Answer. Five

(127)How many chapters are there in the Gita?
Answer. Eighteen.

(128)Bharata’s mother was Shakuntala. Who was his father?
Answer. Dushyanta.

(129)Who were Ghatotkacha’s parents?
Answer. Hidimbaa and Bhima.

(130)How was Kripacharya related to Ashwatthama?
Answer. His maternal uncle.

(131)Who was Kubera’s father?
Answer. Sage Vishrava.

(132)Who was killed by the Kama by the weapon, Shakti or Amogha?
Answer. Ghatotkacha.

(133)Who was the father of Jamadagni?
Answer. Richika.

(134)Who was Parashurama’s father?
Answer. Jamadagni.

(135)Who was the mother of Yadu?
Answer. Devayani

(136)Who was the king of Mahishmati who had defeated Ravana?
Answer. Kartaviryarjuna. (Also known as Sahasrarjuna)

(137)What was the name of Krishna’s conch-shell?
Answer. Panchajanya.

(138)Who were Pradyumna’s parents?
Answer. Rukmini and Krishna.

(139)What job did Bhima do at Virata’s palace?
Answer. Cook

(140)From whom does Ravana seize control of Lanka?
Answer. From his step-brother, Kubera (also known as Vaishravana).

(141)Who inspired Valmiki to sing of Rama?
Answer. Narada

(142)Where did Krishna shift his people from Mathura?
Answer. Dwaraka

(143)Who was the mother of Ganesha?
Answer. Parvati

(144)Name two generals in the monkey army.
Answer. Nala, Neela, Jambavan.

(145)Who told Bhima how to kill Jarasandha?
Answer. Krishna.

(146)What was the vehicle of Shiva?
Answer. Nandi, the bull.

(147)Where did Krishna shift his people from Mathura?
Answer. Dwaraka

(148)Why did Krishna want to kill Kaliya?
Answer. Kaliya had poisoned the water of Yamuna, because of which trees on its banks dried up and many humans had died.

(149)Where did Luv and Kush tell the story of Rama (Ramayana)?
Answer. At the court of Rama.

(150)Where did Dushyanta and Shakuntala meet?
Answer. In the hermitage of Sage Kanva.

(151)Jamadagm had something which Sahasrarjuna wanted. What was it?
Answer. The cow – Kamadhenu.

(152)How many brothers did Ravana have?
Answer. His two brothers were Vibhishana and Kumbhakarna. He had a half brother named Kubera.

(153)What was the relationship between Maricha and Ravana?
Answer. Maricha was the maternal uncle of Ravana.

(154)Who were the twins among the Pandavas?
Answer. Nakula and Sahadeva.

(155)Who burnt the 60,000 sons of Sagara?
Answer. Sagekapila

(156)Who was Dyumatsena?
Answer. He was Satyavan’s father.

(157)In whose ashram did Rama meet Shabari?
Answer. Sage Matanga.

(158)What was the name of Kamsa’s father?
Answer. Ugrasena.

(159)To whom did the women of Vrindavan pray?
Answer. Durga

(160)What was the name of Nanda’s wife?
Answer. Yashoda

(161)How did Krishna get the name Murari?
Answer. Murari literally means – Enemy of Mura. Krishna killed Mura, a demon, in a battle.

(162)Who was the wife of Bharata?
Answer. Mandavi.

(163)Who saved Takshaka from Janamejaya’s sarpa-satra?
Answer. SageAstika.

(164)Of which kingdom was Jayadratha, the king?
Answer. Sindhu

(165)Why did Shiva bum Kamadeva?
Answer. Because he disturbed the serenity of Shiva’s mind.

(166)What was the name of Jambavati’s father?
Answer. Jambavan

(167)Who killed Satrajit?
Answer. Shatadhanwa.

(168)How many times did Jarasandha attack Mathura?
Answer. Eighteen

(169)What was the name of Savitri’s father?
Answer. Ashwapati

(170)Who was the charioteer of Indra?
Answer. Matali

(171)What was the musical instrument dear to Krishna?
Answer. Flute

(172)When did Kamsa free Vasudeva and Devaki?
Answer. After the birth of their eighth child

(173)Krishna usually plays the flute under which tree?
Answer. Kadamba

(174)Who was the father of Snakuni?
Answer. Subala

(175)What are the four Vedas?
Answer. Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda

(176)What constitutes Vedic literature?
Answer. The four Vedas

(177)Who was instrumental in kidnapping Aniruddha?
Answer. Usha, daughter of Banasura.

(178)In which forest did the Pandavas spend most of their days during the exile?
Answer. In Kamyaka forest.

(179)Who were the parents of Aniruddha?
Answer. Pradyumna (son of Krishna) and Rukmavafi.

(180)When Dushshasana was pulling and removing the sari of Draupadi who made her sari endless?
Answer. Krishna

(181)How was Krishna related to Abhimanyu?
Answer. Abhimanyu was his nephew (sister’s son).

(182)Name city established by Vishwakarma on top of the mountain Trikuta?
Answer. Lanka

(183)Who had given the Syamantaka gem to Satrajit?
Answer. Surya.

(184)What was the name of king Virata’s son?
Answer. Uttara Kumar.

(185)What was the name of King Virata’s wife?
Answer. Sudeshna.

(186)For whom does Nala work as a charioteer?
Answer. King Ritupama

(187)Who were the Ashta-Dikpalakas?
Answer. The guardians of the eight directions.

(188)How many heads does Brahma have?
Answer. Four.

(189)What was the name of Vali’s wife?
Answer. Tara

(190)Who was Indra’s wife?
Answer. Shachi.

(191)On the bank of which river is Ayodhya?
Answer. Sarayu

(192)Who was the family priest of the Pandavas?
Answer. Dhoumya

(193)Who was Ravana’s wife?
Answer. Mandodari.

(194)What was the name of Mandodari’s father?
Answer. She was the daughter of Maya.

(195)Sugriva assigns the task of mustering the monkey forces to whom?
Answer. Nala

(196)Why did Kacha go to Shukracharya’s place?
Answer. To know the secret of immortality.

(197)On the bank of which river is Chitrakoot?
Answer. River Mandakini

(198)Who goes to the court of the Kauravas as the representative of the Pandavas?
Answer. Krishna

(199)Who were Babhruvahana’s parents?
Answer. Chitrangada and Arjuna.

(200)Who performed the funeral rites of Jatayu?
Answer. Rama

(201)How did Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, and Kunti die?
Answer. They died in a forest fire.

(201)Of which kingdom was Chitrangada the princess?
Answer. Manipur

(202)Who taught Duryodhana how to wield a mace?
Answer. Balarama

(203)Who killed Kumbhakarna?
Answer. Rama

(204)Who was Dhruva’s mother?
Answer. Suniti

(205)Who firstly told the news to Bharata about Rama’s arrival from Lanka?
Answer. Hanuman

(206)What was the name of Ahalya’s husband?
Answer. Sage Gautama.

(207)Which animals were yoked to the Pushpaka Vimana?
Answer. Golden Swans

(208)What was the capital of the Kaurava’s kingdom?
Answer. Hastinapura.

(209)What is the modern name for Indraprastha?
Answer. Delhi.

(210)What were the names of Subhadra’s brothers?
Answer. Krishna and Balarama.

(211)Where is Kurukshetra?
Answer. About 40 kilometers to the north of Delhi in modern Haryana.

(212)What are the four yugas in Indian Mythology?

a) Krita yuga.
b) Treta yuga.
c) Dwapara yuga.
d) Kali yuga.

(213)Why did Drona want to humiliate Drupada?
Answer. Because when Drona had sought Drupada’s help, he had been humiliated.

(214)How did Arjuna kill Kama?
Answer. When the Kama was trying to lift the wheel of his chariot, which had sunk in the mud, Arjuna shot him.

(215)Who killed Vritra?
Answer. Indra.

(216)Who carried the message of Nala to Damayanti?
Answer. A swan with golden wings.

(217)Where did Luv and Kush grow up?
Answer. In Valmiki’s Ashram.

(218)Where did Krishna first meet Sudama?
Answer. In Guru Sandipani’s ashram.

(219)Why had Sudama gone to Dwaraka?
Answer. To seek Krishna’s help.

(220)Who incited Ravana to fight with Rama?
Answer. Shurpanakha.

(221)Who is also known as Matsyagandha?
Answer. Satyavati

(222)What is Bhagavad-Gita?
Answer. It means the song sung by the Lord.

(223)From whom did Dronacharya learn the use of weapons?
Answer. From his father, Sage Bharadwaja, and later also from the hermit, Agnivesha.

(224)Who gave divine weapons to Dronacharya?
Answer. Parashurama.

(225)Who told the monkey army that he had seen Ravana carrying Sita across the ocean?
Answer. The vulture, Sampati.

(226)Who was Balarama’s wife?
Answer. Revati.

(227)What was the name of the demon who came in the guise of an ass to kill Krishna?
Answer. Dhenukasura.

(228)Who had sent Bakasura to Vrindavan to kill Krishna?
Answer. Kamsa.

(229)Who conducted the naming ceremony of Krishna?
Answer. Sage Gargacharya.

(230)How old was Krishna when he held aloft the Govardhan Mountain?
Answer. Seven years.

(231)Who was the mother of Indrajit?
Answer. Mandodari

(232)Who freed Nanda from the coils of a python?
Answer. Krishna.

(233)Who told the Yadavas that Krishna and Balarama were the children of Vasudeva?
Answer. Gargacharya.

(234)Who killed Mushtika?
Answer. Balarama.

(235)Krishna preferred a particular color for his robes. Which was it?
Answer. Yellow. (Pitambara)

(236)What form did Keshi, the demon assume to kill Krishna?
Answer. That of a horse.

(237)Which bird’s feather was Krishna fond of placing on his head?
Answer. Peacock.

(238)Who killed Prasena, the brother of Satrajit?
Answer. A lion.

(239)To which deity did Rukmini pray?
Answer. Goddess Parvati.

(240)Who kidnapped Pradyumna when he was just ten years old?
Answer. Shambara.

(241)What is the name of the serpent on which Vishnu rests?
Answer. Maha Shesha.

(242)Who leaves Sita near the ashram of Valmiki?
Answer. Lakshmana.

(243)Who was the mother of Shatrughna?
Answer. Sumitra.

(244)What food did Shabari offer Rama?
Answer. Berries.

(245)Who was the son of Parikshit?
Answer. Janamejaya.

(246)What was the name of the place ruled by Sugriva?
Answer. Kishkindha.

(247)Who taught Uttara to dance?
Answer. Arjuna.

(248)Who brought back to life the dead child of Uttara?
Answer. Krishna.

(249)In the game of dice who did Yudhishthira lose first: Draupadi or himself?
Answer. Himself.

(250)Where did Bhima meet Hanuman?
Answer. Gandhamadana.

(251)What are the names by which Kamadhenu is referred to as?
Answer. Surabhi and also Nandini.

(252)Who was the father of Veda Vyasa?
Answer. Sage Parashara.

(253)What was the name of India’s son?
Answer. Jayanta.

(254)How was the beginning of any battle signaled in the days of the Mahabharata?
Answer. By blowing conches.

(255)Where was the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja?
Answer. At Prayag (modern Allahabad).

(256)Why did Sati burn herself?
Answer. Her husband had been insulted and abused by her father.

(257)Why is Arjuna referred to as Kapidhwaja?
Answer. Because his flag was the image of Hanuman. Kapidhwaja literally means monkey (Kapi) banner (dhwaja).

(258)When Duryodhana, Shakuni, and the Kama wanted to arrest Krishna, what did he do?
Answer. He showed his Vishwarupa.

(259)Who was the mother of Veda Vyasa?
Answer. Satyavati.

(260)Kubera the lord of wealth ruled his kingdom from this fabulously wealthy city. What was the name of the city?
Answer. Alakapuri.

(261)When Rama was in exile, Bharata ruled over Ayodhya in his brother’s name. Name the village from where he ruled as Rama’s deputy.
Answer. Nandigram.

(262)Who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Pandavas during the battle of Kurukshetra?
Answer. Dhrishtadyumna.

(263)Who were the stepbrothers of Bhishma?
Answer. Chitrangada and Vichitravirya.

(264)Who was the sage who cursed Vali that his head would blow up if he ever entered Rishyamooka again?
Answer. Rishi Matanga.

(265)What is the origin of the word Varanasi?
Answer. The name Varanasi formed from two rivers “Varana” and “Asi”.

(266)What was the color of Indra’s elephant, Airavata?
Answer. White.

(267)Who tried to win over the Kama to the Pandava’s side?
Answer. Krishna and Kunti.

(268)Who was the brother of Maricha who was killed by Rama?
Answer. Subahu.

(269)What was the name of Sage Rishyashringa’s wife?
Answer. Shanta.

(270)Who was the twin brother of Lakshmana?
Answer. Shatrughna.







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