Akebono vs. Brembo- How to Choose the Better Brakes

Akebono vs. Brembo- How to Choose the Better Brakes

When it comes to the sport of racing, having reliable brakes is essential to having a successful performance out on the track. Akebono and Brembo are well-known names in the racing world, and you may be curious about which of these two manufacturers offers superior performance for your particular racing requirements.

Because they are such an essential component of your vehicle, the brakes are something you should carefully consider purchasing. Continue reading to find out more information about Akebono and Brembo brakes, as well as how you may choose which brand of brakes is the most suitable for you.

Akebono vs. Brembo

Within motorsports competition, Akebono and Brembo are two names often used when discussing respected brake manufacturers. Because of this, it may be difficult for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. In the following sections, we will analyze both the positive and negative aspects of both kinds of brakes to help you make a choice.

Both Akebono and Brembo have their unique advantages as well as drawbacks. Akebono is available at a more affordable price range and is typically dependable for daily usage while having minimal influence on the rotors of the brakes. On the other hand, the braking sensation produced by Brembo is more intelligent and quick, generating a lower degree of noise than other brands. In addition, Akebono brakes are not intended for use on vehicles manufactured in Europe.

Akebono Brakes Pros

Many racers find that the low-metallic and semi-metallic brakes that Akebono excels in a match their needs.

The following are some of the reasons why people often pick Akebono brakes:

  • Akebono brakes are an excellent budget alternative that will offer you a superior braking experience without requiring you to compromise your money in the process.
  • The Akebono brakes are designed to survive for a very long period and do little harm to the rotors during that time. This frees you from continually worrying about making repairs or replacing parts before you can start racing.
  • No need to break them in: Because they have been designed to be effective immediately, you do not need to spend time breaking in your breaks. This is because the design of the cracks has ensured that they are effective immediately.

Now, let’s look at the problems with them.

Akebono Brakes Cons

It should come as no surprise that Akebono brakes are among the most widely used. However, despite this, they continue to have a few downsides.

The majority of complaints about Akebono brakes may be summarized as follows:

  • There is no functionality available for European automobiles.
  • Lack of lubrication and excessive amounts of friction
  • Compared to Brembo, it has much less stopping power.

Even if Akebono brakes are an excellent option, you should still consider the drawbacks of installing them in your car before making a final decision.

Brembo Brakes Pros

These brakes have a well-deserved reputation worldwide, and there’s a good reason for it. Many people think of Brembo as being linked with quality and performance, and those who use Brembo brakes will notice the effects on the track. Brembo brakes are known for their exceptional quality and performance.

The majority of consumers choose Brembo for their braking system for the following reasons:

  • Brembo brakes have the performance ability to create an impression on every track they are used on.
    The fact that these brakes are potent and carry a significant punch is one of the reasons why so many people value them.
  • Design: Brembo brakes are distinguished by their bright red shims. If you decide to use Brembo brakes, you can be confident that others will take note of you and that your driving will be seen as being far more flashy.
  • Reduced noise: These brakes offer control over vibration and noise, resulting in quieter and more relaxing driving.
  • Brembo brakes are distinguished by their wide selection of calipers compatible with the braking system.

Now, let’s look at the drawbacks of using these brakes.

Brembo Brakes Cons

As a result of these benefits, Brembo brakes have garnered the support of many customers.

Nevertheless, as is the case with any product, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  • A more expensive point of entry
  • Creating a squealing sound at slower speeds
  • The production of dust
  • Inadequate for everyday driving conditions

Choosing the best option requires a balanced view of the benefits and drawbacks.

Where Can I Buy Akebono and Brembo Brakes?

After you have selected your choice, you will be looking for a place to get new brakes and thinking about your options.

These brands are carried by the majority of racing technicians and firms that offer racing supplies. Because they are so widely used, they are not only readily accessible but also quite simple to track down on the internet. Contact your reliable technician or brake specialist to get a price estimate if you want one.


There is always a dispute among drivers over which brand of brakes is the best for their car, but Akebono and Brembo always come out on top as two of the brands that many consider to be among the finest. When it comes to all of your racing endeavors, these brakes will give you both performance and quality.

In summary, Akebono is a good choice if you are looking for a solution that is both more affordable and ready to use immediately. Brembo, on the other hand, is a more pricey alternative that guarantees superior track performance while also producing less track noise.

There is no possibility to make the incorrect decision with either brand if you thoroughly assess your requirements and objectives for the race. This applies regardless of whatever choice you choose.

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