Are Brake Caliper Covers Safe?

Are Brake Caliper Covers Safe?

Over time, the brake calipers on your car can have a worn-down appearance, which may be an eyesore on a more expensive vehicle. Although there are situations in which it is not necessary to replace the brake calipers, you do not want to be driving about with this unattractive component visible. If this is a problem that has been bugging you, you always have the option of purchasing brake caliper covers to cover your calipers to give them a more modern appearance.

Are the coverings for the brake calipers safe? The subject of whether or not brake caliper covers are safe is often posed, and the answer to this question is straightforward: yes, they are safe, provided that they are the appropriate size for your vehicle. The majority of caliper covers are structured to fit snugly over your calipers, concealing any unpleasant look while ensuring that your calipers remain in place and remain safe.

Inappropriate fit is the most significant safety risk. The wheel can get obstructed if you do not purchase coverings that are tailored to your specific automobile model. In addition, if you buy caliper covers that are not constructed from high-quality materials, it may put your car in danger. The most important thing is to be sure that the items you buy are of high quality, specially tailored to suit your vehicle, and that there are no possible safety concerns.

What Exactly Are Covers for Brake Calipers?

Covers for the brake calipers are simply one more step in the correct way if you are interested in personalizing your vehicle. The use of these covers may give your complete car a new and updated appearance while also hiding a region that may become worn with time. You can personalize the appearance of your tires without having to spend the expenses associated with purchasing new wheels or changing the calipers.

To put it simply, they are pieces of metal or hard plastic that may be attached to your calipers to get the desired measurement. Although there are many different types available, which we will go over in the next section, they all adhere to the same fundamental idea. You should keep in mind that you are purchasing caliper covers that are suitable for your car. This is the most important factor to keep in mind.

This is an example of a Caliper Cover that can be purchased from Amazon for a Charger. Simply clicking on the picture will allow you to see it on Amazon as well.

Caliper Covers for the MGP

You can get caliper covers that are a perfect fit for your vehicle, regardless of the paint job that you have on your vehicle. A significant number of the brake caliper covers that are now available on the market are customized. This means that you have the option of having them engraved or being available in a variety of colors. They are also able to show the brand of your car, which guarantees that they are compatible with it.

What Kind of Quality Are Brake Caliper Covers?

It is possible to get a great number of brake caliper covers on the market that are of exceptional quality and will continue to serve your car for many years to come. The purchase of caliper covers of lower quality, on the other hand, is not without its associated dangers, as these covers are prone to breaking or wearing out with rapid wear and tear. When making a purchase, it is of the utmost importance to choose a brand that has a good reputation and creates high-quality items.

The majority of the caliper covers that are now available for purchase online are constructed from aerospace aluminum that has been shaped to accommodate each caliber. Investing in metal coverings is the best option since they are not only more durable but also have a lesser likelihood of breaking down with repeated usage. Covers from the majority of the better brands come with a warranty that not only assures their quality but also helps to ensure that you are purchasing a product that is worth your money.

Among the materials that are often used for caliper covers are the following:

  • Hard plastic,
  • Fiberglass,
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel material

It is possible to engrave some caliper covers with logos that are intended to remain on the cover without diminishing over time. To ensure that the covers are a great fit for your vehicle, you should browse around for them since many firms do sell them in a wide range of colors and even designs. To ensure that the covers you choose remain in place for an extended period, they should come with a clip attachment of some kind.

Watch out for fraudulent activity in the industry of caliper covers.

MGP Caliper Covers is a brand that is quite well-known in the world of caliper covers today; nevertheless, as soon as this firm became well-known, another thing became well-known as well: the rise in the number of fraudulent claims.

Before purchasing a business, you should make sure that you have thoroughly investigated that company and that you have confirmed that they are a real manufacturer. There are knockoff copies of caliper covers that are available online at reduced rates, which is an issue that many people to purchase them encounter.

You may be able to save money by buying from a company that offers cheaper prices, but the quality of the product you get is often worse. The easiest way to make a purchase is to do so directly from the maker of the excellent product or the verified Amazon page . When you buy from third-party sellers, you run the risk of receiving an item that is not authentic or that is not of the quality that you want according to your requirements.

A great number of businesses are making efforts to prevent the sale of knockoff items under their brand name; yet, it may be challenging to prevent every fraudulent seller from selling their products. The best approach to safeguard yourself is to do your research, and the following are some simple methods that might help you narrow down your search:

  • Avoid going to any other internet source and instead go to the website of the manufacturer.
  • Learn from the experiences of previous clients.
  • Make sure that the costs you are considering are not “too good to be true” by comparing them instead.
  • For information on the materials that were used to manufacture the calipers, read any available entries.
  • When making a purchase, look for an additional warranty.
  • Ensure that all of the business names are consistent, as well as the locations from where the components are sent and the places where they were manufactured.

The Choice Between Painting Your Calipers and Adding a Cover

Some people can revitalize the appearance of their calipers by painting them, which is a viable alternative, but it may not be the greatest one. If your calipers are in really poor condition, applying a coat of paint will not improve their appearance or repair any damage that may have occurred. The usage of a cover is often the superior choice since it will conceal the appearance of the worn calipers and provide your vehicle with a clean and modern appearance.

If the appearance of your calipers is particularly worn, it is possible that getting new calipers would be a more appropriate option than either painting or covering them. On the other hand, new coverings that are well-made may be beneficial to almost any car. Although the initial cost of purchasing covers may be somewhat more than that of paint, it is important to note that they will undoubtedly endure for a longer period.

In addition, painting the calipers is not always a simple procedure, and if you do not do the job to the best of your ability, it may result in the end product being sloppy. The installation of covers, on the other hand, is quite simple, and there is a high probability that you will accomplish it correctly. Painting may only last for a year, but covers will remain in place for a much longer period and will last you for many years to come.

Advantages of Using Caliper Covers

Some people may be reluctant to wear caliper covers because they feel they interfere with the inherent capabilities of their vehicles. On the other hand, they may truly be of great help to your vehicle, and there are a lot of advantages that come along with these particular gadgets. Just a handful of these advantages are as follows:

  • The dust that is blown off of your brake pads is directed toward the back of the car by caliper covers, which means that less dust is blown onto the outside surface of your wheels. This helps to keep your brakes clean. Your wheels will remain cleaner as a result of this over time.
  • There is a widespread misunderstanding that the addition of caliper covers would increase the amount of friction and heat that takes place. Caliper covers, on the other hand, can reduce the amount of heat that is generated by your brakes, therefore enhancing the overall performance of the brakes. Because so many are constructed of aluminum, this is a fantastic method for lowering the total amount of heat that is accumulated.

Instructions on How to Put Caliper Covers on Your Vehicle

Caliper over installation is a method that is quite simple and anyone knowledgeable about automobiles can easily do it.

There are just a few hand tools that are required for the installation procedure, which is easy for the majority of brands. You should make sure that you read any specifications that come with the covers, since these specs may be quite particular to the manufacturer.

Nowadays, you may buy caliper covers that go on using slots or those that utilize studs. These are the two kinds of covers that are often available for purchase.

Both kinds are quite simple to install, but to correctly install them, you will need to follow a few slightly different procedures. If you are ever uncertain of how to install these components, you should always seek the assistance of a professional to carry out the installation for you. This will guarantee that everything is completed in the correct manner, which will ensure your safety.

Bracket Caliper Covers or Slot Clips for Calipers

If you are going to buy a caliper cover that has a bracket or clip that has a slot-like design, there are a few essential measures that you need to perform to install them correctly. The following are the steps:

Step 1 – Place the caliper cover on top of the brake caliper, ensure that you center it across the front. When you connect the brackets to the cover piece, you need to make sure that they are flat against the corner sections of the caliper bracket.

Step 2 – Fasten the caliper cover in place using the provided clips. The cover bracket and the caliper bracket that is located below it are often able to slip over these. They should be a tight fit to guarantee that the components will remain in place.

Step 3 – You should receive some form of lock nuts with your caliper covers, which you will screw onto the studs and tighten using a hand wrench or socket wrench.

It is important to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of space between the brake rotor and any clips that you place. This space should be around one-eighth of an inch. You must never overtighten the lock nuts; instead, you should only tighten them that one-half to one full turn beyond what you can achieve with your fingers.

Keep in mind that there are instances in which the tab on the caliper covers could need some adjustments to ensure that they are a suitable fit for your particular car. To get the greatest possible fit, you may just use pliers to bend them slightly. Regardless of the circumstances, you should make certain that the cover lies flat against your calipers to the greatest extent feasible.

Caliper Covers that Attach to Stud-Type Clips or Brackets

You will follow fairly similar methods if your caliper covers are sent with stud-type closures; however, there are a few significant variations to consider. You need to follow these instructions to successfully install these caliper covers:

First, into or around the edges of the brake caliper bracket, slide the clips that come with your caliper covers. This is the first step. These clips should be able to adhere to the cover in a manner that is rather snug and secure.

You will now position the holes that are in the cover piece over the threaded studs that are on the clips that you had previously fitted. Step 2: After placing the cover over the caliper, you will then position the cover. Because they are custom-made to fit snugly into your calipers, it may be difficult to position the second bracket such that it fits over the stud perfectly. It is not a cause for panic if you find that you need to use some force to get the caliper.

In the third phase, you will get lock nuts along with your covers. These nuts will be screwed into the threaded studs, just like in the previous steps. You are going to use a hand wrench or a socket wrench once again to manually tighten the nuts. You are going to check the clearance to make sure that there is a gap between the clips and the brake rotors that is about equivalent to the size of a business card.

When you are working with locknuts, you should always make sure that you are not over tightening them. As is the case with the other covers, you will only want to tighten them approximately a turn more than you can do by hand. If you want to make sure that the cover is flush with your caliper, you may also use pliers to make a minor adjustment to these tabs.

Visuals of the Installation

Because written instructions are difficult to picture, it might be difficult to follow them while installing your caliper covers. Nevertheless, there are videos available on the internet that you can watch, and you can always ask for assistance from a professional who is more experienced in the process of carrying out this installation. Here are several high-quality videos that demonstrate the installation of caliper covers:

  • Here is the video:
  • Here is the video:
  • See this video at
  • Here is the video:

Are Brake Calipers Designed to Be Side-Specific?

Before you take on the job of placing covers on your brake calipers, there are a few things that you should take into consideration, especially if you are not very knowledgeable about brake calipers. One of these things is whether or not the covers are side-specific. These calipers are side-specific, which implies that their covers are also side-particular. The calipers themselves are side-specific. When it comes to changing either the calipers or the covers, it is preferable to do it in pairs rather than replacing just one of them on its own.

After placing the bleeder on top, you will be able to determine the difference between the calipers on the right-hand side and those on the left-hand side. If you mix and match them, the bleeder will not be on top, and you will need to alter their position. Regardless of the kind of car you own, the process of installation and determining whether or not you are using the appropriate portion on either side needs to be straightforward.

Obtain Caliper Covers that are a Perfect Fit for Your Wheels

The majority of firms that are now accessible provide caliper covers that are compatible with a wide range of wheels. Although the majority of aftermarket wheels do give sufficient clearance for the brake caliper covers, there are instances in which the wheels that come standard with the vehicle do not do this. Fortunately, a significant number of individuals who are interested in incorporating changes such as caliper covers have already brought their wheels up to date. A few pointers to help you get the perfect fit are as follows:

  • Before buying your brake caliper covers, you need to measure to verify that there is sufficient clearance; this is true regardless of the wheels that your car has. The vast majority of covers need just a little amount of clearance, which is about equivalent to a couple of stacked quarters or a place for a business card. Whatever the case may be, you should make certain that there is sufficient space for the protection of your car regardless of the circumstances.
  • Contacting the manufacturer directly is the best way to get more assistance in locating caliper covers that are suitable for your vehicle. Almost all businesses provide a drop-down list that specifies the various automobiles that their caliper covers are suitable for installation. It is possible that some manufacturers may not have your particular vehicle model mentioned, which might indicate that they do not offer brake calipers that are readily compatible with your wheels.
  • Unless you make direct contact with the manufacturer and verify that the caliper covers are interchangeable, it is generally recommended that you refrain from acquiring caliper covers that are not developed specifically for your vehicle. In such a case, you should either look for another manufacturer or hold off on purchasing until they provide coverings that are suitable for your vehicle.

Does Using Caliper Covers Hurt Your Vehicle?

Should you be on the fence regarding whether or not to add caliper covers to your vehicle, you should know that high-quality covers should be safe for your vehicle. Your brake caliper covers should not hurt your vehicle so long as you make sure to obtain them from a reputed manufacturer and guarantee that there is sufficient space for your wheels.

Covers of higher quality should be able to withstand the heat generated by your brakes with ease and should continue to look excellent for years without requiring any maintenance.

There are, however, a few issues that many people often have concerning the addition of these coverings to their vehicles:

  • To do brake servicing, is it possible to remove the caliper covers? If your car requires service for its brakes, the technician of your choice should have little trouble removing the covers and doing any necessary repairs. Because the majority of covers are easy to install and remove, as shown above, you should be able to remove them on your own whenever they are required. You may want to remove and reinstall them yourself to save a step for your neighborhood body shop. This will guarantee that they are properly maintained.
  • Do coverings render warranties from the manufacturer null and void? Having your caliper cover affects the warranty that your manufacturer provides is an extremely remote possibility. The majority of them are carefully crafted to guarantee that they are safe for your vehicle, and as far as warranties are concerned, they should not present any problems. You should get in touch with the person who is in charge of the warranty to find out more information about the situation.
  • Is it possible to paint brake caliper covers? – In an ideal scenario, you should select brake caliper covers that are compatible with the color of your car and do not need a significant amount of modifications. The fact remains, however, that even the finest covers are susceptible to minor scratching or scuffing with consistent usage. The majority of manufacturers do permit making little adjustments to the paint, and they ought to indicate the paint that they propose.

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