Cindy Hyde-Smith Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Website

How to contact Cindy Hyde-Smith ? Cindy Hyde-Smith Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

Cindy Hyde-Smith Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Website

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(b. 1959). US politician Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed from Mississippi in 2018 as Republican to the US Senate. Later that year, she won a special election to that body. She was the first woman in Congress to represent Mississippi.

Cindy Hyde was born in Brookhaven, Mississippi, on 10 May 1959. She studied criminal justice and political science at the University of Southern Mississippi after attending community colleges, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in 1981. She then worked as a political lobbyist for numerous organisations, among them the National Coalition on Health Care and the Southern Coalition for Safer Highways. She married Michael Smith and the couple maintained a farm where they grew cattle after living in Brookhaven. They also maintained an auction market for livestock in Brookhaven.

Hyde-Smith first became a member of the Democratic Party when she successfully ran for a seat in the Mississippi State Senate in 1999. Next her assumption the following year, she focused on agricultural problems, particularly supporting laws aimed at safeguarding farmers’ property rights. In 2010, before joining the contest for the Mississippi State Commissioner for Agriculture and Commerce, she changed her membership with the Republican Party. She won the campaign in 2011 and became the first woman to be elected. In 2015, she was re-elected.

In 2018, Governor Phil Bryant nominated Hyde-Smith as the United States Senate’s seat, which was opened with Thad Cochran’s retirement. On April 9, Hyde-Smith entered the Senate. She subsequently competed for the rest of Cochran’s term in the special election. Her platform includes the abrogation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010), elimination of federal abortion financing, and protection of gun rights. Hyde-Smith was the first to vote on 6 November. But since no candidate won the majority, she had to run into a runoff with second-place finisher Mike Espy. Espy was the first African American to hold that cabinet role as a former American secretary of agriculture.

After several inflammatory statements by Hyde-Smith, the subsequent runoff gained global attention. In a video that appeared on 11 November, Hyde-Smith commented to one of her followers that “I would be on the front line if he invited me to hang in public.” Espy was among several who decried the comment evoking African Americans’ history of racial violence and lynchings. In another video, which appeared a few days later, Hyde-Smith apparently remarked about the suppression of the vote. Referring to the “liberal people” on college campuses, she said, “Maybe we want to make life a bit harder for them.” Hyde-Smith then apologised for her public comment, emphasising on her meaning “no ill will.” She also stated that her comment about making it harder for liberal students to vote was “clearly” a joke. Nonetheless, several firms and organisations who participated in the Hyde-Smith campaign withdrew their support and requested reimbursement for their donations. On 27 November, when the race took place, Hyde-Smith defeated Espy by 54% to 46%.

As a senator, Hyde-Smith soon emerged as President Donald Trump’s staunch friend. In 2019, Trump was challenged by the US House of Representatives. The president has been accused of delaying assistance from Ukraine to encourage the country to start an inquiry into corruption against political adversary Joe Biden. (In the presidential election of 2020, Biden ultimately defeated Trump.) Hyde-Smith chose not to indict Trump, who was acquitted in a nearly political vote, at the Senate prosecution trial held at the beginning of 2020. She also elected to confirm that in 2018 she was appointed to the Trump Supreme Court by Brett Kavanaugh and 2020 by Amy Coney Barrett.

In the general election of November 2020, Hyde-Smith again confronted Espy in another carefully watched fight in the Senate. Hyde-Smith made Trump a main focus of her campaign support. This time she won Espy with a slightly broader majority of 56% to 42% to gain a full term in the Senate.

The Senate is one of the two houses of the United States bicameral Congress, created by the United States Constitution in 1789. It bears equal legislative responsibility with the U.S. House of Representatives. Each state elects two six-year senators.

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith works for all Mississippi people and is an official committed to conservative beliefs. She is the first Mississippi woman in Washington, D.C. She was appointed to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by long-time U.S. Senator Thad Cochran and then a victory in special elections in November 2018 in November 2020.

Hyde-Smith was a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriating, the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Rules and Administration Committee at the 117th Congress.

Hyde-Smith is a member of the Appropriations Committee of the Senate and has a membership of six subcommittees, among them: agriculture, rural development, the food and drug administering and related agencies; energy and water development; home security; internal, environmental, and related agencies; labour, health, human and education, and related agencies.

Hyde-Smith serves as Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee on three subcommittees: Commodities, Risk Management and Trade; Conservation, Forestry, and Natural Resources; and Cattle, Dairy, Poultry, Local Food Systems, and Safety and Security of Food.

In the Committee for Energy and Natural Resources, Hyde-Smith serves as a Ranking Committee member in three subcommittees, including: energy; public land, forestry, and mining; and water and power.

As senator, Hyde-Smith has been engaged and successful in the legislative process, using her committee commitments to support state and nation policies and legislation to improve the overall quality of life for all Mississippi people.

In March 2019 it became law as a comprehensive legislative package, the first bill which it introduced as Senator – the Migratory bird framework and the Hunting Opportunities for Veterans Act to extend duck season to January 31 and to establish a special weekend for youth, veterans and active militants.

Hyde-Smith has utilised her position and influence on the influential Senate Appropriations Committee to benefit the Mississippis and the economy in many ways. The twelve bills of annual appropriations she helped to craft for financial years 2019-2021 supported funding to include: the Gulf Costa Shipbuilding; Mississippi’s strong defence and aerospace sectors; Mississippi agriculture; rural and broadband rural health; and border security, and other issues of priority.

As a member of the Agriculture Committee of the Senate, Hyde-Smith played an important role in the preparation and the passage of the Farm Bill for 2018. It included provisions concerning rural economic development, better crop insurance for flood-prone regions, chronic waste research and forestry health.

At the start of 2019, by ensuring promises from the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency for the review of the previously vetoed project, Hyde-Smith re-initiated efforts to address the catastrophic flooding of the Yazoo Backwater Area. Hyde-Smith then helped gain funds for a new proposed plan for the Yazoo area pump project and the pre-construction project engineering and related activities by the Corps of Engineers.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent emergency and economic catastrophe for public health, Hyde-Smith has been a pioneer in helping obtain billions of support to rural hospitals for addressing the coronavirus and expanding telemedicine for Medicare patients. She has also been working to win help for farmers, food banks and small businesses.

Hyde-Smith has a solid social-conservative electoral record and has been awarded Susan B. Anthony List’s A plus for pro-life leadership as she continues to struggle for life and particularly against initiatives to expand mail order and conduct he/she abortions. She is also a member of the NRA for life.

Prior to becoming the U.S. Senator for Mississippi, Hyde-Smith was elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015 as Commissioner of Agriculture and Trade for Mississippi.

Hyde-Smith worked as Commissioner for Agriculture and Trade to ensure justice and equity on the market and safeguard Mississippians through strong regulatory standards. It has successfully cut government procedures for easing Mississippi farmers and small enterprises’ financial load. Her initiatives to reopen overseas markets for US beef exports, to push country-of-origin food labelling and to ensure that the imported catfish fulfil USDA food safety standards were highlighted in her term. The Agency was recognised as a “Model Agency” for efficiency and financial control under its leadership. Hyde-Smith has below one percent of its entire term spending growth in the agency.

Hyde-Smith had served as chairman of the Committee on Agriculture for twelve years in the Mississippi State Senate before heading the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Trade. Hyde-Smith, as legislator, has championed policies to promote and protect all aspects of farming.

She struggled to safeguard the rights of private property, encouraged the reform of harm and won her esteem for conservative budgetary and business-friendly efforts.

As a U.S. senator, Hyde-Smith has been presented with the Conservative Award from the American Conservative Union Foundation and the US Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award. Hyde-Smith won multiple medals and honours from the Business and Industry Political Education Committee for her efforts as State legislator and champion of farming, including the highest rating for a strong pro-business and fiscal-conservative voting record.

Hyde-Smith also earned the Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts’ Award for Agriculture Legislator for the Year, the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Ambassador Award, the Delta Council Achievement Award, and the Alcorn State University Outstanding Service to Small Farmers Award.

Hyde-Smith is a Copiah-Lincoln Community College and Southern Mississippi University graduate.

Hyde-Smith has a daughter with her spouse Mike, Anna-Michael. They live in Brookhaven and are active members of the Baptist Church of Macedonia. The Senator’s family is a family of farmers of the fifth generation that grow beef cattle and are partners in the local stock market in Brookhaven.

Cindy was the first woman to be elected Mississippi Commissioner for Agriculture and Commerce before becoming a US Senator. She was first elected in 2011 and won an easy 2015 reelection.

Prior to serving as the lead of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, she held a post never held by a woman for 12 years in the Mississippi State Senate.As a politician, she advocated measures for the development and preservation of agriculture.

She supported the reform of tort and pushed conservative Budget and pro-business ideas. They maintained private property rights.She’s a solid conservative electoral record, 100% pro-life, and a lifelong NRA member.

As Agriculture Commissioner, Cindy has worked to secure fairness and equity in the marketplace and protect the people of Mississippi through appropriate regulatory policies. She pledged to support Mississippi farmers and ranchers to keep food and fibre safe at the most affordable prices and to keep the highest levels of consumer confidence. Under his leadership, the agency was recognised as a “model agency” for efficiency and the agency spending over its whole tenure was less than one percent growth.

As a US Senator, Cindy earned the US Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Enterprise Award and the American Conservative Union Foundation Award for Conservatives. She also got various medals and honours for her work as a national legislator and agricultural champion, including the highest rank in the Business and Industry Policy Education Committee for a strong pro-business and fiscal-conservative voting record.

Hyde-Smith also won an Agriculture Legislator of the Year Award from the Mississippi Conservation District Association, the Mississippi Farm Federation’s Ambassador Award, the Delta Council’s Achievement Award and the Alcorn State University’s Outstanding Service to Small Farmers Award. In 2013, Cindy also received the Distinguished Service Award of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation. The Farm Bureau honours an individual and is only awarded to someone who has really made a difference in the lives of Mississippi farmers.

Cindy holds tight relations with the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, Lincoln County Forestry Association, Lincoln County Livestock Association, and Mississippi Landscape Association, graduating from Copiah-Lincoln Community College and Southern Mississippi University.

Cindy and her husband Mike have a family farmer’s daughter, Anna-Michael. They farm beef and are partners in the local stock market of Brookhaven, Lincoln County Livestock. She and her family now live in Brookhaven and are active members of the Baptist Church in Macedonia.

Cindy Hyde-Smith, the incumbent U.S. Republican, 61, from Brookhaven is the first woman elected from Mississippi to Congress.

In April 2018, former state legislator and ex-State agricultural commissioner, Hyde-Smith, was originally appointed to fill the US Senate vacancy by Republican Thad Cochran by then-Gov. Phil Bryant. In November 2018, Hyde-Smith won a special seat election.

Hyde-Smith, for much of her 12 years as a Democrat as a state senator, has a conservative record of voting in congress and has been an ardent backer of President Donald Trump’s foreign and domestic policies.

Hyde-Sith is Chair of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee and serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee, six sub-commissions, including agriculture.

Hyde-Smith is a livestock breeder and a partner in Brookhaven’s stock auction. She’s got one daughter, Mike and her husband. She is a Copiah-Lincoln Com graduate. Cindy Native to Brookhaven, Mississippi, Hid-Smith was elected by the Mississippi voters in November 2011 Commissioner for Agriculture and Commerce and was re-elected for the second term in 2015, ending a 12-year tenure as District 39 State Senator of Mississippi. With her election, Hyde-Smith made the history of Mississippi the first woman ever to be elected to the state. She is also now the sole female commissioner elected in the U.S.

Commissioner Hyde-Smith serves as Chairman of the South United States Trade Association, Chairman of the Southern Association of the State Agriculture Departments, and Co-Chairman of the Agriculture Policy Advisory Council of Chairman Donald Trump.Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith has earned various accolades and honours, including:

Awarded to exceptional political women leaders from over 100,000 office-women around the country by Women in Leadership of the Institute.

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s distinguished Service Award, an individual’s highest recognition for contributing towards making a difference in farmers’ lives.

Friend of Agriculture Award and August Ambassador Award for Federal Leadership and Service to the Farming Industry by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation.

Hyde-Smith, together with her husband Mike, are the proud parents of the sixth generation farmer Anna-Michael. Together they produce beef cattle and are partners in the local stock market Lincoln County Livestock in Brookhaven, which has been holding a live cattle auction every Tuesday since 1942. She and her family now live in Brookhaven and are active members of the Baptist Church in Macedonia.

Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith is a strong Republican who throughout her entire career has championed Mississippi farmers and ranchers.

(1)Full Name: Cindy Hyde-Smith

(2)Nickname: Cindy Hyde-Smith

(3)Born: 10 May 1959

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(8)Marital Status: Married

(9)Profession: Politician

(10)Birth Sign: Taurus

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

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(17)Address: Brookhaven, Mississippi, U.S

(18)Contact Number: 202-224-5054

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