Does BTS respond to fan mail

Does BTS answer mail from fans?

Most likely, no.

Will BTS answer letters from fans?

No, that’s not right. BTS won’t answer your letter. That’s not how things work.

Do BTS answer DMs?

BTS does not answer direct messages on social media. When the group wasn’t as famous, they interacted with fans more on social media.

Does BTS accept fan mail?

Yes, you can send fan art as long as it fits in a standard paper envelope and isn’t too big.

Does BTS still read fan letters?

Yes, at least RM does. In an interview, RM said that they read fan mail and love to hear what their fans have to say about them. Suppose you want to send a letter. Write it .. Address it to all BTS members. I’m sure RM will read it.

Can people still write to BTS?

They do, yes. Don’t use an envelope that’s too fancy; keep it simple. No matter how big or small the envelope is, bighit wants it to be neat. Bts can, in fact, read English.

Do BTS answer in Reverse?

On Reverse, members of the ARMY and BTS can talk to each other and with each other. The members of BTS often log in and respond to posts from fans.

How can I get in touch with BTS on Instagram?

You can use the TinyTAN chat theme on Messenger and the new Messenger experience on Instagram by going to your chat settings, tapping “Theme,” and then choosing “TinyTAN.”

How do you get BTS’s attention?

I think that BTS members try to make eye contact with as many fans as they can, but the best way to do that is to be very close. Even then, a lot depends on luck. Even then, they might look at you, but if you want to be noticed one-on-one, that happens so rarely.

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