Does Safeway Drug Test? [Useful Information You Should Know]

Does Safeway Drug Test? [Useful Information You Should Know]

Before being allowed to join the team, new workers at many grocery shops and retail establishments in the United States must pass a drug test. For this time, drug testing is an essential component of the employment process for businesses such as Kroger, Aldi, and other similar locations.

You may be interested inin pass a drug test if you are considerconsideringplying for a job at Safeway and are in the process of making your decision. Continue reading this essay, in which I will share what I have learned to get the solution.

Does Safeway Drug Test?

Yes. Although Safeway is not regarded as the most stringent drug tester in the grocery sector, the company is known to drug test both current workers and prospective new hires.

A mandatory drug test is part of onboarding for all newly recruited employees at most Safeway locations in the United States, including those returning to the company. Candidates who do well on the examination, which may occur on-site or in a clinic in the immediate area, are encouraged to apply for a position with Safeway.

Please continue reading if you want information about the particular Safeway locations that need drug testing, the categories of substances that are checked for, and other relevant topics!

Does Every Safeway Drug Test?

According to claims made by several employees at Safeway, not all of the company’s shops in the United States would perform drug testing on candidates for all open jobs.

Each state’s local regulations and shop managers’ discretion may play a role in the choice of whether or not to test for drugs. Despite this, Safeway requires all of its transportation workers to pass a drug test, which may be a hair drug test for drivers.

In places where the use of certain recreational drugs is permitted, businesses may not be required to conduct drug tests on all of their employees. Alternatively, they may only be required for particular positions, such as driver or pharmacist.

Does Safeway Drug Test During Orientation?

Safeway may conduct drug testing either at the interview stage or by arranging a drug test at a clinic and prolonging the interview procedure. Both options are available to the company. On the other hand, this method may be executed differently depending on the precise location of the Safeway shop. While some Safeway stores are equipped to conduct drug testing on the premises, others are not.

What Type of Drug Test Does Safeway Conduct?

In most cases, Safeway will conduct a saliva drug test, which involves taking a sample of saliva from the prospective employee’s mouth using a cotton swab to capture the saliva. After that, a screening is performed on the model to establish whether or not the test can proceed.

Some Safeway workers have indicated that a urine test is usually only required if an employee has been harmed. However, some Safeway locations may mandate that employees submit to such a test.

Does Safeway Drug Test Their Drivers?

Safeway drivers are subjected to a drug test, a physical check, and a driving test. This is because transportation often regarded as one of the most dangerous industries.

These standards have been developed by the recommendations of the Department of Transportation (DOT), and all Safeway shops in the United States must conform to these guidelines when it comes to the employment of drivers.

Which Substances Are Looked For During Safeway’s Drug Tests?

Safeway conducts drug tests for a wide range of substances, including recreational drugs that may be lawfully used in the state where the test is being fulfilled. There is a comprehensive list that may be used as a comprehenionally; alcohol and cannabis are also subjected to testing, and the simple presence of any of these drugs in a candidate’s sample might lead to the applicant being disqualified by the supervisor in charge of the administration.

On the other hand, throughout the review process, even trace amounts of alcohol, steroids, or cannabis that were used in the past may not be taken into account.

Will Safeway Hire Me If I Fail My Drug Test?

If a candidate for employment at Safeway fails a drug test administered by the firm, the application is usually turned down. Rejected candidates, on the other hand, are often allowed to reapply after six months, when they are required to undergo a fresh drug test.

At any given moment, Safeway may choose to perform drug testing on its staff in a random fashion. If an employee fails their drug test, it may result in the termination of their job; nevertheless, the decision to terminate an employee’s employment rests ultimately at the discretion of the management as well as the precise circumstances surrounding the failed test.

If a person working in the transportation industry fails a drug test, they risk losing their job and being kicked out of their DOT insurance. This is because breaking the safety measures connected with transportation duty by operating a vehicle while under the influence of narcotics is illegal.

How Do I Pass A Drug Test At Safeway?

There are several measures that job candidates who are interested in working at Safeway may take to be ready for their drug test. It is essential to keep in mind that a cross-reaction caused by some prescription medications might provide a false positive result in a drug test, even if the prospective employee in question does not engage in drug usage.

Candidates seeking jobs at Safeway might take the following actions to be ready for a drug test there:

  • They should gargle with a mouthwash that does not include alcohol and clean the inside of their cheeks with a toothbrush. A drug test website suggests that using toothpaste with activated charcoal may also assist in reducing the amount of drug residue left in the mouth.
  • Smoking and the use of recreational substances should be avoided until after the interview process and the onboarding procedure have been finished.

The most reliable strategy for passing a drug test is to refrain from taking any drugs until after you have been employed since this will ensure that you do not get a positive result. Those who use prescription medications, on the other hand, should give the recommendations above some thought to cut down on the possibility of a false positive result.

Does Safeway Drug Test In Canada?

Because Canada’s Human Rights Code forbids drug testing without legitimate grounds, such as a suspicion that an individual is impaired, Safeway employees in Canada are exempt from having to undergo a drug test. Check out our related articles on the Safeway dress code, employee discounts, and an explanation of what Safeway is if you’re curious about learning more about Safeway.

Closing Remarks

All transportation workers are obliged to submit to drug testing, and the majority of Safeway shops in the United States provide drug tests to its current personnel and any new hires. The drug test administered at Safeway screens for alcohol, the majority of commonly used illicit substances, and legal recreational drugs. A mouth swab test is performed most of the time, although some areas need a urine test. Due to the potential for random testing to violate Canada’s Human Rights Code, Safeway Canada does not conduct drug screenings on its staff members.

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