Safeway Dress Code 2024 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye, Tattoos + More)

Safeway Dress Code 2023 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye, Tattoos + More)

Compared to other supermarket and retail establishments, Safeway stands apart becausel at both the grocery store and the pharmacy need to wear a standardized uniform. As an alternative, they have instituted a dress code to guarantee that their employees professionally show themselves.

This article will supply you with the information you want if you are interested in working at Safeway and have questions about the business’s policy on employee attire. Read on to get more information!

Safeway Dress Code

To ensure that staff professionally present themselves, Safeway’s dress code requires them to wear formal trousers, subdued colors, and less complicated accessories. Additionally, a conservative hair color is necessary, and facial piercings and tattoos visible to the naked eye are prohibited. Furthermore, Safeway’s policy only allows mustache worn on the face during the day.

Continue reading this article if you are interested in learning more about the intricacies of Safeway’s dress code for pharmacy personnel, their attitude on multicolored hair dye, and other relevant regulations.

What are the prescribed dress code standards for each department at Safeway?

Although every department at Safeway has its own set of requirements for appropriate attire, all workers must adhere to the General Grooming Standards specified in the Safeway employee handbook.

For both male and female workers, the dress code at Safeway requires them to adhere to specific grooming requirements, which may be broken down into the following categories:

Guidelines for Male Employees:

Hair: Male personnel are required to keep their coat clean and groomed in a friendly manner. To avoid distractions, disruptions to work, or safety issues (for example, temporary hair dye that might leak into meals), it is recommended that hair color be conservative.

Hands and Nails: Maintaining clean hands and nails by washing them regularly is essential.

Facial HaMaintainingaintained clean-shaven, and handlebar mustaches is essential beards and goatees are prohibited. Nevertheless, mustaches of a regular length are acceptable.

Personal cleanliness is something that Safeway wants its male workers to keep at a level that is considered to be acceptable. To prevent bad breath and body odor, they should refrain from using unhygienic behaviors such as chewing their nails, coughing or sneezing into their hands, and other similar behaviors.

The recommendation for jewelry is that it be simple and have a professional appearance. To avoid potential safety issues, neck chains should be worn within the shirt’s collar, and face piercings are not allowed.

Garments: Each and every article of clothes must be in excellent shape, clean, and the appropriate size. It is preferable to wear pressed garments.

Guidelines for Female Employees:

Hair: Female personnel must have hair dyed conservatively, and long hair should be kept away from the face to prevent food from touching it or obstructing their eyesight.
Hands and Nails: Nails may be coated with polish that is either clear or one that has a soft hue (for example, beige, nude, or light pink). Job responsibilities should not be affected by the length of the fingernails.
Personal Hygiene: Safeway anticipates that its female workers will maintain a satisfactory degree of personal hygiene in order to avoid unpleasant body odor and breath. They should prevent unsanitary behaviors, such as chewing their nails, coughing or sneezing into their hands, and other similar behaviors.
Facial piercings are not authorized to be worn as jewelry to maintain a professional image. To avoid potential dangers, it is recommended that earrings be worn in a modest size and that lengthy necklaces be tucked inside the shirt’s collar.

When applying for jobs at Safeway, prospective employees should be informed that the company’s dress code has not been revised since 2008. As a result, some retail establishments could be more liberal regarding things that provide some degree of personal expression.

Despite this, workers must adhere to Safeway’s dress code and should only wear things permitted by the dress code if they have first addressed the matter with their store manager. Such items include piercings, multicolored hair, and other similar items.

Does Safeway Allow Employees to Wear Leggings?

Safeway workers must wear slacks or dress pants in subdued colors per the company’s dress code. Skirts are also permitted; however, they must be constructed from a professional fabric (for example, not denim or cotton).

However, the Standard Dress Code prohibits wearing stretch trousers, leggings, denim, corduroy, and cotton casual wear. Stretch pants are also strictly prohibited. It is required that all departments adhere to this dress code.

Does Safeway Allow Employees to Wear Shorts?

Pants must be long enough to reach the top of the shoes allowed to be worn at work, as stipulated by the Standard Dress Code. As a direct consequence of this, working at Safeway is presently prohibited from wearing shorts.

What is Safeway’s Policy for Hair Dye?

It is customary for Safeway staff to be prohibited from wearing any hair coloring that is not deemed conservative. This includes hues that are not considered natural, such as blue, pink, or orange.

On the other hand, given that the Safeway dress code has not been revised since 2008, certain store managers may be more lenient regarding hair coloring, which is not considered conservative.

If employees at Safeway choose to express themselves using unnatural use, they may talk with their store manager about the possibility of maintaining their colored hair.

What is Safeway’s Tattoo Policy?

The dress code at Safeway prevents workers from showing tattoos visible to the naked eye. In addition to face tattoos, other tattoos must be covered with proper attire, such as long-sleeved shirts. This includes facial tattoos.

On the other hand, it’sSafeway store managers may have varying regulations about tattoos on the face and neck. Candidates for employment have the opportunity to voice their concerns to the management of their shop.

What Is Safeway’s Dress Code for the Pharmacy Staff?

Both male and female employees working at Safeway pharmacies must adhere to the same dress code, which stipulates that they must wear clothing that is by the rules for the standard dress code underneath their pharmacy uniforms.

It is mandatory for employees working in pharmacies to wear pharmacy jackets with the Safeway trademark, and these jackets must be maintained clean at all times. Additionally, sweaters should be worn beneath coats and kept nice and tidy throughout the day.

Final Words

Safeway has a stringent dress code that requires its personnel to always present themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a business setting. Not only are they needed to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness, but they are also required to wear formal trousers, skirts, blouses, and sweaters in dark, subdued colors. A clean-shaven face and a hair color considered conservative are needed. Facial piercings and tattoos on the front are also prohibited when maintaining a professional image.

On the other hand, given that the Safeway dress code has not been updated since 2008, certain Safeway store managers may be more accepting of individuals’ right to express themselves.

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